Nerfed Levels
-Pipe Dreams - Shortened by 17%
-The End - Added "code reminder"
-The End - Paper Mask entity slowed by 6%
-Electrical Station - Gate closed time shortened by 33%

-Added animation for Bacteria
-More coming thanks to the animations from you guys, but I need to sort out legal stuff regarding use of your animations :p

-Fixed a bug where you can use the computer screen on level The End without being next to it
-Black screen bug?

Backrooms 2D Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Backrooms 2D(截图 0)【图】Backrooms 2D(截图 1)【图】Backrooms 2D(截图 2)

Backrooms 2D Game DESCRIPTION

The Backrooms internet creepypasta is a legend where you no-clip out of reality and into an endless maze of randomly characterized environments. Here are those environments in 2D.

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The game shows black screen only but I can move and access the settings but even when I restarted it, it didn't work. I rated it five star cuz I know it's a good game I just hoped it worked


Bruh this game looks really good but like when I try to play the game it's just a black screen I even saw the creator on YouTube I hope he fixes this problem and i would love to play this game but I can't


please fix this on realme phones when I I played it it just start with a black screen can joystick there is no light can't even see but I can hear walking when I move the joystick pls fix these


When I load up the game the screen is just black but the entity is still able to kill me. It won't let me see where I go because of the black screen and I'm unable to enjoy the game. Simply unplayable


So, when I downloaded this because I saw you extremely interesting video on Your Tube, I play it and the screen stays black for.... eternity. Bye that's all you need to fix really.


The game has a blank back screen. Will not fix no matter what, and I watched the dev make it and it looks fun, unplayable for me and maybe others for a unknown reason. Fix and I will give 5 stars.


The game has a great way of presenting itself in the way it plays, but sometimes it doesn't load, and you can go into a very dark area. Sometimes, the map changes and you get stuck


1)In level 0 when I run away from the monster I will walk into black. 2)The monster was outside of the map in level 2. 3)The game will freez for 2 seconds every minute. 4)Your game is to short I can do it in 50 seconds.


Worst game I ever played to har dto open doors on level 4 skin stealers would telport behind a Dorr when chasing me and I went to the Dorr not knowing I died the arrow points to the walls please have the arrow that guides you to the exit point to the doors of level 4 until then this a one star


Good and I say that because it's scary and the entities are fast and follow you no matter what. Twist and turns won't stop these guy. It's also good because of the lighting and stuff which scares you because you are aware and scared of them coming right behind you. Most backrooms games are 3d and pretty much same but this one is pretty different and original ( well not original of ideas but original to see a creepypasta 2d). I would recommend this game. Pretty challenging.


The black screen bug is still not fixed but the sounds,the jumpscares were REALLY well made keep making more updates boi


Lol, have yall seen his video? No more black screen!, so shut and play it doesn't matter if it's too hard stop whining and beat the dang game. It was meant to be hard because it's the backrooms


8/10 ypu tried your best and also make a save slot so we can save the level we were on and when i press x on the ad it wouldn't take me back to the game.


I can't play after it load the terrain because of a black screen, but don't worry. These bugs may occure in other game and might be common or rare, but still, can't play


1: There's a bug in level 4 where the skins steelers will spawn outside of the level and will not be able to get in. 2: Level the end is too challenging, so I had to skip the level and go to level run for your life. 3: The pool rooms is supposed to be a safe level. 4: The game crashed after I reached a certain point in level run for your life. 5: The game does not take long to beat. ( Except for when the game crashes on level run for your life...) It should make you spend more time playing.


Tge gameplay is wery good but there is a glich where map stopes generating plese fix becouse it makes game unplayeble. From the gameplay i got it was wery good 👍 PS i saw a video of you creating a game you are a legend👍👍🔥🔥


Level 3 is so damn hard. Like Im going where the arrows point to but THEY ARE MOSTLY BLOCKED BY THESE GATES. And sometimes they just lead me somewhere else! Make it easier, it was not like this with the other levels.
Got it! It's a pretty tricky level, definitely should make it easier :)


It was good but the third level is unfair the walls are too long and they teleport in front of me and it gets so repetitive that I don't want to play anymore 3 stars please see this and update the game I enjoyed your videos and really hope this gets popular.
Thanks for the feedback! Noted :)


I made it to level the end but the identity there is too fast and also it's too hard to find you know the number digit codes also why do we have to memorize them can't do it like doors or more blocks whenever you collect one you are and appears on the right side of your screen please it's hard to remember and also one of them keeps on glitching out and not spawning in you know like the notes that tell you two digit please fix then tell me 1/6 I'll give you five out of five
Thanks for the feedback! Level The End is pretty hard, I could nerf it :)


I would rate it a five if it weren't for the multiple bugs in the game. Level 0 (tutorial level) had some buggy generations where I would turn a corner and a dead end would suddenly have a new path to go down. I don't know if this second one is intentional but the arrow pointing you to the exit in level 1 (the warehouse) is right but sometimes the exit is blocked by a wall. Please fix this.