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Embark on a relaxing yet challenging journey of running your own Mini Mart.
Grow organic plants, tend to your animals, & sell produce to customers.
Hire, build and expand your marts.
Can you grow your Mini Mart to an empire?

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I like this game but the ads are too many and they are so annoying like every ad is a minute away and sometimes 30seconds away from each other if only there were less ads then I would give this game a five star rating.But I wish that they would reduce the amount of advertisements on this app then it would be my favourite game😭


I thought at first this game was great and I really enjoyed playing it at first but there are FAR TOO MANY ADS!!! there's an ad every minute!! At first there was no ads for like the first ten minutes then I saw an ad and I thought that's not bad one every ten mins so gave 5 stars but then after they started ad every minute I will uninstall


Change my mind. You play 5 seconds then come 5 seconds of add. It's annoying every 5 second. The game is good you can't stop playing but the adds every 5 seconds is to much imma have to uninstall it even though it's a pay game but it's not worth me getting frustrated over a game that's is supposed to relax me cause that's why I play them to relax some


If you want brutal adds that are super long and take 3 times to close like every 30 to 60 seconds then this is the game for you. Get more add time then play time. We need regulation on ads they are out of control very few playable games anymore. Not to mention insane prices on ad free and all microtransactions like who has a spare 200 for a tiny bit of progress in a game meant to be a relaxing hobby.


The ad's are horrible for this game! It's honestly not worth the time it takes just to get through the ads. Every 1 or 2 minutes you're having to watch about 45 sec to 1 min of ads. It's super annoying


I used to play this game about 2 years ago. Stopped playing due to the fact that it kept crashing after watching like 3 ads. Decided to try again this year, too many ads, and it keeps crashing (like before) after I get to the 5th or 6th store. I enjoyed playing it, but it needs to get fixed. The number of ads is just ridiculous, and the crashing is annoying. It's not worth the time.


This game is fun, but do you know what makes it even more fun? NO ADS AT EVERY SECOND! I feel like it haven't pass a minute then I got ads again. I don't need an ad breaks, I need breaks from ads! TQ!


Good for a while but an insane amount of ads. Fun, addictive, the game is a good time waster if you have free time and just want a quick easy game. However once you move to the 2nd Mini Mart (after maybe an hour of playing if you manage the Mini Mart well) the ads become far too frequent. I'm not expecting no ads, but the ads become more frequent the further you get in and just become too much. We shouldnt have to watch 2x20second ads every minute. It's just a trick to get you to pay. Shame


Awful app. Ads begin slow, but increase as you play. I got a "Content Break" ad every 2 minutes, sometimes only 1 minute apart. The ads are long and multiple clicks to get out of them. There are very similar games out there, get one of those instead. It's disappointing because the game is fun, but you can't play with so many interruptions.


I love anything like farm ville ,very busy game! Good for the rainy days, and late night snack gaming . they look like gummy bears. Makes me hungry, lol. thanks . Way to many ads every 10 seconds. Please fix that I don't mind ads but 20 in 2 minutes, I can't even enjoy the game . 😭


Fun and simple. I purchased the ad free thing, but it still has some ads for little boosts. Tried getting my mother to play, but she was interrupted so many times by ads that she gave up within a day or two.


Not impressed. Charged me 10.99 not to have adverts. Now am having adverts again. Spend loads of money upgrading only to start all over again and you don't get the return on what you spend. Waste of time and money. I don't appreciate being stuck on an advert when I have paid 10.99 not to have them. It drains money you have bought and gives very little way to earn more. So is a waste of time. Am not spending more.


This is so UNFAIR my dad paid money for things in this game and the update made me lose absolutely everything, I completed all the levels fully up to the sushi mart which was going to be my next one, The update seems exactly the same but NONE of my progress. This would've been 5 Stars but because of this, 1 now. I had £51,000 so if you can somehow give all my progress back I will put 5 stars. I was and still am on absolute tears.


Purchases not honored. I paid for no adds, and they still keep coming on like every few seconds. I like the game and would have given it a 5 star review because it's fun and at times challenging to keep up with customers' demands, but the ads are too much. Need a refund it's already cleared my google account and my bank.


That's it. I'm deleting this game. The game overall is amazing, the ads tho are SOOO MANY that are so hard to handle. A year ago the game didn't have any ads except by watching one to buy a hat for example. Now every few SECONDS I'm not even kidding, they have ads for "break". Don't waste your energy.


My god! Could we have some game play along with the ads? This would be a great game if there wasn't an add every 20 seconds or so! And I'm not exaggerating either... I can get from one end of the floor to the other before the next ad... that's it. So frustrating. I'm uninstalling .


Absolutely ridiculous amount of ads. I counted and the most game time I got without an ad was 10 seconds. THATS THE MOST!. And most of the time it was less. I understand you have to pay the bills and want people to pay for no ads but why would anyone pay for a game they never even get the chance to see if they enjoy it beforehand. If there was a 0 that's what I would rate it or even negative 5. What a waste of time


The game itself is fun and there's always something to do. However the ads every 10 seconds or so are really the biggest pain. Even if you can skip them, they constantly break up gameplay! If you don't want ads sometimes as fast as every 10 to 20 seconds, do not play this game! If the ads were every couple of minutes it would be so much easier, but I'm not lying when I say they can be within 30 seconds or less.


Where is the dang ol new level? Its been almost a year since a new level has been updated. If the only objective now is to collect $3.99 from new people, then let others know so we can delete the game. Been on level 14 for almost a year. Used to be so excited when I'd see a new level. Now I only open every other month or so. I don't even open to collect the $ because before i had to re-download and pay again, I had $6M but no point in collecting $ just to do the same levels over and over.


I like the game and wish I could give 5 stars but there are upgrades that require you to watch ads. I'd be fine with that if trying to watch said ads didn't crash the game and kick me out. You don't get the upgrade when that happens, and you can't progress through the game without the upgrades because some things only unlock/become available once you have certain upgrades. So the app is unplayable until this gets fixed.