Added a lot of highly anticipated features:
added 2 new classes of ants: soldier, good at fighting but doesn't collect food, and queen, which creates a new nest.
Random other insects: beetles and spiders can now be randomly spawned and from now on, they can reproduce. Beetles can graze, and spiders can feast on their victims.
Overhauled other things, fixed bugs etc. Let me know what you think! Have fun :D

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Ants Simulator 2 Game DESCRIPTION

Based on real life ant behaviour, this simulator allows virtual ant colonies to create distinct pheromone trails and fight eachother for resources.

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Games great i see alot of potential if you want to add more like adding more factions insects the ai is pretty well done I love seeing the ants just do their thing Well as in more different types of ants as we know there tons of diff species and it be nice to see little changes in the ants like the warrior ants be bigger and have pinchers and the map kinda plain be nice if you can allow a variety of map color or add in seasons?
By factions do you mean something like alliances between different colors? Thank you for 5 stars :D


Why I give this game a 4 star is because when I put too much ants it glitches and also I like the spider update good job🙃
Well, thanks at least for liking the spider update. What do you mean the ants "glitch"? Do you mean your device starts working slower or something else?


I found a bug, when I use the "pheromone" it adds spiders instead
Yeah, I know, and putting walls over spiders also bugs them out lol Both bugs are very easy fixes, but I will be able to fix it only in a couple days, as I'm not home.... But thank you very very much for 5 stars and enjoying my game :D


Ok sim but the ants seem to keep on following paths to nothing so they constantly get themselves into wondering in circles. They keep releasing pheromones after an area of food is depleted.
Thank you, I am aware of it. I am trying to improve this, although it js not easy. But I assure you it will be better. It's interesting to note that real life ants also have these problems sometimes. (And I am simulating them in a similar way that real ants move)


When the bugs are added maybe you should make them drop protein but that's when they get carried back to the ant hill and it should be if you had more than one ant colony then can possibly steal it but that's when you decide to add the bugs or should I say insects
Edit edit edit: Thank you so much for these kind words! I always try to make my games high quality, and I hope to add a lot to this game! But I am not sure what do you mean by "drones" Edit 5: Oh, ok. This is very interesting, because they could fly over walls. I would need to think more about that. Updates will come gradually.


Nice Game bro! Please keep updating the game and add more options! ❤ I'll Support You! 🤝
Thank you so so much for these kind words!! It really motivates me to work on the game! Right now I'm optimizing the game, hopefully it will run better with more ants!