Overhauled the block movement system. Added a new style called "One-Bit", that is only black and white. Added a very fun option of modifying friction of Tetrominoes, which can make them behave almost like fluid! Improved UI and others. Added 7-bag.
Let me know if you prefer the new system! I hope it will be easier to master.
This is THE final-final update. I hope the game you got is polished and that you had and will have fun :D
Thanks for playing and suggestions! GL!

Physical Blocks Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Physical Blocks(截图 0)【图】Physical Blocks(截图 1)【图】Physical Blocks(截图 2)

Physical Blocks Game DESCRIPTION

In this game every block is physically simulated! Drop them from above and fight with gravity, chaos and time! Blocks are not bound to any grid and can be rotated however you want. A line clears when it’s sufficiently filled, slicing blocks into smaller pieces. Prepare for even more chaos and fun than the original Tetris! Also includes online leaderboard and “Stack” mode, where you have to fit as many pieces as possible into a confined space. And no forced ads!
Inspired by Not Tetris (and made with it’s developer consent)

SIMILAR to Physical Blocks Game

Physical Blocks Game DOWNLOAD

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Way too challenging and finicky to be fun
If you find the game too difficult, consider playing with the "more settings" tab to better suit your needs :-) Although I have to agree that this is definitely more challenging than the normal Tetris, but very fun to try and potentially master.


This is just amazing it's a bit weird at first but you get the hang of it eventually
Yeah, it's definitely different a looot from the usual Tetris, but mastering this is also extremely rewarding. Even though I made the game, it's hard for me to imagine how good are some of the players from top of the scoreboard xD Thank you for 5 stars! :D


Cool what's the song for D and I suggest to add mari0 in mobile.
Track D is: "Complete History of The Soviet Union, Arranged To the Melody Of Tetris". I probably won't do anything with mari0, but it's definitely a very good gsme lol Thank you for liking my game! :D


Truly a good game,👍it's just EXTREMELY challenging just to steer a piece into the spot you want to place it!!!!!!! It would be REALLY good if you had an option where you could rotate the pieces in a clicking fashion like most other games of this type; PLEASE!!! For then I would give a 4* star rating at least, maybe 5* *️⃣ 🌟 🤩. This game would be great for those who think they are experts at Tetris. 😉
Hm, this is a quite interesting idea, but the idea of this game is to be more challenging than the original Tetris. It is hard, but possible to stack the blocks just like in Tetris with the game controls. The option to rotate 90 degrees would be interesting, but would make it a completely different game. Thank you for liking the game though!


It is not tetris, but it isn't not Not Tetris. Not Tetris is legit my favorite game of all time. But without a mobile port, it's not something I can always play. So, I've spent years trying to find a suitable mobile alternative. But now there's not even a source port, but a full experience with loads of options for customizing gameplay. It's honestly way better than my expectations. And this isn't an homage or clone, this is an elevation of that concept built up to a whole new level. Excellent
You have no idea how happy these words make me, truly. I'm so very glad you enjoyed this game!! I'm very happy you enjoyed all these details, and I wish you good luck on the leaderboard! But hearing these words coming from such a fan of the original game fills me with determination, thank you for writing this.


Physical blocks is a great game. I made the first rating here about a day after I started playing, and I still play the game pretty often. Great game! Dev(s) are awesome and humble aswell. I've reccomended it to a few of my friends :3
Duuuude 🥺🥺 I don't even know how to respond, I'm so happy you liked my game so much!! Keep on beating those blocks :D


The Game is overall very basic but also to basic and the physics part is very hard to master almost impossible, good challenge bad development sorry
Yes, I agree that it's a very hard game and for a new player it could be overwhelmimg. Do you have any suggestions on how I could improve this?


This needs controller support to really get down in the higher levels.
Well now I might actually add it xD Never thought of plugging a controler into a phone lol Thank you very much for 5 stars!! :DD


Very excellent on every level. No issues at all. This should be way more popular than it currently is.
Thank you very much, really!! Glad you apreciated all the details. And thanks for 5 stars :DDD


This game gave Class 4 Turbo cancer. Totally worth every last one of my brain cells. 5/5
XDDD Glad you think it was worth it to shorten your life expectancy by 50 years, thank you for donating me your brain cells and for 5 stars :D


Gameplay is fun and basic just like the original Tetris, and just like the desktop game Tetris 2 that it borrows heavily off. Marking the game down simply due to the fact that the buttons are too small as it stands, meaning that during the frantic gameplay you will often press the space between the buttons or the wrong one. The buttons are also occasionally unresponsive when you do press them. If these were resolved it would get 5 stars
Oh, interesting note! I'll surely soon add the in-game option to make it bigger. It is interesting that the buttons are sometimes unresponsive. Hard for me to say why, I'll look into it. Thanks for playing! Edit: is the button size better now?


I've always wanted a tet- I mean block game like this, thank you for making it.
Aww, thank you so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed my Tetri- Physical Blocks! Thanks for 5 stars :D


Great game! Loved the chaotic nature of it, and the complex strategy! Would reccommend
I'm so happy you liked my game so much! Your kind words really mean a lot to me :D By the way, you have the current highest score in Physical Blocks right? If so, how did you achieve such a high score? xD Congrats! :D


I really enjoy it, lately there's been some issues with the game being way too bouncy. I've literally game overed because the blocks on the fourth row bounce all the way above the block spawn location outside of view amd don't fall down in time before I place my next block. Hope the issues get fixed soon!
Very glad to hear you enjoy my game! That's a very interesting bug, I came across it in the past but not in the newer versions. Could you email me and we would talk more about this bug? Would love to fix it!


While it looks like a simple Not Tetris Ripoff, It has some features added into it. Plus, no forced ads!
Thank you very much for your review!! I'm really glad you liked it


I thought this game was the usual tetris but it is more fun than the usual one. I enjoyed the game a lot
Very happy to hear that! Thanks for 5 stars! :D


This is an amazing classic logic game. Good graphics and controls. Love it.
I'm really happy you liked it! Thanks for your review and 5 stars! :D


not quite tetris is an interesting and addictive gameplay. Good graphics and controls.
Thank you very much!! And thanks for 5 stars :D


The is a good game. The way the tetris bricks move and rotate is what amazed me the most
Thank you very much and thanks for 5 stars! :D


Good and amazing game. Interesting game play. UI is very nice. Super graphics and design. Cool game.. Recommended highly.
Thank you very much and thanks for 5 stars! :D