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Bazooka Boy Game DESCRIPTION

Blast through levels and destroy everything before you with a bunch of amazing weapons! Collect all and master their different and unique qualities! Send your enemies flying, explode their bases and crush their buildings! Satisfying destruction and unlimited possibilities to shoot your way to victory! Fun ragdoll enemies and crazy explosions with levels upon levels of awesome content and challenges, go and wipe out all the enemies to win!

Flashy exploding effects and awesome physics make each level a unique action puzzle.

Can you solve them all without crushing yourself with a bad shot?

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Ada galore. I tried this game once before, and couldn't remember why I stopped. Wonder no more! The onslaught of ads is utterly ridiculous!!! Gameplay is very simple, but slightly entertaining as a time waster. However, that mild entertainment value (and very sorry levels) doesn't make up for the absurd ads. Uninstalling. Again.


This is utterly ridiculous, I mean you actually play for 10-15 seconds and if your lucky you get to play two rounds in a row, and then it's ad time for 15 seconds. I have never wanted to uninstall a game more than this one. Garbage!


Reasonable game but not for me. Not as slick as the advert, way too many adverts to persevere.... If you could get hooked then pay for ads would be better. Also, before you can play you either have to accept all the cookies the developers are sharing or u tick each box.... There were roughly 200 being shared.


The game is easy but the ads... omg they are insane! Win a match... just watch this ad for bonus money. Want gear... watch some ads to unlock them! Lose a match, middle of a match, take too long strategizing... watch an ad or two. So many ads (that last 15 to 45 seconds each) compared to levels that take 20 seconds to win. Even if you pay $4.99 to play ad free, you get stuck with LONGER ads when you go for bonus levels... which pop up more often if you shut basic ads off... uninstalling now...


It's a fun time waster. But since the last update, I can't switch weapons anymore. I go to the screen and it is blank, switch to outfits, then back and they are there. Choose one, and then I can't get back to the level screen. So I can't play anything, it is basically frozen. Update is needed badly to fix the issue.


This game is so much fun but it has slow much slow down after a couple of levels it will freeze and force you to restart the game completely or it will crash. Fix this and the game will be 5 stars easily.


*No response ever came from 🤬Support or 🤬Developers!! App died after nearing level 800. Screen went black. Uninstalled/Reinstalled. But after level 2 plus 2 x 1 shot Challenges, App died again. Screen went black, again. Funny thing, though. Only those bloody 🤬 ads + 🤬 ads banners were left working. And , YES, there WAS INTERNET CONNECTION ETC. Pity, it had been a good game, until this point. No, I'll not waste time in further attempts. Doubt the lazy sods'll care about repairing. Good Bye.


Kind of a neat lil game if you don't mind getting bombarded by ads even if you choose not to view the ads to continue there are lil bit shorter ads. I think if it was possible they would show ads to uninstall. If this review were in game they would have an ad to continue but if you hit no thanks they would show an ad slightly shorter. Name should be bazooka ad boy. I could understand if at least its minutes of game play but when there is 20-30sec of play your watching multiple ads per minute


Good game but flawed. Some screens are cut off so you cannot see the entire field which makes aiming difficult. Also the aiming method is terrible. Each update seems to make the game more buggy and the latest one has simply crashed the game. While playing it went to a dark screen and now the game will not load. Too many prompts on every level screen wanting you to watch a video. I have to reinstall but I'm just going to delete. Get better programmers.


FIXED. I wrote a scathing review a few weeks ago because some ads -- one in particular -- were guaranteed to kick you out of the game. It got old real fast so, regrettably, I uninstalled it. I think they read my review because, now, not only do I seldom see those ads, I am hardly ever tossed out of the game! It's a power eater so beware. That's why 4 * instead of 5.


The ads are too aggressive. If it appears once in a while, I think is acceptable but you almost have to view the ad after u won each level even u pressed the "NO THANKS". This is a NO for me. I will uninstall it.


If you like watching ads more than playing a game, definitely get this. The frequency of ads will have you in ad heaven. Almost as easy as watching a channel that is all infomercials. And you have to play with wifi turned on so the game can bombard you with ads. Lame.


No response from Developers. App suddenly died after nearing level 800. Screen went black. Uninstalled/Reinstalled. But after level 2 plus 2 x 1 shot Challenges, App died again. Screen went black. Funny thing, though. Only those bloody ads + ads banners were left working. And , YES, there WAS INTERNET CONNECTION ETC. Pity, it seemed a good game. No, I'll not be wasting time with Support. Doubt they'll fix whatever caused App to die. Good Bye.


Ok except for the controls. pull down raise, up aims down. controls are in reverse. also in reverse of the advertisement. Would be ok with better control over aim. When you earn a new item the pop-up window covers the button and does not allow you to get your items. Game is also buggy. After a period of time and certain number levels the game stops loading. It requires you to reinstall it, and you lose everything: all progress.


Was fun, if glitchy, until the latest update. They added a character that whenever you hit it the entire screen spins and you can't see what's going on. Then it totally freezes on some screens with the new character on it. I'll wait a few weeks to see if they fix it, then I'll uninstall if not. It basically breaks every third update.🙄


Fun game but with lots of ads. Freezes at times, and nothing fixes it. Tried exiting the game and starting again. Tried reboting phone (Galaxy S21) and starting again. Game reopens - but it is still frozen. Uninstallation and reinstallation allows you to play again, but all progress and guns that you earned are lost. Happened multiple times but never again. I'm gone.


Defective. Endless BSOD!!!! (Black Screen Of Death) preceeded by 90 sec of impossible to stop ads for the same games over & over & over & over &......... DELETED!!!!! Reinstalled! Got to play the game for 15 sec for every 120 sec of ads.......DELETED.....AGAIN!!!!! Reinstalled. Now there are ads which cannot be stopped except by restart.......DELETED.....AGAIN!!!!! 2/20/24, 4th try: Play 30sec, earn 2min of ads............DELETED.....AGAIN!!!!!


This would be a 5 star if there weren't so many ad's. You play for 5 seconds and watch 1 minute plus of ad's. I paid for no ads, and it did not remove anything... It seemed like more actually started showing up. So, I will delete the app soon if the ad's don't stop. It's been 2 days and it is really a waste of time for 5 seconds of fun, and 1 to 2 minutes of watching junk I paid to get rid of!


Game is entertaining enough, but app is extremely bug infested. Continually having to restart the game to advance, frequently have to close my internet browser because some malware is trying to overtake my phone and download some sketchy video or direct me to an unsafe website. I've seen quite a few complaints similar to mine without any feedback from the manufacturer, so it becomes quite obvious that they don't care. Bottom line--DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK.


This is the worst thing, I would not call it a game since, it is an ad factory and the template offline in this so called "game" should be removed because whenever you'll play this game offline, it will pop up "no internet connection" and won't allow to play, then why the hell it's offline game and second thing, if you will turn on the data, then, it will be 90% ads and 10% game, and the ads are mandatory to watch, if there would be negative marking, I will give -10.