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How To Play?

Guess the NUMBERLE in 5 tries.

Each guess must be a 5 digit number. Hit the enter button to submit.

After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the number.

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Challenge The TETRING! Prove the four-color theorem
'The TETRING' is a puzzle game designed and developed by the Korean game developer, Seongjin Kim. 'The TETRING' is a new attempt to demonstrate the four-color theorem of mathematics using color blocks and to combine academic results with games.Whether the color is sufficient to color all the countries on the map to avoid duplication of neighboring countries was first known in 1852 and is a mathematical difficulty that has not been resolved over 100 years. Many mathematicians, scientists, and the general public at the time attempted to prove it, but proving the five-color theorem was a difficult mathematical task until the end of 1800. The evidence for this difficulty is four-color theorem, four-color theorem-color problem, have.Later, the four-color theorem was demonstrated using computers in 1976, the first evidence of the use of computers. Perhaps the proof of the mathematical proof of the computer would be the first artificial intelligence revolution to announce the beginning of the AI period.'If you live in that age, do not you think you can prove a four-color theorem?' Or do you think, "Can you prove..
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Fantastic Bricks is a decompression and puzzle bricks breaker game. You need to use the ball in the level full of bricks, and use the rebound of the ball to destroy the bricks. The more bricks you destroy at one time, the more points you will get. If you destroyed all bricks, you will win.How to play:1. Swipe left and right to control the launch direction of the ball;2. A suitable rebound path is required for launching;3. There will be a certain value on the block, and the ball will be -1 when it touches the brick;4. If the value on the block is 0, it will be destroyed;5. The more bricks you destroy at one time, the more points you get;6. Destroy all the blocks to win the game.Game Features:1. A lot of interesting and puzzled levels;2. Various interesting special bricks;3. A lot of surprise organs;4. Unexpected customs clearance.Come and experience the full version of the brick breaking game and welcome your opinion on our game.
More fluent operation and experience.
Escape Room: Hidden GiftIt is a new masterpiece of room escaping.I am travelling with my boyfriend in order to celebrate my birthday!He said that he prepared a birthday present for me in the hotel we booked in, but he had hidden it. Ah, let me searching for clues and find it !Get started now!◆Specials◆・It is totally FREE・Automatically saving progress・Hints will help you out if there's a deadlock・It is the best choice for you during your leisure time・Abundant puzzles・Fancy scenes・Challenging puzzles・Elegant music effect◆Strategies◆・To tap anywhere in the screen・To observe items carefully・To pay attention to suspicious places even if you thought it was easyThis classic escaping game is full of challenges, if you like to play puzzle games and take brainstorm, you have to try this game. Don not miss it if you enjoy puzzle games.Hints were designed to help you at anytime if you need. But we ensure you will have a pleasant experience!
⚛️Our brains are build to find patterns in everything we see and do.💡
💡Are you looking for a challenging puzzle game?💡Our game offers you: 1)Puzzles that require deductive and inductive reasoning. 2)Randomly generated puzzles that create a unique challenge every time you play. 3)360 difficulty levels that will test your skills. 4)Evolving rules that will require you to quickly adapt your strategy and constantly use your short term memory.✌️Are you looking to test your Pattern finding skills?✌️ In Timologic you will: 1)Measure your time to complete 5 different types of difficulty. 2)Each level has an advanced time to beat. 3)Compete with your friends to get the best time. 4)Conquer the Master Difficulty, were you need to find what is the hidden rule.🎈Do you like Timoteo?🎈💬6 characters of the classic cartoon will share their adventures.☘️14 characters help tell the story of each character.🌍36 worlds of Timoteo's universe.🎯Do you want to help us? 🎯🌟Give us a review here in the store telling us what you like most about the game and commenting on something that you would like us to change or add in the next version.🤝Visit us:🤝You will find us on social networks like..
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Great escape game - 100 classic room escape game unlocking all doors.
Can you escape the 100 in 1 new adventure game 2023?Welcome to the adventure escape games, brain challenge! Ready to start your escape plan?Easter escape games 2024 adventure is a mysterious room escape and door escape game with over 100 unique levels of play! Mystery Escape games are very popular in escape stores. Here you will get a free fun escape game. Do you enjoy the excitement of the classic point and click escape games? Are you a real puzzle game addict? DOWNLOAD escape games for FREE! Start your escape story and enjoy the NOW!You have to look for escape games in the 100 levels.This adventure game is suitable for all ages.You have to escape from the room, and then you play this escape game both offline and online.In this fantasy game, you came to celebrate the Easter holidays in a beautiful forest house. You have a lock in the Easter room and you can find a room key or break the doors and find the hidden objects and solve the fantasy puzzles. Try to escape the room. One of..
Curated Sudoku puzzles
Line SudokuLine Sudoku is a pack devoted to sudokus involving… LINES! Each puzzle features one or more of the popular “lines constraints” that often feature in variant puzzles on Cracking The Cryptic, including Renban, German Whispers, Palindromes, Region Sum and Ten Lines!We’re thrilled that Line Sudoku includes puzzles by Phistomefel, Qodec, Clover, zetamath, Jay Dyer, Tallcat, Mr Menace, Peter Veenis, Joseph Nehme, Richard Stolk, Prasanna Seshadri, Tyrgannus and Full Deck & Missing A Few Cards! In addition, Mark and Simon have written hints for the challenging puzzles themselves so these hints are meaningful and, above all, educational.Welcome to the brand new Sudoku app from the most popular Sudoku channel, Cracking The Cryptic.Unlike other Sudoku apps, we feature handcrafted and curated puzzles from the world’s best Sudoku constructors. Each collection features puzzles made by various authors that are now familiar names to those who follow the channelAuthors like Phistomefel, Clover, Sam Cappleman-Lynes, Christoph Seeliger, Richard Stolk, jovi_al, Qodec, Prasanna Seshadri and of course, Simon and Mark!Downloading Cracking the Cryptic will give you access to our two launch packs. Our first free..
Numberle is 5 digit number guessing game. You have 5 chances to find the number
How To Play?Guess the NUMBERLE in 5 tries.Each guess must be a 5 digit number. Hit the enter button to submit.After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the number.

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Interesting game its kinda fun Im playing it when Im bored pretty tho ngl