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【图】guess the image – zoom in(截图1)【图】guess the image – zoom in(截图2)【图】guess the image – zoom in(截图3)

guess the image Game DESCRIPTION

A fun game to discover close-ups and guess what’s in the picture
It contains several types of guessing
Guess the zoomed pictures
Guess what the four pictures have in common
Guess the result of combining two pictures
Guess sounds such as animal sounds, electrical machines, and many other things
Guess where it is located
Guess the strange item among four items

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* Scan *1) Capture a picture of your Word Search puzzle using the using the camera live preview or by importing a picture or screenshot image from your gallery.2) Automatic character recognition (OCR) will attempt to interpret each character in the picture.3) Manually correct and complete whatever OCR failed to detect.Search *Once scanned, you can search for words in the Word Search.The findings can be right or left, up or down and either of the diagonals.
fun game to guess zoomed images
A fun game to discover close-ups and guess what's in the pictureIt contains several types of guessingGuess the zoomed picturesGuess what the four pictures have in commonGuess the result of combining two picturesGuess sounds such as animal sounds, electrical machines, and many other thingsGuess where it is locatedGuess the strange item among four items
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