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Tank Battle for Territory Game DESCRIPTION

Lead the battle on the battlefield with your powerful tank in our exciting game! Control the tank, shoot and maneuver, overcoming obstacles and destroying enemy vehicles. Choose your path on the battlefield, use tactics and coordination with your team to achieve victory! Enjoy a unique gameplay experience, full of adrenaline and action, and turn your tank into an impeccable weapon on the battlefield!

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Lead the battle on the battlefield with your powerful tank in our exciting game! Control the tank, shoot and maneuver, overcoming obstacles and destroying enemy vehicles. Choose your path on the battlefield, use tactics and coordination with your team to achieve victory! Enjoy a unique gameplay experience, full of adrenaline and action, and turn your tank into an impeccable weapon on the battlefield!
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The game is fun, but you can not get beyond the one and only map, the games need more battle areas.


Fun game finished all the sections in the territory and that was it , doesn't go any further was hoping for more territories to go to.


Everything is great, but am I done? One map cleared in two days, got the last tank, and didn't even have a chance to use it..


Upside-down tank, noway to replay maps.


Gameplay is simple, not bad not good.


Good game but I've reached the camo-tank level and there appears to be no level past that?