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Novelingo Art App DESCRIPTION

Welcome to Novelingo Art, the application with which museums, institutions and companies can educate and train in a totally unique way.
A brand-new way to learn! Novelingo Art is an application with a storytelling and gamification system for companies, schools or cultural sectors to learn in a fun way.
Who can use Novelingo Art?
Museums, companies, teachers or anyone who wants to create a totally innovative training system. With Novelingo Art you will have the necessary support to be able to gamify what you teach optimizing learning with role play games, quizzes, search games and more gameplay mechanics.
Discover in Novelingo Art the perfect teaching method.
As a user, within Novelingo Art you will find the story of the Spanish painter Maruja Mallo, and you can discover the whole story of the artist of the Generation of ’27… For free!
Who is Novelingo Art for?
With Novelingo Art, companies can create totally innovative training systems for employees to acquire knowledge through interactive stories that increase commitment and motivation.
Fully educational, child-centered training systems can also be created.
Novelingo Art is appropriate for any institution that wants to create an alternative, effective and fun way of education, at the forefront of the education and teaching systems.
If you seek to train in museums or companies, reinforce culture or you are searching for apps for children to learn, Novelingo is the partner you were looking for.
It features
– Getting your students, employees or visitors to learn through interactive stories – Gamified system
– Customized storytelling
– Detailed metrics about user learning
– Optimization of learning and increase completion rates – Access at any time and from anywhere
– Improvement of soft skills
– High-impact training and low time commitment
– The training they need in the pocket
If you are a company and you are looking for a way to teach business culture, sales techniques or other soft skills, with Novelingo you can create a fully customized education system thanks to our business storytelling and our fully gamified system for companies.
When we talk about employee training, we discover that there are not so many resources for companies, and if so, these methods are obsolete… With the gamification of Novelingo Art, both museums, companies and any other professional will discover other teaching methods with efficient business storytelling. Discover the best business training to learn soft skills.
With Novelingo Art not only employees can benefit from the gamification system for companies, but also schools, private lessons and museums that want to create a unique and fun education for children.


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