Added Whisker Workforce card expansion pack
Added Card Display Case to be able to sell any card at any price
Added new decoration - Lucky Cat Statue
Able to remove Toolbox from shop, it will be stored in inventory
Adjusted upgrade cost for shop items
Fix bug - global point not added correctly based on fame
Fix bug - money will sometimes be wrongly reduced due to auto restock
Fix bug - sell card screen display issue

TCG Card Shop Tycoon 2 Game SCREENSHOT

【图】TCG Card Shop Tycoon 2(截图1)【图】TCG Card Shop Tycoon 2(截图2)【图】TCG Card Shop Tycoon 2(截图3)

TCG Card Shop Tycoon 2 Game DESCRIPTION

TCG Card Shop Tycoon 2 is the sequel to trading card shop simulator game where you earn money and build your card shop tycoon business.

Build the shop any way you like, upgrade your card store and collect rare cards as card collector! Start with a small card shop and expand into a super trading card business. Buy collection card packs, sell trading cards to become a rich tycoon.

Buy your first pack of trading cards and sell them in this idle tycoon simulator game. Manage your money to stock up, upgrade card pack and make your business grow! Make important management decisions to build your empire and transform your small shop into one of the greatest in the world!

Start with the basic racks and build a card shop you will be proud of. Order counters, shelves, create store names, restock your supplies, collect card, and more! Upgrade your shop and restock more card packs in this shop simulator games!

If you like idle and tapping games, you will enjoy this casual card shop management game. Tap on the customer button faster to serve more customers and earn more revenue by selling card packs. For every 300 packs sold, you get to open and add monster cards to your card collection! Be a card trader and collect all the rare cards in this collection games.

Check the TCG shop simulator goals and achievements to earn more rewards. From restocking levels and shelf unlocking to card collection challenges and shelf upgrades, these fun challenges will make our tycoon collection game even more fun!

– trading card shop simulator game
– casual and easy card collections
– amazing animations and 3D graphics
– build, upgrade and manage store
– collect all trading cards like TCG
– tap fast to serve more customers
– expand your card shop business
– dedicated card game shop to purchase upgrades

Now it’s time to play a fun tycoon card shop simulator game!
👉 Download Idle Card Shop Tycoon Simulator 2 for FREE!

Internet connection is required to play this game.

If you have any queries regarding this trading card shop simulator game, please send them to Till then enjoy playing the role of a card store manager and card collector in one of the most exciting shop simulator games of 2023.


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Collect TCG cards and expand your business as a idle TCG card shop trader
TCG Card Shop Tycoon 2 is the sequel to trading card shop simulator game where you earn money and build your card shop tycoon business.Build the shop any way you like, upgrade your card store and collect rare cards as card collector! Start with a small card shop and expand into a super trading card business. Buy collection card packs, sell trading cards to become a rich tycoon.💰 SOURCE & SELLBuy your first pack of trading cards and sell them in this idle tycoon simulator game. Manage your money to stock up, upgrade card pack and make your business grow! Make important management decisions to build your empire and transform your small shop into one of the greatest in the world!🏬 BUILD YOUR CARD SHOPStart with the basic racks and build a card shop you will be proud of. Order counters, shelves, create store names, restock your supplies, collect card, and more! Upgrade your shop and restock more card packs in this shop simulator games!👨 SERVE YOUR CUSTOMERSIf you like idle and tapping games, you will enjoy this casual card..

TCG Card Shop Tycoon 2 Game DOWNLOAD

Free DownloadGoogle PlayOfficial Website



Loved the first one. This one is a classic time sink. X mins to build this which is sad but I understand from a monetizing standpoint. But it took away, or at least I've yet to encounter it, the main part I loved. The actual customers coming to trade cards and buy your rare ones. Without that this is just a shop simulator that you open random card packs with no real value to them.
Thank you for your feedback!


It's a very detailed game compared to the first one but it's definitely missing some touches but it's only in its beta so we can't expect every single aspect to be perfect.
Thank you for your feedback!


I'm struggling with this. The added mechanics of the hammer really tick me off. When I have the money to advance, I now can't. I have to wait for the hammers to be done. Just kinda takes me out of it cause I now im having to sit around and wait. Still haven't gotten to the part where I can sell cards either. Which seems really hard to earn faster and it seems like it's taking longer. That's just my opinion so far.
Thank you for your feedback!


Spent money on the two major QOL upgrades on the first one. I'm not doing it again, but that's not even the biggest problem here. Artificial wait times have been added for the most mundane of tasks, like even getting more stock. It didn't have the same feel as the first one at all and any improvements it has made feel more like it could've been an update, hell maybe even paid expansion/QOL change, rather than a whole new game. Feels like this one is solely a cash grab for vets of the 1st
Thank you for your feedback!


Changes are mostly improvements. I think the time restocking is a little too long, but appreciate that it might have had to be increased a little to prolong the game's life cycle. Unfortunately the "watch ad" options are not working so I'm not able to progress as quick as I'd like; not willing to spend until I've played it a few weeks to see if I enjoy it enough.


Absolutely terrible. Not just a pay or wait game, but you're limited by ridiculous wait times and the number of toolboxes you jabe, which are bought with premium currency. Even if you have the maximum toolboxes, you will be limited to a few uphrades at a time. Absolute scam


Big fan of the first one, bought most of the RMT upgrades, but this one feels so much more like a cash grab. Money, fame, all of the other currencies mean nothing, at no point did I ever feel like I needed to earn more. Instead there is a feeling that only gems matter. Every upgrade is now gated behind a timer and you either spend an increasing number of gems to increase how many simultaneously timers you can have or spend gems to speed up an upgrade. Even a few days in most timers are 1+ days


As i enjoyed playing the first game, i was really excited about the second one, there is still one problem persisting which is really annoying for me, because i enjoy watching the customers walk around. The problem is, not matter the number of customers i have generated via tap, there is always the same amount of customers walking in my shop, as new shop with only 3 tiles unlocked it is really easy to notice when you reach max customers generated, that there arent 50 people in my shop, but 5-7.
Thank you for your feedback!


Played the first one and now the second, the upgrade is insane, I think i found my favorite mobile game for a while, it's so nice, so intuitive. As a tcg player myself (mtg, pkmn, hs, snap and others), i really enjoy the atmosphere the game has brought. Keep it going!
Thank you, glad you like the game!


Compared to the first one, I don't like it. Takes far too long to upgrade stuff and everything and shelf space if far too minimal and they expect you to pay extra to speed things up. No thanks.
Sorry to hear that, please continue to enjoy the first game, there will still be updates :)


Have to pay to remove ads again, pay to open 10 packs at a time again. You get no credit from your progress in the previous game, or any credit for purchases made in it. Might as well just keep playing the first one or find something else.
Hi, sorry to hear that, please continue to enjoy the first game :)


Seems pretty decent so far..not a big fan of the building queue (as "purchasable premium currency" toolboxes that increase in price the more you get). The first game you could build and upgrade as much as possible, only limited by ur money. This one, everything's gated behind money, a "delivery time" and building queue (toolboxes). Atleast the entire shop is expanded and looks cool, as soon as you're able to buy all the expansions. I guess a sequel has to do something different..
Thank you, glad you like the game!


Graphics/designs are significantly worse compared to the first game. It doesn't look polished enough to keep my attention. Drag and drop features could prove useful, but I prefer pre-established areas for shelving/vending machines. I will check on the game later in development in hopes there are improvements in design to hopefully change my review.
Thank you for your feedback!


Loving the sequel as much as the original. Corrects some simple things about the first game, including the ability to take packs off of the shelves!
Thanks, glad you like the game :D


They made it worse, in the first game you could upgrade your store so long as you had the cash and fame now everything has a timer on it, it I want to upgrade a shelf to pu more card packs on it I gotta wait 10 minutes, this sucks you are supposed to make the sequel better not worse. And by worse I mean slower everything is slower and it was already a slow gane
Sorry to hear that, please continue to enjoy the first game :)


Supported Card Shop Tycoon 1, even spent real cash in it buying the perks and upgrades and now we have to do it all again, spend real cash again??? I would not mind if we got a discount as recompense for the real cash I spent in Card Shop Tycoon 1. Now TCG 2 is out, TCG 1 won't get updated or support. How's that fair? Not only that it's the same basic game, same card artworks, same monsterdex, same basic upgrades. The creators just want the us to start again so they can charge us over again.
Sorry to hear that, will continue to improve both games!


They turned it into a pay or wait game, very different from the first one. Uninstalled this game once I realized that this is not going to be as fun as the first one. what a shame was hopping for more card types, but I guess greed will be greed.
Sorry to hear that, please continue to enjoy the first game :)


Just kinda a step down from the original. Everything is time gated now and requires more taps and scrolling back and forth for the same stuff. Just not enough improvement to be worth spending the money to ignore ads and auto-restock again.
Thank you for your feedback!


The ability to customize shop layout is nice, but gameplay is nowhere near as satisfying as the first one. And there isn't many different shop custom items to justify putting up with the gameplay. Recommend playing the first one instead.
Sorry to hear that, please continue to enjoy the first TCG tycoon!


Absolutely worth the time to download. It's a very different vibe from the first game, but it's so well done it's not jarring. Rather than unlocking preset shelves, you build the size you want and put them where you want. The statues are a nice boost too, and that pre-supporter statue is looking great by my front counter. Knocked it out of the park again, guys
Thank you, glad you like the game :)