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【图】ColonVerse(콜론버스): 코딩교육, 게임수업(截图1)【图】ColonVerse(콜론버스): 코딩교육, 게임수업(截图2)【图】ColonVerse(콜론버스): 코딩교육, 게임수업(截图3)

ColonVerse(콜론버스 Game DESCRIPTION

No more boring theory classes….!
Now let’s learn coding lessons with games!!

A coding universe where students and teachers leave together!
We all go to ColonVerse~

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No more boring theory classes....! Now the coding class is a game!! A coding universe where students and teachers leave together! Everyone go to ColonVerse~
No more boring theory classes!Now let's learn coding lessons with games!!A coding universe where students and teachers leave together!We all go to ColonVerse~

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