Version 0.3.7

AI Changes:
From now on, some character without a weapon has the option to run from other characters.characters.

Now you can spawn zombie Brusier form character panel
Updated physics system (fixes many physics issues)
Shooting optimization
Updated visual effects for the hammer skill

Just SandBox Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Just SandBox(截图1)【图】Just SandBox(截图2)【图】Just SandBox(截图3)


Create maps, battles, and much more!!! All in real time!!!

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Create maps, battles, and much more!!! All in real time!!!
Create maps, battles, and much more!!! All in real time!!!

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i like sandbox games its fun


Very good sandbox game I have been waiting for 1 - 3 years for a actual good sandbox game can you add 2 more melee weapons cause maybe to little also can you make that when npc dies they drop their stuff (can you make a super zombie) (people need to watch 5 or 10 add 5o unlock for 1 hour)


The game is really good but you should make the soldier for free


I want you to add a feature where humans without weapons run from zombies and also add types of zombies like the brute crawler and different types of zombies and skeletons


hmmm how about an idea a multiplayer mode next to Sandbox mode


This is a good sandbox game but if the lighting was improved and the camera angle this could be better and add new characters and more things to your game


This is very cool but could you guys add more variation for zombie r Bandits and survivors and there will be like a hunger and thirst system and humans can pick up weopans from dead zombies or bandits noice
Thanks for opinion 😁I don't want to spoiler to much but more characters should be in 0.3.4 version :D


Can you please add items like guns And make it so that npcs pick them up if they are unarmed or they are armed and they switch the gun for like the crowbar And also make items like health packs, Also make it so that i can control the npcs like make them go anywhere make them talk make them fight each other, make them pick up guns and weponds, also make cars and so Npcs can ride them, also add animals and make hostile and passive ones


Needs customizable characters


Games kinda buggy after controlling a character I could only zome in and out couldn't place anything plus game feels dull sorry this had to be your first review


Ill give this a 2.5/5 since the mechanics and yhe control is abit weird and annoying
Thanks for opinion :) will try to do something about it


This is a really cool concept. You can kinda make your own games and play around with the building feature. The only thing I have a complaint about is that there is no noise, like none, and after a while, it just feels weird, but other than that, it's really cool
Thanks for opinion :) sound will be added in the far future :/


Thanks for opinion :O not perfect yet :P


The best thing ever Thank you😍
(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Thanks for opinion!!!


This is RPG game and sandbox game is cool but is so boring😑
Thanks for opinion and feedback :D


It was very fan i like how you can control people and zombie very nice and good graphics :)
Thanks for your opinion :D


This is a fun game some glitches but still a good game to play
Thanks for your opinion :D Im would be grateful for any information about bugs or ideas you might have. You can share them here, or via email if you prefer


Great game. It is satisfying to be able to build a base for the NPCs to react to. Considering how new and good this game already is, I'm sure you guys can keep up the great work! So thx for this amazing game, and hope to see more things from it. !So this is for you! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Thanks for your opinion :D Currently, I am working on developing the basic elements and preparing systems for the introduction of new features in the future. Im would be grateful for any information about bugs or ideas you might have. You can share them here, or via email if you prefer :)


Thanks for your opinion :D


I love you seem so cool 😁
Thanks for your opinion :D