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Rogue Slime Game DESCRIPTION

It’s a perfect fusion between turn based card games, roguelite and resource management, with unique 3d graphics and lots of cute but feareful slimes. Take down your enemies with your ultimate equipment!

Explore different maps each with different enemies chosen in a procedural way, making each game a unique experience!
Level up and choose different perks that complement your deck and become unstoppable
Upgrade your starting gear in the slime village to start your games and lay waste to your enemies!

Current content:
-Find +90 different items!
-Fight +30 unique enemies!
-Discover +30 interesting random events!
-Learn +30 powerful perks!
-Explore world map!

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The game combines turn-based card games with roguelites and resource management
It's a perfect fusion between turn based card games, roguelite and resource management, with unique 3d graphics and lots of cute but feareful slimes. Take down your enemies with your ultimate equipment!Explore different maps each with different enemies chosen in a procedural way, making each game a unique experience!Level up and choose different perks that complement your deck and become unstoppableUpgrade your starting gear in the slime village to start your games and lay waste to your enemies! Current content:-Find +90 different items!-Fight +30 unique enemies!-Discover +30 interesting random events!-Learn +30 powerful perks!-Explore world map!

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My guy, I have beaten the tower 30 twice now. Please do hit me up or reply to me if you want more ideas, i have some great ones that'll help you make the game more interesting.


one of the best cg waiting for more contents.


It's aight, for a simple turn based game


Fun and Honest game.


If you're familiar with games like dicey dungeons, then this is for you! I was looking for such a game and this is a fine example of this genre!


Very fun game! 👍 Though I had. a pretty looooong fight with the cavern boss since we both kept healing 😢


cured my cancer and gave me a million dollars would recommend


Fun game!