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Cat Cruise Game SCREENSHOT

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Help Haru, the cat dodge obstacles in his path.

> The game is of the Endless runner genre.
> Developed using Unreal Engine 4.
> UI elements were created in Photoshop.
> 3D models were made in Blender

Would love to here feedback and suggestions for the game!
Contact: [email protected]

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Guide Haru, the cat to survival in space!
Help Haru, the cat dodge obstacles in his path.> The game is of the Endless runner genre.> Developed using Unreal Engine 4.> UI elements were created in Photoshop.> 3D models were made in BlenderWould love to here feedback and suggestions for the game!Contact: [email protected]

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Here from Reddit DMs. Actually a nice little game here. Very intuitive and can see myself losing hours on this game. Well done man!




It is a very minimal and fun game. I especially loved the music of the game! Great job the devs.


Nice game


Best game




What's not to love about a cat in space collecting donuts?


The best mobile game EVER.