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Color Merge Puzzle Game SCREENSHOT

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Color Merge Puzzle Game DESCRIPTION

Experience the art of color mixing with “Color Merge Puzzle”. Here, your canvas becomes a vibrant, color-filled puzzle waiting to be solved.

The game begins with a few basic colors at your disposal. By dragging and dropping them onto a larger canvas, you create a mixture of colors. Each combination, whether you’re using RGB, black, white, or any other provided hues, influences the final shade.

The goal? To match your color mixtures with pieces of a hue puzzle displayed at the top of the screen. In the initial levels, you’ll try to create around 60 different shades from the base colors.

Take advantage of our “undo” and “reset” features when you need to fine-tune your mixture. Stuck or need some inspiration? Use the “reveal” button to view a gradient list of all potential colors and track your progress.

As you advance, you’ll encounter puzzles that transform into famous paintings like “Starry Night,” bringing an added layer of excitement to the game.

Color Merge Puzzle” is more than just a game; it’s a journey through the art world, an exploration of color, and a test of your creativity. Merge, mix, and create a masterpiece!

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Color Merge Puzzle Game DOWNLOAD

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Great app, doesn't force ads when clicking no thanks. However, the ads in the middle of gameplay ruin the experience completely. I could understand an ad after or before levels, but having MULTIPLE while mixing colors is highly disruptive to the gameplay. The other problem is the fact this game CANNOT be played offline, there is no reason for this game to be an ONLY online game.


Good concept, but the amount of ads are unacceptable. It was fine at first but then I started getting ads more often. Please fix this


This game is just another way for a company to make more money but this one should still be under development. Soooo many ads, you can't undo something what you put into the bucket so if you mess up you have to completely close the app and redo the level, and some reviews and ads have said you can play offline but when your device is offline you get a little astronaut saying you have no wifi. If they fix everything and tone down the ads I will gladly reinstall till then I'm done


This app is complete and utter garbage. I had paid for the no ads a day ago. Today i get on the game to find ads popping up every 3 minutes. There is no restore putchases area to get what i paid for back. There is also no clear way to get in contact with the developer. The help and support area is just the developers website showing what accomplishments they've made. I could not see any place to get into contact with them. If i could rate lower than 1 star i would.


Very fun and relaxing game, unfortunately there is an ad around every 30 seconds, can't even complete a level without being interrupted by an ad at least once


This is an amazing game only 1 problem with it a lot and I mean a lot of forced ads, kinda turns you off from wanted to play it, not only that, but they don't give you an option to pay for no ads! Really sad because I legitimately love this game.


It's a fun game until you get to level 33. It's sends you in a never-ending loop of the coloring part of the city block, and after you collect the rewards, it doesn't let you go on to level 34. I've tried completely opening and closing it, and I still can't get past level 33. And on top of all of that, there's too many ads! All in all, don't download the game.


Edit: changed to 1 star bc I had over 15 ads after finishing only level 5. Fun game to pass the time but WAY too many ads. I have gotten an ad in every level and these are easy levels so maybe a minute tops to complete. I also get an ad after every level. I get maybe having an ad AFTER every level but not DURING.


Wayyyy too many ads. Do not download. I played one level, had an ad halfway through and then another one after. Not worth your time or effort.


It used to be fun then it became worse with gems and ads if this game would go back to the old version I'd be playing but it hasn't gone back don't download this game until the ads and gems are gone.


2 ads per level. One of the ads starts so that you cant click colors to mix, then the other one is started when you choose NOT TO PLAY AN AD at end of round.


I like this game but I've brought no Ads twice and they keep coming back makes for annoying play.


Color mixing game where you combine colors to fill out jigsaw puzzles and color a city inbetween levels. Puzzles with different solutions would be nice.


Very simple and fun game, and a great way to pass the time. There are no ads, and is a seemingly perfect game. One problem, though. Once you have finished coloring the town, there is no way to continue collecting pallets. I found that part quite enjoyable, so as soon as it gets an update, I'll be back. Overall, very fun!


This is a severely underrated game, no ads, offline play? It is a great game id recommend to try it!


it's a great game I love it but now that I have painted all the locations there's nothing to do. plus I can't progress in the pallets because of that. there's nothing to unlock because the color pallets have stopped getting new colors due to no new locations or even replaying the locations to unclock more colors.


Literally. Amazing. The levels start out easy but progressively get harder. 20 minutes of straight play time and NOT A SINGLE AD. I wouldn't even complain about an ad between levels but there are NONE!! Very simple game design, I love it so much. It's not hard but some levels do make you use your brain a little bit, great game to just pass time!


Game was fun for a few color by number pages. Then the color part was zoomed in too much. numbers were all crazy. I can still merge the colors but would have to close out the game in order to skip the color page. I will be installing. Sadly.


I really loved the beginning of this game, satisfying and no annoying ads between each level. But I kept getting stuck after the color by number part wouldn't load in the correct numbers. Like I would be coloring for 4 but it would show 99. Couldn't continue, if I tried to reload it would break. Tried re-downloading the game but it just reset *everything*


Super fun. I just downloaded today because the game looked fun and I didn't know why the ratings were so low. I haven't experienced any ads during game play like others are complaining, but it seems fair to have ads since that's how money is made. The game is fun, progressively more challenging, but easy to learn. Hopefully this game gets more downloads and better ratings cause it's a good game. The pictures depict real game play, not made up ads that have nothing to do with the actual game.