Indian Bikes Driving 3D Game SCREENSHOT

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Indian Bikes Driving 3D Game DESCRIPTION

Drive the most famous Bikes and the world through challenging roads that will test all your skills as a driver

Cellphone cheat codes:

Rickshaw – 8370
GTR – 3005
Boat – 3001
Thar – 9191
Velociraptor – 50
T-rex – 51
Spino – 52
Brachiosaurus – 53
JCB – 6677
Hummer Car – 8880
Bolero – 3100
Jet pack – 320
Jet pack mini – 330
Supra – 2244
Mustang – 8123
Ferrari – 8811
Super Splendor – 6021
Zombie – 2030
Tank – 4040
Dino – 5050
Infinity Health – 9129
Endeavour – 2020
Night Mode – 9
Truck – 1212
Truck with trailer – 01212
Fire Truck – 606
Legendar – 1001
Tarzen – 300
Horse – 200
apache – 4050
Monster Truck – 0 + Car cheat codes
Porsche – 4000
yamaha vmax – 999
Yamaha FZ10 – 888
Ducati Diavel – 777
banneli tnt – 666
scorpio classic -333
scorpio s11 – 444
Plane – 555
Fortuner – 1000
Rolls Royce – 2000
Tron Bike – 6000
Zx10r bike – 400
Dog – 600
Cycle – 1111
Duke 1290 – 8888
Duke 200 – 7777
Range Rover – 6666
Ghost Raider Bike – 5555
Bugatti Chiron – 4444
Bugatti v2 – 800
Koeigness – 900
Audi – 500
MoreNpc – 12345
MoreTrafficCar – 54321
Lamborghini – 3333
Lamborghini v2 – 700
Yamaha R15 – 0015
Fuel Tank – 00
Gas Tank – 0
hero Pleasure – 0000
Kawasaki Ninja H2r – 3000
Pulsar Rs200 – 5000
Hayabhusa – 7000
Helicopter – 8000
Splendor – 9000
Thar Modified – 9090
Royal Enfield Bullet – 9999
ATV – 2222
New KTM – 1190
Duke – 4215
KTM – 1210
Pulsar – 1211
Super jump – 1215
ultra Super jump – 1216
Skyfall – 1120
Slow motion – 1112
Moon gravity – 7112

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Drive the most famous Bikes and the world through challenging roads that will test all your skills as a driverCellphone cheat codes: Rickshaw8370GTR3005Boat3001Thar9191Velociraptor50T-rex51Spino52Brachiosaurus53JCB6677Hummer Car8880Bolero3100Jet pack320Jet pack mini330Supra2244Mustang8123Ferrari8811Super Splendor6021Zombie2030Tank4040Dino5050Infinity Health9129Endeavour2020Night Mode9Truck1212Truck with trailer01212Fire Truck606Legendar1001Tarzen300Horse200apache4050Monster Truck0Car cheat codesPorsche4000yamaha vmax999Yamaha FZ10888Ducati Diavel777banneli tnt666scorpio classic -333scorpio s11444Plane555Fortuner1000Rolls Royce2000Tron Bike6000Zx10r bike400Dog600Cycle1111Duke 12908888Duke 2007777Range Rover6666Ghost Raider Bike5555Bugatti Chiron4444Bugatti v2800Koeigness900Audi500MoreNpc12345MoreTrafficCar54321Lamborghini3333Lamborghini v2700Yamaha R150015Fuel Tank00Gas Tank0hero Pleasure0000Kawasaki Ninja H2r3000Pulsar Rs2005000Hayabhusa7000Helicopter8000Splendor9000Thar Modified9090Royal Enfield Bullet9999ATV2222New KTM1190Duke4215KTM1210Pulsar1211Super jump1215ultra Super jump1216Skyfall1120Slow motion1112Moon gravity7112

Indian Bikes Driving 3D Game DOWNLOAD

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“Indian Bike Driving 3D is a very good game, similar to GTA. I like the game very much. However, the game needs more new features, such as new weapons and a larger map. The existing map is good, but there should be an option to view it while exploring the city. Overall, it’s an interesting game, and I enjoy playing it.”


I am playing this game since 2022. The game keeps updating itself. I like the fact that the game is adding new cheats and updating regularly. But the main problem is the graphics and the movement difficulty. Please try to fix and improve this feature.


It is a good game with but it needs a big inventory for taking items and there should be a story mode and free mode if somebody don't like stories and I agree that we need gps and upgrader that can upgrade any item and more weapons should be added in addition there should be more places in maps so that maps doesn't look empty and more cities should be added


Game is nice but some improvements are compulsory 1. Change the console of the bikes and make them working especially digital consoles. 2. Change and improve the handling of all the vehicles. 3. Change the sounds of vehicles and make a smooth and soothing sound very bad and harsh sounding vehicles ever in game. 4. Add more online multi-player mode also to play with our friends and add new map and city.


The game is excellent but it has to be more advance. First of all you have to remove the manual night system it has to be automatic. And I am bored to playing with the same map so you have to change the map. It's an amazing game but it can be more improved.


Wow! What a game! I have never played any game leg this in my entire life. But please add bus stops in this game. It is good that the bus has added in the game. So please add bus stops in this game. And add speedometer for cars ,bikes, know our speed (digital speedometer or analog) . And please add another city in the map. I am bored of playing the same map. Other things the game is very good. And thank you that you removed the spider cheat code.


This game is nice , I am playing this from years . Indian Bikes Driving 3D game is like gta . But , many things in game is very annoying and frustrate me . Like - sitting in car is very slow process , when player falls it takes too much time to wake up and police is also very dumb . Most important thing is, please fix infinity health , this is very useful when we fall and many more , but when police fires at us it becomes normal , infinity health is not working in front of police . Thank you 🙏.


This game is very ecellent i enjoy the game everytime all things are in this game that is very good 👍. But there are so many gliches and leg. Devlepor have to change the graphics and add more things like city. And night have to be automatic. And please add plugin options in the app don't make another app. But the game is very good I will give it five stars . And add more places like hospital we can go inside fire station and militry base. This is a good game . If this all places will add. 😉🙃


This is a very good game . But ,the reason is not play multiplayer so,we cannnot play with friends. The graphics of this game is like gta . And the aeroplane ✈️ in the big airport we cannot fly . And this games brings we a train that we can drive,but we cannot change train colour. I talk to developer about hospital adding ,and adding more things we need.


It is very good but the cars are too slippery and I faced many bugs that's why a 4 star is given. So you could look after it and remove the infinity void and all the other bugs. But the games is very good and amazing


This game is good. But the problem is when i take any car or bike from cheat code they don’t stay permanently. Please improve this or tell me how to save cars & bikes so that if I leave the game these will be remain save. In addition you also need to update new maps and add more challenge. Besides improve the skill of police, npc & npc cars. Lastly you Have to make sure that if anyone take new House they can enter into it.


I am giving this game a three star because some problems as the person there has very low stamina as he gets wasted due to an ordinary accident or by a shot from the police secondly nowadays this game is not responding properly as I get to the home screen after tapping on the game and thirdly the cars are not as the level of bikes as the major cars have low speed and are not protected at all also there are very little challenges to complete but overall there is a good game the codes are 👍


I loved this game. It is the best ever. The things you should add in this game are. Z+security for the character. Militry base. New and more ncp. New and more cars on road. More cloths for our character. In and out in all house and building. Multiplayer mode. Character should earn money for his survival. The game is very good 👍 😊 👍 👍 Download it now.


I am giving only four stars because there are some drawbacks in this game. Ideas for new update - Add the map of city in phone, Add some bus stops, Add a taxi-styled car, Add some more roads like flyovers, Improve mechanics (whenever I press brake, the vehicle drifts and crashes). I hope these are taken care in further updates.


This game is very good but there is a problem in rgs tool for mobile players bcz we can't place rgs tool objects, building etc. perfectly can you please add buttons of left, right, up and down in modon rgs tool to place them correctly for mobile players and there is one more problem in map there is everywhere road there is no buildings can you please better the map so we can explore you only add cheat codes, codes you cannot fix the map and last can you add a map to see locations of the map


lt's a good game. That I would prefer but The map needs to be changed. I'm tired playing with the same map. Please add a garagein the side of the car showroom. So,we can customise our vehicle. Also,ca you please make useful of the Bharat petroleum. You need to add more graphi to this game. Anyways, Please change t\ map of the game . Also, please change manual day and night system .It's very annoying.Also the make a weather and climate system without manual process.Character needs sleep


This game is worth. The graphics are nice. But must you want to improve the some illogical in game like the blood scatter, jumped in car, swimming in land. Anyway it its good. But one thing the plane controls are very disappointing please improve that one. We want some passenger and some passenger and earn moneys and task for auto.The next one irritating is the colour set rbg is not able removed.The only roaming of open world is not intresting,you want to add some tasks like bus, auto passenger.


It is a good game but please remove the truck I don't like it and the graphics are getting super show the speedometer for car,bike,etc and bring some new area and thanks for plug-in option is very useful and thanks for snake monster, eagle monster, Lamborghini terzo,kgf bike and most important elephant it's looks so realistic and make map more bigger


This is a good game but new weapons should be added in it and along with it, NPC can drive bikes on the road and not just cars. And in this game, a map should be added because new players are not able to find the way to go to the railway station and the ramps, if the map is not so the New players will face difficulty in playing the then a tutorial should also be added Because it is easier for new players to play the game. So this was my review 🤗.


This would have been a five star. But it's a 4 bcuz there are a lot of reasons. The overall gameplay experience is great along multiple vehicles. But they should add save gameplay so that the player could reopen what he left and they should focus on map extension instead of adding more vehicles. Overall the experience playing this game was good