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A casual RPG with an angel/devil girl as the main character!
You can play until the end for “completely free”.

Enjoy crisp play with automatic battles and command battles.
Strengthen the monsters you collect and advance the story!

An angel/demon girl who has lost her memory wakes up in a strange place. A story about traveling through the demon world/heaven to recover lost memories.

▼Battle system
Automatic battle x command battle where you fight with up to 5 monsters.
・Monsters attack automatically
– Gain an advantage in battle by activating player skills!

▼Appearance monsters/skills
Over 100 monsters appear! Collect many monsters through battle rewards and monster summons.
50 types of player skills can be acquired.

▼Reinforcement system
·Level up
Use the energy obtained in battle to strengthen your monsters.
By strengthening the backup monsters, the status of all monsters will also increase!

・Breaking the limit
If you get the same monster again, the limit will be broken and your status will increase!

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"Automatic battle x command battle" completely free casual PRG!
A casual RPG with an angel/devil girl as the main character!You can play until the end for ``completely free''.Enjoy crisp play with automatic battles and command battles.Strengthen the monsters you collect and advance the story!▼StoryAn angel/demon girl who has lost her memory wakes up in a strange place. A story about traveling through the demon world/heaven to recover lost memories.▼Battle systemAutomatic battle x command battle where you fight with up to 5 monsters.・Monsters attack automatically- Gain an advantage in battle by activating player skills!▼Appearance monsters/skillsOver 100 monsters appear! Collect many monsters through battle rewards and monster summons.50 types of player skills can be acquired.▼Reinforcement system·Level upUse the energy obtained in battle to strengthen your monsters.By strengthening the backup monsters, the status of all monsters will also increase!・Breaking the limitIf you get the same monster again, the limit will be broken and your status will increase!

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