- Challenges in space center menu
- Hard difficulty option (2x upscaled planets and distances)
- Small captured asteroid in near Earth orbit
- Rocks to the surface of planets
- Button icons

Spaceflight Simulator Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Spaceflight Simulator(截图1)【图】Spaceflight Simulator(截图2)【图】Spaceflight Simulator(截图3)

Spaceflight Simulator Game DESCRIPTION

This is a game about building your own rocket from parts and launching it to explore space!

• Use parts to create any rocket you want!
• Completely accurate rocket physics!
• Realistically scaled planets!
• Open universe, if you see something in the distance, you can go there, no limits, no invisible walls!
• Realistic orbital mechanics!
• Reach orbit, land on the Moon or Mars!
• Recreate your favorite SpaceX Apollo and NASA launches!

Current planets and moons:
• Mercury
• Venus ( A planet with a extremely dense and hot atmosphere)
• Earth ( Our home, our pale blue dot 🙂 )
• Moon ( Our celestial neighbour)
• Mars ( The red planet with a thin atmosphere)
• Phobos ( Mars inner moon, with rough terrain and low gravity)
• Deimos ( Mars outer moon, with a extremely low gravity and a smooth surface)

We have a really active discord community!

Video tutorials:
Orbit tutorial:
Moon landing:

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SPACEFLIGHT SIMULATOR:This is a game about building your own rocket from parts and launching it to explore space!• Use parts to create any rocket you want!• Completely accurate rocket physics!• Realistically scaled planets!• Open universe, if you see something in the distance, you can go there, no limits, no invisible walls!• Realistic orbital mechanics!• Reach orbit, land on the Moon or Mars!• Recreate your favorite SpaceX Apollo and NASA launches!Current planets and moons:• Mercury• Venus ( A planet with a extremely dense and hot atmosphere)• Earth ( Our home, our pale blue dot :) )• Moon ( Our celestial neighbour)• Mars ( The red planet with a thin atmosphere)• Phobos ( Mars inner moon, with rough terrain and low gravity)• Deimos ( Mars outer moon, with a extremely low gravity and a smooth surface)We have a really active discord community! tutorials: Orbit tutorial: landing:

Spaceflight Simulator Game DOWNLOAD

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Great way to kill time! As someone in the aerospace field that has a great fascination for space travel and orbital mechanics (although I can't say I know much about the latter) this game has been a fun way to learn more about it. I've played KSP on PC, and I guess you could think of this as a mobile version of that. Keep up the great work!


It won't let me log back into my old account we're I payed for all of my stuff. I bought the full set which was like $15. Please change this and maybe others will consider playing again.


Great game and I've had it for a while, but there's stuff about the UI I don't like. 1st: when lifting off, your angle snaps to the target angle when it gets within about 2 degrees. There's no reason for that, and it prevents precision. 2nd: the apoapsis and periapsis have been removed from the rocket view mode. 3rd: it doesn't show acceleration or delta v. 4th: the twr is set to earths gravity, and you can't change it to (for example) the moon's to see if your lander will work.


The game is not loading anymore. I love this game, I just got out of earth's orbit, and now... Installed un-Installed twice.


This is probally one of the best simulator ever. Shows you the basics of space flight. The performance is surprisingly wonderful for a mobile games knowing how it renders almost everything,it may not be that much realistic but overall the game is mainly focus on completing complex missons. But the defects of this game is that if you want to build awesome real life rockets or spacecraft or either want to make the game easy even in normal mode you need to buy some micro transaction.but overall 9/9


One of the best simulation I have ever played. Everything is nice and perfect. But I have a thing to do. If possible please add sample launchpad like sample rocket in next update. It will be best. Also please add astronaut and return the electricity. We have solar panels but they are of no use. Please bring back battery and other things which can work with electricity.


This is a very fun game! It is slow to learn initially but very easy to get the hang of once you've already mastered the basics. The premium things are overpriced in my opinion, but a lot can be achieved with the basic game. One purchase that I do see as a necessity to expand your missions is the infinite build space. This one isn't too pricey and with it you can build much more advanced things. Overall, a very good game. (Also, I've found a weird things Certain devices have more free parts?)


Not as easy as it first looks. The physics are great and it's giving a good insight into how orbits work. Fun to try to get into the right transfer orbit when going to destinations further away, and to optimize the performance of your rocket and ship.


This game is awesome. It's super simple, super easy to learn, and doesn't hold too much behind paywalls. You can do everything in the game without ever making a single purchase. I do think that the premium content is very overpriced for what it is though; it doesn't add too much value to the game relative to it's price. If you're going to buy anything I recommend buying the full package, since you get everything all at once for 10 dollars instead of buying everything individually for nearly 20.


wonderful game, enjoyable for anyone ive played thid game for a long time. it truly has changed drastically for the best, it wasnt any crazy change where they changes all the buttons and mechanics etc, kept it the same and easy to use, all the build menis are good, everything is nice, the only thing id say it could improve on is more part skin customization, flags for countries, logos, numbers?, more patterns or solid colors, and wider pieces for wider build possibilitiez, overall a good game!


Great game about building rockets, exploring space, and landing on planets. My only suggestion is can you please add like short videos about the item on the game? Like a short video teaching/explaining the item. As a new player it's hard, for me to know how to use them and their purpose, since some of them doesn't have a description, while others doesn't have much context. Again, over all it's a great game, it'll be even great if you guys would add my suggestion.


Great game, there's a bit of a learning curve. It doesn't tell you much and harder, more efficient methods of piloting such as gravity assists, and ballistic capture are limited to people who do quite a bit of research. But the physics engine is good and stays consistent. The planets and moons aren't anything special, and some are locked behind a pay-wall. your building space is quite limited until you pay, and there are some parts locked behind a pay-wall, other than that; good game, do try it


It's quite a fun game, messing around with rockets and sending them to orbit constantly entertains you! There arr many things to do in the game, and while it can be challenging, it is also rewarding. The game will continuously pique your curiosiy. However, after awhile, messing about on earth will bore you, and you will have to fly to other planets. That's when most players hit a roadblock, as even with video tutorials, it is extremely hard to reach the moon, let alone other planets.


Amazing game, also able to create vehicles such as planes, tanks, railguns, etc. My only complaint is that there's no water, but that isn't really a big part of the game, space. Overall a 10/10 in most aspects, though newbies may find it hard to get to the farther planets without checking some of the designs on the community first


Good amazing game but the one thing I think they should expand the building space (it doesn't have to be a lot) more build parts and maybe more planits. It is a great game and no ads. a tutorial in the game just how to get in earth orbit would be very helpful.( I have NO idea how to get in orbit) maby multiplayer like who can get to mars first or just to have fun with friends. Maybe also maybe let people invite others to their worlds and offline mode so 4 ⭐


There is a learning curve for people that aren't familiar with spaceflight. This game has very realistic physics and it is definitely the best mobile space free flight simulator that I know of. However, it does have it's flaws. You do have to buy the in-game DLCs to unlock 75% of the features but that's not to bad because most of them cost between 2 to 3 USD and all of them together cost 15 USD. The descriptions for the parts for the spaceships don't have enough information. It's very good game.


The Game is very fun and a decent amount challenging but there are 2 issues i have found that i would really like to be changed. 1.) The game crashes when you are at Full TimeWarp while in the zoomed out Map. Especially when you are in progress to land on another planet. 2.) And some way to link progress across different devices such as an Email. This would allow all saved blueprints and world saves to transfer between several devices This one would be Very, Very nice to have.


Hell yeah! After a couple weeks of playing and learning, and with some major quality of life boosts in terms of building (tons more parts and features) I built an awesome 3 stage spacecraft that took me from the Earth, to the moon, and back to the Earth; and my capsule made it back in one piece to boot! It really is a nail biting experience, the game does such a good job of recreating the experience of space flight. Every aspect of design counts, it can be so unforgiving, yet so rewarding.


It's great. The physics are on point, and the engines are cool. There are a couple of things I hate (in accending order). 3. Descriptions aren't descriptive enough. Especially in the redstone atlas pack. 2. Parachutes can't deploy if you're going to fast. Ok. So? Deploy it anyway. What would you rather have: a broken parachute or a broken rocket. 1. You can't timewarp faster than 3x while under acceleration. I think you shouldn't be punished for using ion engines to get to Mars. I like it. 8/10.


Since the recent updates, the app will keep closing by itself. I don't know what is causing this, but it will simply choose to crash mid-game. Opening the app again will restart it, and then when Resume Game is selected, everything will be normal for a few seconds, and the app will crash again. This isn't selective. It will crash in varied situations, for example, while throttling, while moving, while orbiting, even being stationary prior to launch on Earth, and in both Map modes. I tried finding what triggers the crash to happen, but even not doing anything to the game - not touching the screen at all - will make the app close itself. Would you mind looking into this please? It's a fantastic app, I really enjoy it, but these latest bugs have been really annoying. Thanks in advance!
Ok. I see. Could you use a file browser, and search for the "persistant.qks" file, then send it to [email protected] That will let me work on it directly. After that, you could try reinstalling, it should solve it.