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Deep Space is a series of educational video games launched by the Takhti team. Deep space game series will use unreal engine as developing tool. First installment in Deep Space franchise is Deep Space Moon. This game is focused on moon. Moon museum and landscape is designed using unreal engine. Unreal engine cutting edge tech gave us freedom to bring education in interactive way to world through our game Deep Space Moon. In this first event you will be using moon rover to drive endlessly to get maximum rewards. Give answers to questions to get reward and get authentic knowledge about moon. Takhti vision is to provide knowledge about planets, solar systems, blackholes, galaxies and many more locations. More rovers are coming your way with additional story mode focused on moon landscape made using unreal engine with authentic landmarks like Lava tube, tycho crater, rilles , etc.
Deep space moon is a racing game on moon. The vehicle is lunar rover. There will be many more rovers in updates of game. You will know how old is moon, is there oxygen on, what is temperature there at night and day, what is gravity, humidity, it produce radiation, how it revolves, is there water, it has magma, does it have craters, are there clouds, what gases are present , we see which side, different phases of moon with time , phases of earth, internal structure , which resources are present there, why different countries are interested, what is source of energy on moon and much more.
Takhti is Pakistan’s biggest Science promoting channel with more than one thousand short video films in native language. Our mission is to develop next level education resources for students and teachers. This is the first video game in this series. Future series will cover planets, solar systems, blackholes, galaxies and many more locations.




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It is a very good educational can get many information about moon. I have got a lot of knowledge from it.therefore I recommend students to play this game and get knowledge.


Good effort and experience is like driving rover on moon feels great


Superb concept about deep space moon. Authentic information about moon. Loved the musuem concept. And interactive way of conveying knowledge.


I think it is a very nice idea for Pakistani children to know about space. But some loop holes are in this game. Those are the graphics and controls of rover. However i like it because it is the first drop of space education for children of Pakistan. Nice


Very nice concept and great for school children to educate them. Museum is very nicely designed need to add more sections and also need to improve Rover driving experience over All i really appreciate the effort of team Takhati you all deserve 5 stars. Love you guys keep it up.


Giving 5⭐ but there are many things which need to be improved, the most important be the 1)Game crashes and is teemed with bugs. After covering a certain distance the rover just stops nd the game freezes, neither the rover moves forward nor moves backward and the whole progress is lost. 2) Can't buy the new vehicle even after having the required money. Hope so u will work on these things.


Game is pretty. Great step to educate kids. In my opinion add guide about surface like how vehicle move turn according to this surface, add vehicle health. Instead of speed and brake text button add shape of these things


The game is very fantastic the developers are very talented and creative but game needs some improvements in next update.


It is a fantastic game. We can see the realistic surface of moon and true fire color of the fire in moon atmosphere.


Game is good, little bit typical for kids to understand, tutorial should be there with clear voice for kids to take interest, like there will be a major character (Adeel), starts with to engage kids, like come on kids, today i will take you to the moon, there will rover racing game, we will play, and will also understand the atmosphere of moon, see moon tunnels, and lots of more, come on lets get started, get into the space rocket, that will take us to the space station.


I played this game and I really liked it. The information given in it is so great even I did not knew these things before. UI(User interface) is good but some of buttons like SHOW QUESTION is not on the right place. I have little suggestion for you, Sir (obviously you are my teacher). I think this game should be in steps from earth to moon. Step 1:- Built your own rocket, Set your trajectory to the celestial bodies like moon or mars, land and built your own house. And then the story with go on.


Good games having lots of interesting sights I wish you would improve it to ultimate level. I suggest to improve rover as it's speed is too low at the beginning and after every crash. It should have moderate speed so that the players can be immused. And well done Sir Adeel, Keep it up, You are playing a great role in science society. Our love and devotions are always with you.


First of all thanks to Takhti Team that they launch a fantastic game👍👌💚.This game is Pakistan's first space game and we should encourage this game by downloading this.This provides enjoy and learning about space also.This game very useful👍.


I highly appreciate, This is a really good app especially introduced in Pakistan by TAKHTI, behind this a great theme is made to give good education to Pakistani childs. Quality is little bit compromised but I also appreciate this quality.


Excellent Effort. The museum is the best part that you can also replicate in other projects but you should improve the racing part.


The overall concept is really good i really like the Meteorite bombardment and when Rover constantly spins aftering hitting due to low gravity, the graphics are awesome, game environment is very beautiful. -Minor glitches Sometimes screen gets black and we have to close and restart from beginning - my suggestion are the rover don't face any damages after falling so could you please add some heath feature for it and some vibrations when we get hit also background sound too. #great_work_sir


I found this game incredibly constructive and informative. Nice graphics and amazing work. Knowledge gets updated while playing this game. I'm really surprised how the FIRST EFFORT by Takhti Games is very professional and competent and I hope the developers would keep on enhancing this game. Thank you.


1 for info in museum and 1 for taking 1st step. Suggestion no 1: kindly add urdu voiceover of all information in game that speak to tell child the info about gameplay that what is written.. Suggestion no 2: add a option of handle (steering wheel)to control rover direction as many kids prefer them. Suggestion no 3: add a add some coins in a way while driving like subway surfer type yellow coins. Suggestion no 4: add third person view option while in museum...first person view is not good.


This game is developed with a great intention. Education with gamification. Highly appreciate this game. Their are some things I wanna add. •1st when the car is moving uphill if you don't take the speed booster your car will stuck inside the surface, like it is below the surface and once this happen you can do nothing accept restarting the game from start. •2nd thing is that their must be some way that we can quite game without having our fuel empty, if we simply exit we can't get money and gold


I would highly appreciate the idea and the motivation behind this game but in terms of good car/racing/driving game its clearly out of the league. There are some bugs too, the one I faced was that most of the object were covered with some weird pink colored overlay including the car itself. Hopefully it will get some good updates soon. Once again we love and appreciate the efforts of whole Takhti team ❤️
Kindly email us screenshots 1. of those pink overlay 2. Museum and also model of your device. We will try our best to fix those issues.