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Scooter Repair Mechanic Garage Game DESCRIPTION

Welcome to the scooter repairing game simulator. The auto repair workshop game in which you work as a crazy mechanic. Who handles the whole mechanic garage in this bike service station game. But you are not a repair mechanic, you run a bike service station. The bike workshop, where you do scooter repairing, scooter washing, and scooter painting. You can also work like a motorbike maker or motorbike builder in your scooter repair shop. In your repair workshop, you will work as a virtual mechanic. The motorcycle mechanic has a big bike garage and repair workshop. You have played many scooter stunts and scooter freestyle games in which you work as a virtual mechanic. But this repair shop auto service station game is something more than a scooter stunt and scooter freestyle simulator game.

Scooter Repair Shop modes

Scooter Repair Mechanic Shop
Bike Wash Puncture Shop
Superbike Simulator

Scooter Repair Mechanic Shop
In this mode of repair mechanic fixing game. You will repair the scooter engine and as an auto repair mechanic, handle the repair workshop. You will have different clients with motorcycle crashing rides. Repair all of the bikes in time and get rewarded. Work on a superbike engine and make it more accurate with your scooter repairing skills.

Bike Wash & Puncture Shop

When you have a marvelous ride, then it needs to be washed. So in this mode, you will wash rides. But this is not only bike wash game mode. Your clients will have trouble with tyers and you will also fix wheel punctures in this bike wash & puncture shop. The superbike is dirty and you have to clean them in this bike wash & puncture shop game.

Superbike Simulator

Experience the super simulator alterations, in this scooter repair shop game. In this game, you will have old and vintage bikes. You have to repair bikes and also modified. Quad bike ATVs are the most comfortable three wheel bikes. Your bike rider clients with quad bike ATVs will love to get them modified. Now it’s your turn to show your magic on their superbikes in this superbike simulator. Be the crazy repair mechanic in your repair workshop in this scooter repairing shop game.

So much fun in a single crazy repair mechanic game, Download now and enjoy the scooter customization.

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