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Ecotec University application


Quran Khmer Offline Translate by ZAKARYYA ADAM
App Feature -Quran Translate by ZAKARYYA ADAM -2 in 1 Quran Search (Search Arabic and Khmer)RequirementAndroid 4.2 or Later
Update your data, look at your notes and debts.
Small app for students of the Hermilio Valdizán National University to update their data and view their notes and debts.
Current Affairs & Latest Pattern Study Material for IBPS PO, SBI, RBI, LIC etc
Aspirants Zone App provides FREE Exam Preparation Material for Banking and Insurance exams.The App includes ►Daily Current Affairs both in English and Hindi, ►Latest Pattern Quizzes for- Quant,- Reasoning, - English, - Computer, - Static GK and - Banking Awareness Sections, ►Latest Job Notifications and Current Affairs Monthly PDFs.The App provides important Current Affairs for exams, so that the aspirants do not have to go through various newspapers. The App provides the feature to bookmark quizzes and other articles to check them at later time. Along with this, the App provides a section showing quizzes and articles added in the last 24 hours.A perfect adda for aspirants for 24/7 study .
Euro School Chhauni Apps for students and parents.
Connecting parents and school Timeline - Find out information about upcoming events and programs.- Experience dynamic media like photos, videos of different programs.Explore- Routine to keep track of class and exam routines.- Assignment Update to view daily assignments .Progress Report enables parents to visualize the exact progress of their childrenAttendance to be sure if their child is present in school/college.Bus Route & GPS TrackingComplaints and Feedback, Leave Note, Library System and many more..Notifications- School/College Calendar to get information on academic days, holidays, celebrations, exams, vacation & all important dates.News & Events to see the events happening in school/college and also add an reminder.- SMS notificationsAppreciation/ Suggestions- Message privately to school/collegeDownloads- Download study materials provided by your school/college- Euro Kids/ School Chhauni
Learn English words effectively. Practice, improve and expand your vocabulary.
Learnish: Learn English WordsDo you wish to improve your English vocabulary?This app will help you learn new words quickly!Practice and learn vocabulary via flashcards of English words to facilitate faster vocabulary learning. The words are categorized into different groups including IELTS® (Academic & General), TOEFL®, GRE®, SAT, GMAT, Phrasal Verbs, Irregular Verbs and many more categories with differnet levels. Words and definitions you’re learning will reappear on flashcards to help you learn them faster, appearing less and less frequently as you know them better, making sure you don’t waste your time learning unimportant vocabulary. The learning technique, applied in the application, allows you to quickly learn new English words and you can track your progress in each category.🔴 Learnish application has following categories:IELTS® Academic Vocabulary● 4000+ words● 3 levelsIELTS® General Vocabulary● 3000+ words● 3 levelsTOEFL® Vocabulary● 4500+ words● 3 levelsGRE® Vocabulary● 3500+ words● 2 levelsGMAT Vocabulary● 1500+ words● 2 levelsSAT Vocabulary● 3000+ words● 3 levelsIrregular Verbs● 200+ verbsPhrasal Verbs● 3000+ verbs● 2 levelsBasic Words● 2500+ words● 31 groups: Basic words, Time and date, Numbers, Colours, Physical appearance, Clothes, Body, Health..
Gurukul Public Sr. Sec. School Pukka Paroh - Presence Online
This app is made for Gurukul Public Sr. Sec. School Pukka Paroh. Target Audience is parents of Kids studying in this school. 1. Parent are registered with mobile given to school administration. and Registration is verified with OTP2. Parents install this app to get ward’s homework, school notices, upcoming events. 3. Parent have access to absent, scores (Marks) of their kids.4. Parent can apply for leave from the app. 5. Parent can get home work notification implemented using FCM. 6. School can post urgent notification to all student of school or a particular class or a particular section of class. 7. Parent have access to images galleries posted by school or teacher. 8. Parent can notification about fees or pending fees. Most of app has one way communication , parents can only information from school, one post request by parent is forapplying leave.We made small / medium or big school presence on play storethat is Presence Online
Best App to bridge the gap between parents and school.
- Parent app specialises in mobile apps that are affordable, simple, reliable and provide faster access anytime, anywhere.- Get details of full fees structure.- Continuous quiz and knowledge base updates to make your child brighter and intelligent.- Plan for activities from school's daily calendar.- Access photos of functions of the school- One touch access to Home Work.- Information on academics, activities and attendance in one touch.- Download the official Direct2School app now for FREE and see what we can offer you with this simple and user-friendly mobile app.- If you need help with the app, please email us at [email protected] SharmaMob no.-07733092001
Collection of exam questions for the 12th year national vocational high school MAK MAK 2021
Soal UNBK SMK MAK 2021Kumpulan soal ujian unbk nasional SMK MAK kelas 12 tahun 2021aplikasi Soal UNBK SMK MAK 2021 pembelajaran untuk tes ujian nasional berbasis komputer UNBK SMK MAK kelas 12 tahun 2021.aplikasi Soal UNBK SMK MAK 2021 ini dilengkapi dengan materi soal-soal yang telah dirangkum dari soal unbk 2020, soal UNBK SMK MAK 2021 , dan aplikasi Soal UNBK SMK MAK 2021 dilengkapi dengan pembahasan dan kunci jawaban yang muncul pada saat anda salah dalam menjawab soal.dan ada presentasi kelulusan hasil tes UNBK SMK MAK 2021 ini.materi Soal UNBK SMK MAK 2021 terdiri dari beberapa mata pelajaran yang diujikan pada tes ujian UNBK SMK MAK 2021 ini diantaranya :- Bahasa Indonesia- Matematika- Bahasa Inggrisdan ada pula dilengkapi tambahan seperti rumus matematika SMK MAK kelas 10, matematika SMK MAK kelas 11, rumus matematika SMK MAK kelas 12.Download Aplikasi Soal UNBK Ujian Nasional SMK MAK 2021 untuk memudahkan tes ujian UNBK anda.
Easy-to-navigate & searchable version of the Behaviour Change Technique Taxonomy
This app is an easy-to-navigate and fully searchable version of the Behaviour Change Technique Taxonomy v1 (BCTTv1) published by Michie et al. (2013). Comprising 93 behaviour change techniques (BCTs) with labels, definitions and examples, organised into 16 groupings to increase speed of use, the taxonomy is a valuable tool for anyone involved in designing, reporting or evaluating interventions to change behaviour. Features - Access to the full behaviour change techniques BCTTv1 - Quick search for BCTs by BCT label, grouping or view all BCTs - Find out more about the BCT taxonomy project About The development of the behaviour change techniques BCTTv1 was three-year project, funded by the UK Medical Research Council and led by a team of behavioural scientists from: • University College London (UCL)• University of Aberdeen • University of Cambridge • University of Exeter • City University London • Newcastle University Find out more about the BCT project at UCL:
Chemical equation balancer app to balance equations along with periodic table
Solve complex chemical equations with ease using our Chemical Equation Balancer app. The app of Balance Chemistry Equation serves as a one-stop solution for balancing chemical equations, and a chemical equation solver that accurately balances chemistry formulas. With a simple interface, you can use our Chemical Equation Balancing Calculator to measure chemistry formulas and balance chemical equations quickly and efficiently.Whether you're a student or professional, this Chemistry Equation Balancing App / chem calculator is perfect to solve problems of equations and chemical reactions. The app features a chemistry balancer, a chemistry calculator and a chemical equation balancer app that makes balancing chemicals a breeze. You can use the Balancing Chemical Equations calculator to balance chemical reactions in no time.Our Chemistry Solver with Chemical Formulas helps you solve complex chemical equations with ease. The Balance Chemical Equation Calculator and Balance Chemistry Equation features allow you to check and verify your answers. With the ability to solve chemical equations and measure chemistry formulas, this Chemical Balancer App is a must-have chemistry calculator for anyone in the field of chemistry.How to Use Chemistry..
Ecotec University application
Ecotec University application
Mobile platform Technological University ECOTEC
Mobile platform to achieve greater interactivity between students and the Technological University ECOTEC with the following: management of materials, account status, payment, getión notes, Library, materials registered per semester, discharge of material, tasks, ECOBUSES, News & Events.


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