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Get as tall and wide as you can to take out bots and beat the level!

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I paid for NO Ads. So Why are there ADs in the gameplay that you can run into while playing the game to collect useless power ups and cosmetic items ? I can't even see the AD Wall in front of the player ! Go find another game, don't waste your time with this one, you'll see ads even if you pay to not see them. ( The game used to be better before they added Ads that you can run into, and the city )


It was fun until I paid for NO ads, but the ads kept on coming! THIS IS WRONG!


The gameplay is mindless (not necessarily in a bad way, good if youre looking for easy and predictable) yet entertaining. Why 2 stars?? TOO MANY ADS! Even when you think you're done watching them- be prepared to sit through multiple screens waiting to CLOSE them! There's ads littered during gameplay, ads blocking bonuses such as extra gems, growths or land. Would give 3-4 out of 5 if no ads beneath gameplay or if no ads after completing level


I gave this game 4 stars because it has a very annoying problem that is like after every level there is an annoying advertisement and i don't say that there must not be any advertisement like you can maintain the decorum of the game by giving advertisement between the gap of 4 to 5 levels but in this game there is a advertisement after each and every level and all the other things are good, this game is best to play when you are getting bored so it's a pretty good game. ⭐


Just one more application with a lot of ad, deleted right after the launch, because it doesn't the same as in ad


Buggy ... About half the times that I start the rolling offers, just as I get close to the end, the game totally locks up and won't react to anything so you have to close the game and start all the offers over. A way to get us to watch more commercials? Or to buy the ads free offer? Who knows. I'm at level 60 so far enough along to see it happen a lot. Otherwise, the game is a lot of fun.


This game is so fun! The graphics aren't great ( sometimes it glitches ). But otherwise it's pretty nice. On some levels, when you hit every plus and you' still not tall or wide enough to make it to the end to defeat the boss! That is one of flaws this app has. Any other flaws are super small, except for when you run into a reward on your way to defeat a boss, it will make you watch an add and you don't get the reward. On this game,you can achieve different hats,skins,and accessories! INSTALL!!


Honestly I came from the YouTube playables too see if the full game wasn't a slow, meaningless mess. Now i can say its a fast, tedious mess with more ads than you can shake a stick at. There's better games out there so go play them instead


Completely not worth it you putting way too much time in effort just to get little to nothing. I still don't know if they actually pay out because you need 10 thousand coins for the payout but do to the little bit of credit you get for the games. Your just wasting your time fr
We understand the frustration with the effort versus reward balance. Your time is valuable, and we appreciate your feedback. For any payout concerns, feel free to reach out to our support at [email protected]


It's not an actual game, just a vehicle for you to watch other ads for other terrible games that no one actually wants to play, generated by AI.


This isn't a tall man simulator, this is "watch ads simulator". This game isn't actually for fun, it's for literally watching ads. The fake "no connection" pop up to force you to watch ads is just unbelievable. Not recommended to download.


It keeps crashing on me and making me loose everything I just earned at the moment and I can't even build because when it crashes it takes my points and diamonds away to build the cityband it hallened alltb


I don't think this game is good because it is super duper glitchy and it won't let me like move my character when I'm literally pressing it so I will not be done with this game again


Tall Man Run: Reach for the Skies in this Thrilling Adventure! Embark on an epic journey as the towering hero in this adrenaline-pumping endless runner game. Sprint through vibrant landscapes, leaping over obstacles and defying gravity with every bound. With its intuitive controls and heart-pounding action, Tall Man Run offers endless excitement for players of all ages. Strap on your running shoes and soar to new heights in this exhilarating pursuit of greatness!


Ad literally every single level (each one takes like 30 seconds, with a 15 second ad after). I only got this game to get bux in tuber simulator but this game is trash. The actual gameplay is fine but the ads make ot unplayable


This game got me out of boredom. Really fun and entertaining to play. Kudos to the animation and background score. 👏


It's satisfying and good animation but the lagging UNBELIEVABLE! now it's glitching, sometimes the guy just floats in the air until I have to either reinstall or refresh. I was glad to find a new game but i have no choice but to fully uninstall it. Let me know when it's fixed :/


When I used to play this game like 3 years ago, it was awesome! It didn't need internet and our character wasn't so slow. But now, of course they will make the game so bad! Now our character is so slow, we can't play it without internet and in the middle of the game they show us ads! Guys, I don't recommend this game anymore....


Enjoyable game, but if you're getting it for Tapjoy, don't bother. Found the game addictive, especially the between level city building. I wish they had more cities and didn't just recycle the same 3/4. But if you downloaded it to gain rewards through Tapjoy, it doesn't provide the rewards. You have to go to Tapjoy support, and they're not very useful. They only provide the most recent task completed reward, and don't bother with the rest.


I downloaded this game to help get gems in another game. I thought ok I can make it to level 50 after playing for the first couple times. Ya that's a big no. Ads when you open the app, ads when you try to start the game. Ads IN THE MIDDLE of the game, and at the end. Each level is like 20 seconds long. It is ridiculous. And you can't be on airplane mode because it needs internet connection. The game would be a fun game to kill time for sure. I don't want to waste my time watching Ads.
We hear you! Ads popping up everywhere can surely be frustrating. We understand your time is valuable. We'll review ad placements to enhance your gaming experience. Your feedback is valuable; thanks for sharing.