Add support for drawing from bottom and randomly from discard pile. Add support for Android 13.

Vorpal Board App SCREENSHOT

【图】Vorpal Board(截图1)【图】Vorpal Board(截图2)【图】Vorpal Board(截图3)

Vorpal Board App DESCRIPTION

Vorpal Board makes it easy to reclaim game night no matter where your family and friends are. Want to play board games or D&D remotely? This companion app enables you to connect to the Vorpal Board system using a combination of table streaming and component scanning which is perfect for tabletop and role playing games.

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Official companion app for Vorpal Board. Get game night back.
Vorpal Board makes it easy to reclaim game night no matter where your family and friends areWant to play board games or D&D remotely? This companion app enables you to connect to the Vorpal Board system using a combination of table streaming and component scanning which is perfect for tabletop and role playing games.

Vorpal Board App DOWNLOAD

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My absolute go to D&D online app so I can still use my miniature and terrain for my game


Can't believe I haven't heard of this app before. It's everything I was looking for as a game master and homebrew rp / board game fanatic. There's custom animated dice (you can even customize the faces, a function that I've long been searching for), you can upload any custom components you want really. It all works smoothly and easily. This should be as popular as any of the "big" virtual tabletops!
Thanks for the kind words and welcome aboard! If you're not a member already please join our Discord so we can stay in touch.


Works better than I thought - really good!!!


Great system, just some issues between Android and IPhone users for things like refresh rates, crashing and dropped calls. So far very robust options and I definitely recommend it.


I'm very happy with hardware and software. Good alternative to tabletop simulator in my opinion.


Vorpal Board has been an awesome experience. I backed the kickstarter and since the software was released it just keeps getting better. The dev team is very responsive on the discord server and helps individual users with troubleshooting. I have played everything from simple card games like Fluxx, to hours long sessions of D&D complete with maps, terrain and miniatures.


All in one virtual board game solution