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Coloring book Game DESCRIPTION

Every child dreams at least once to try himself as an artist. How fun it is to brush and apply multi-colored paints to the picture. Do you like this kind of activity?
Then to start drawing you need to choose an assistant. It can be a cheerful girl, a boy, or even a robot that has arrived from another planet to help you.
Cars, robots, animals, cartoon characters and even alien creatures are in our art gallery. You can choose a coloring that will be the most interesting for you. Paints, felt-tip pens and sparkles will help to create a unique picture. And for real virtuosos and fans of their craft, the application has the opportunity to create a picture from scratch. To do this, you need all the necessary materials for drawing and a lot of imagination. And you can admire your creation at a special exhibition, where visitors will appreciate your work.
Do you want to try? Then do not waste time, but rather start drawing.
Dear parents, for the record, coloring games entertain your child and help him in his studies. Drawing and coloring ready-made pictures, your child develops fine motor skills of hands, which affect intelligence. And getting acquainted with the forms of different objects, a baby explores the world.

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All adults know perfectly well that children are very fond of throwing their toys and things, and how scary for babies are the wordscleaning. But today we will try to change it, try to enjoy the cleaning and help my mother to bring beauty and order to the rooms, because she just needs your help.We present you a new developing game for kids"Cleaning in the House", in which we try to clean up the house, make it clean and beautiful.And so, where to start cleaning the house? First we'll put things in order on the first floor. Here we have to clean the kitchen. We will need to lay out the food in the fridge, remove the cups and plates from the table, wash the dishes and arrange it on the shelves, and put cleanliness and order on the stove. After the cleaning of the kitchen is finished, we go up to the second floor and start cleaning the room.Here, the kids will need to collect scattered things and shoes, clean and place the toys in their places. To the..

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