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Dino Puzzles - educational jigsaw puzzle game for kids. Full ad-free version.
"Funny Dinosaurs" is an educational jigsaw puzzle game for kids 3, 4, 5 years old and even for toddlers from 1-2 year old.This bright jigsaw puzzle game brings your kid into amazing dinosaur world. Your kid will play with the dino puzzle, learn the names of dinosaurs and listen to the dinosaurs' sounds.Our educational games are tailored to fit preschool-aged kids, both boys and girls and help toddlers to develop their memory, attention, logical thinking, fine motor skills of hands, and simply have fun.The main features of our puzzle games for girls and boys: • Easy to learn and control, even for small kids • Good at developing fine motor skills, spatial skills, memory and attention; • Interactive dinosaurs’ sounds, positive and pleasant feedback; • Large puzzle pieces, easy for children to pick and move; • Amazing learning games for girls and boys aged 1-3 and puzzles for kids under 5; • Educational Montessori inspired games and children puzzles;This full version contains 24 dinosaur puzzles.If you like our free educational games, we kindly ask you to write a review and..
Learn-to-code for kids 5-10 with 100s of educational learning games & activities
codeSpark Academy is the best learn-to-code app for kids ages 5-10. With 100’s of code games, activities, & kids learning games designed to teach the fundamentals of computer science. Introduce them to the world of coding for kids & STEM.The LEGO FoundationPioneer RE-Imagining Learning & Re-Defining PlayChildren’s Technology ReviewEditor’s Choice AwardParent’s Choice AwardGold Medal American Association of School LibrariansBest App for Teaching & LearningLEARNING GAMES FOR KIDS: Kids Learning Games, Puzzles & code gamesEducational games for kids: Play coding games & build problem-solving & logical-thinking skills with educational games for kids. Programming games help children learn coding, master sequencing, loops, events & conditionals. Coding for kids is fun with codeSpark’s learning games for kids!ExploreCodeSpark helps kids learn programming. Unlike other code learning apps for kids, we apply & expand coding knowledge with coding games for kids, logical thinking challenges & educational games for kids. Our programming games teach boolean logic, automation, variables & inequalities, stacks & queues to help you learn coding. Story Maker More than just educational games for kids: our app for kids to learn coding teaches children..
Hone your "START" triage skills in this simple interactive drill.
Practice the basics of START triage by interactively evaluating disaster victims’ condition and tagging them with the correct classification. Determine the unique victims’ Respiration, Perfusion and Mental Status (RPM) before tagging and moving on to the next victim.
Free quiz game app for job hunting, study, brain training, exam study, trivia! The quiz is over 500 questions. Four-letter idioms, proverbs, sports, music, etc.
Q. What is the theatrical movie with the highest box office revenue in Japan?Q. A “non-profit organization” is an organization that is not for profit. what is this abbreviation?Q. What is the story that is said to be the oldest in Japan and is known today under the title "Kaguya-hime"? etcThe questions are kanji, four-letter idioms, proverbs, sports, music, geography, arithmetic, entertainment, culture, and more!How many questions can you solve with less physical strength?If you can answer 50 questions in a row, your general knowledge is perfect! ?Aim! 50 consecutive answers!Over 500 general knowledge questions. I understand your common sense.Useful for job hunting measures, study breaks, brain training, storytelling, trivia, brain exercises, and more!This game app is free to play.Why not test your common sense skills with this game? Test your knowledge level while learning with fun quizzes.It is a quiz app that anyone can easily enjoy. Challenge yourself with questions from a wide range of genres and hone your knowledge.It is a quiz app with a wide range of questions from knowledge useful in everyday life to world history..
Multilanguage suport !
This app is intended to logopedic teachers and for parents working with their kids at home in order to improve phonetics .This is an easy way to improve pronunciationMultilanguage support will allow you to add your own words. For the moment the folowing letters are treated but we are trying to add support for more lellters soon:B,C,D,F,G,H,J,L,M,N,P,R,S,Ş,T,Ţ,V,ZSome of the letters are available for new users only in Pro version.We will add more consonants upon request.If you want to participate and help us add more of the letter from your native language please write us on [email protected] and we will try our best. Thank youInterstitial ads on app exit !
Great for kids who love music. Play piano with different instruments
Does your child like music? This kids piano app will provide fun and entertainment for your toddler while playing the piano with different kind of musical sounds (xylophone and more). Play your own favourite song on the toddler piano or listen to well known nursery rhymes. Babies will also enjoy tapping the different colorful keys on the full screen keyboard and listen to the various instrument sound effectsa kind of baby music box. Please note that the free version gives access to the piano and xylophone instrument sounds and two children nursery rhymes to play along with.This finger piano game for kids app features: - Two different playing modes. For the children, who have fully control on where they touch or tap the screen, the piano is shown along with the buttons for the children songs and instrument sounds. The second mode is a full screen baby piano which is made for babies or infants who just like to tap the fullscreen piano to hear the musical instruments sounds. Please note that the full screen keyboard is only available in..
Fun educational game for little kids to learn: abc, shapes, colors, math, number
Leader in Educational Games for Kids, babies and toddlers! Tiny Learner is huge educational fun! Designed to simultaneously teach and entertainthis mobile tool engages babies, toddlers, and kids in all grade levels. With its colorful graphics, familiar drag and drop interface, amusing and friendly charactersyour baby will enjoy playing games and solving problems while at the same time building a strong foundation in english, math, memory, sensory and puzzle solving skills.This fun and educational baby game is available on store nowwith no in-app purchases! Download Tiny Learner today and watch your baby explore the educational world of (character name here) and friends.Tiny Learner features logic, attention, and memory and puzzle solving skills .Four different groups to choose from:1All Around Fun: Rhymes & Reasons: Conditional rhyming ability, problem solving, sequencing talent & more!2. Thinking Talent : I’m Thinking: Foundations in problem solving, visual discrimination sorting ability!3English : Word Play: Lessons in vocabulary, the alphabet, colors, shapes and letters. 4Math: Number Count: Practice counting and basic addition skills with colors and shapes!Kids Learning Box is recommended for:Colorful games for babies and toddlers..
A fun way to Learn Japanese with duo modes to memorize vocabulary efficiently.
The funnest way to learn japanese and quite possible the best!Build on your Japanese vocabulary and take control of your Japanese reading and speaking skills with this new duo mode app give you the time to learn the words at your own pace, and when ready a test mode that challenge your true comprehesion of the Japanese words.Word search modes allows users to relax and translate words at their own pace and help memorize the true meaning of the wordThe confidence builder part of the game.Test mode challenges your true comprehension of the gameEarning a 100% score in these test can build the confidence for any student learning Japanese as the test is designed around Speed.This duo system will create the confidence and language control for any person learning Japanese to speak in confidence and build on their vocabulary pool.FEATURES🌸Escape and Learn English by visiting the beautiful destinations of Moji Search !🌸Time Challenge and test your true knowledge of the Japanese Vocabulary🌸CHALLENGE your brain and vocabulary🌸LOTS OF LEVELS. Play 1000’s of puzzle board levels- with more coming soon🌸EARN POWER-UPS. Use..
Children Learn Punjabi with simple flash cards.
Baal Bodh teaches Punjabi to children using simple flash cards with great artwork and sound. Currently included packs:ColorsGurusMool MantarNumbersAvailable via In-app Purchase:VegetablesFruitsAnimalsBody PartsAll proceeds help to support our free gurbani apps.Special Thanks Dasvandh Network and Buffalo, New York sangat for helping us to develop this app.
Treat your family, friends and pets in the coolest shopping mall in town!
Ever dreamed of having your own shopping mall? My City: Mall is the coolest shopping mall you will ever see. Go and visit lots of shops with your pets. watch a movie, play games, dress up and eat fast food.This game is a fully interactive digital shopping mall game in which you can interact with every object you see.The My City: Mall: game includes detailed and fun rooms that the kids can role-play as a shopper or even as the manager of the mall!Shop,design and play with your pets and friends!We packed this game with amazing new features:*Lots of shops to play and interact.- CinemaBuy tickets and enjoy movies with your friends while eating fast food like burger, hot dog, sandwich and of course popcorn.- Hair SalonPlay makeover games, change your hair color and hairstyle. Pamper yourself with the best makeover in the hair salon spa.- ArcadeEnjoy different funny games. Explore and design the arcade room.- Clothing StoreBring your friends, animals and dress up with lots of clothing choices and use the boutique to shop for glasses, shoes and hats.-..
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