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Car Wash Simulator Game SCREENSHOT

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Car Wash Simulator Game DESCRIPTION

Are you a gearhead? Let’s take a turn at this car game called Car Wash Simulator which will amaze you with a variety of services.
With Car Wash Simulator, you’ll wash, paint, clean and customize numerous vehicles, from sleek sports cars to massive off-road trucks. Let’s please your customers and be a garage tycoon!

– Variety of Washing Techniques:
Master the art of car detailing with a plethora of washing techniques. Use the gentle touch of foam to remove stubborn dirt, precision water jets to blast away grime, and soft microfiber cloths to give that perfect finishing touch. Upgrade your tools and equipment to enhance your efficiency and provide top-notch service to your customers.

– Expand Your Car Collection:
Collect and showcase an impressive fleet of vehicles in your garage. Each car has its own set of challenges and cleaning requirements. Dive into the world of high-end automobiles, vintage classics, and powerful trucks. The more vehicles you collect, the more challenges you face, ensuring endless hours of engaging gameplay.

– Realistic Graphics and Sound Effects:
Experience unparalleled realism with stunning 3D graphics and lifelike car models. Hear the roar of engines, the splashing of water, and the satisfying hum of machines as you immerse yourself in the world of automotive care. Every detail is designed to enhance your gaming experience and provide a sense of accomplishment with every cleaned car.

Ready to experience the car wash garage of your own? Download and Try ‘Car Wash Simulator’ now. Your garage, your rules!

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Get ready for adds with or without your consent


Ads in a game is normal .. but it is just one tooooo many


Not bad advertisement very boring


I like this game very much but if you can add more cars and multiplayer and graphics that will be awesome please add all of these that I mentioned 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


Keegan may mill Friendandtotheand


This is not offline game only AD


Game is very nice but ads are very bore and phone also heat very faster


0.000000000⁰1% I do not like this game


I have no problem clicking an ad to progress in the game. But his game has extremely frustrating Automatic ads(non-click) forced on you from the very beginning. Uninstalled this game after just 2 minutes. Actually doesn't even deserve one star.


Boring 😴 🪴 😴 But ok this game 🎮 👌 🙄


I would give it 5 stars its a great game I would love it when you do the tuning stage if you can change the side skirts as the front and back you can but the sides you can't. Be great if you can change the side mirrors headlights tail light exhaust window tints that could be considered for the game then I will give it 5 stars


Too many ads


To much advertisement very bad


Op game


I love this game first but after some time game is boring because 1. Limited and repeted car 2. Repeted level please add some different types of car and level for enjoy and add some more features in game


Ad problem


The best app to use


Too many ads


The game could be alot more fun if it wasn't full of adds its crazy after every task there's a add I'm unistalling