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AbibitumiApp is the official mobile app for Abibitumi is about continuing the work of our Ancestors by restoring Ma’at. Abibitumi is about Afrikan Liberation. Afrikan Liberation is about the freedom to learn/be who we are (Our Ancestors) and freedom from being who we are not (as inculcated by our oppressors)


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AbibitumiApp is the official mobile app for www.abibitumi.comAbibitumi is about continuing the work of our Ancestors by restoring Ma’atAbibitumi is about Afrikan Liberation. Afrikan Liberation is about the freedom to learn/be who we are (Our Ancestors) and freedom from being who we are not (as inculcated by our oppressors) App DOWNLOAD

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Specblackular ✊🏾👑 🥂


This app seems great, nothing much nothing less just in the middle.
Sorry to hear your initial experience was not optimal in terms of load times. We have released an update. There is an existing search function at the top of the newsfeed tab, messages tab and we have added one to the shop tab. A new home tab has been added for easy use. Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback & helping us to improve.


I used to not be able to get on the app well. I like the new version. It works great, now. I am sharing a lot more now. 😍 ❤️🖤💚
Glad you were able to get on! Please continue to share!


Great to be here 😀
Great to have you here with us! Please feel free to reach out on the app if you have any questions.


Fantastic resource for self knowledge.
Thank you for your excellent feedback! We will continue to innovate and lead the pack for the benefit of our thousands of members.


BLACKPAWAFUL APP. In search of a serene, liberating, black-centred thought provoking space, this app is A MUST HAVE.
We are happy that you are pleased and satisfied with our best app offering ever! Please continue to spread the word!


The Abibitumi apps (Android and iOS) are live and ready for download! Send video messages, attachments, photos to Kmtyw (Black people)! Join BlackPowerful groups! Shop the Abibitumi store for physical and digital products! Post status updates, PDFs, photos, videos and more! Download now to build our institution while building yourself! Sîmba sîmbi!


This is a fantastic app and brings the platform to life. Brings great acces s to this social platform.
We're glad that you have joined our BlackPowerful social education network! Now you cash interact with thousands of Abibitumi members no matter where you are! Please continue to spread the word about the app to your friends and family!