- Performance graph to be Corrected
- Points Shown on home screen year-Wise of bifurcation as 2023 & 2024 Points respectively.




Now, ACC & Ambuja Members no longer have to switch on their laptop/computer to view their websites. This mobile app would allow them to login to their Account on-the-move, using their smart phones & save time.

Following are the key features and benefits of the Mobile app:

1. One app for ACC & Ambuja

2. Instant access to your Loyalty Program Account from anywhere

3. Your rewards are just a click away

4. Handy information on Statements, top dealers, Program performance and more

5. Notifications on contests, promotions, special events and launches

6. Easy to update your profile details

SIMILAR to Lakshya App

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The all new mobile App is presented for easy access of your Loyalty Program.
Now, ACC & Ambuja Members no longer have to switch on their laptop/computer to view their websites. This mobile app would allow them to login to their Account on-the-move, using their smart phones & save time.Following are the key features and benefits of the Mobile app:1. One app for ACC & Ambuja2. Instant access to your Loyalty Program Account from anywhere3. Your rewards are just a click away4. Handy information on Statements, top dealers, Program performance and more5. Notifications on contests, promotions, special events and launches6. Easy to update your profile details

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Worst app not able to login,as a dealer of acc i am ashamed




poor services spin program


Not being open


Unable to login after upadate it's been stuck in startup screen... pathetic app.


Bad app my reward voucher open ho nahi pa raha custmer service helpline number very bad continue problem aa raha hai


After updating not working


Unable to login


Unable to login


It's to good


Best loyalty program




Excellent app


Very easy to use Nice features