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Be a beat maker with Drum Pad Machine!

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Drum Pad Machine App DESCRIPTION

Drum Pad Machine is a popular DJ beats music mixer. Create music with the DJ app in just a few clicks on your own. Be a beat maker, mix loops and record your own melodies with super pads on the launchpad. Use your imagination to discover a new world of hip-hop tracks with beatbox maker.

We make music production easy! With the help of the Drum Pad Machine soundboard, you can not only learn the basics of music creation, but mix music beats as well. A wide variety of sound effects will help you to create appropriate chords and use them both for piano and guitar.

What you can do with DJ music mixer:
• Make music on a device like a beat maker;
• Compose tracks, make beats and create mixtapes;
• Record sounds by beats maker;
• Share music and songs with the world.

How does the drumpad machine work?
First, you will see a colorful field with various buttons. Each new launchpad sector is a new sound for creating music. Buttons of the same color play similar sounds. Try our music making app, develop beat making skills and create your own hits!

You can use many sound packs for making music beats. Choose an individual theme for beats music. All samples and sounds are developed for you by professional musicians. Beatboxing is easy and exciting even for newbies. You can use drum machine anywhere: at home, in a music studio, in street jams or during a long trip.

The app is great for both pro beat makers and budding music makers. It has detailed tutorials that will teach you step by step how to create and mix music on a drum machine.

It won’t take very long for you to feel like a real DJ. Create beats on a drum machine, make, mix and play music and share it with your friends!

Available music styles & beats:
‣ Trap
‣ Dubstep
‣ House
‣ Drum & Bass
‣ Hip-Hop
‣ Electro
‣ Future Bass

Drum Pad Machine is a handy app for creating music to play in real time, as well as for creating and playing loops. Create tracks 24/7 like a drum pads guru, record hits like a real music maker and share them with your friends!

This rapper soundboard app is a powerful, easy-to-use tool to get the best music experience:
– get professional music samples;
– try loops creation with a sequencer;
– change tempo and create sounds via beatbox recorder;
– use the launch pad finger drumming option;
– record your own tracks and share recordings;
– get tips and tricks by watching videos and tutorials to master your beatmaker skills in music production.

Drum Pad Machine is a real tool for music production and a very entertaining drum game! Make sick beats and create music in a matter of minutes with drum pads! Drop the beat!


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Terrible app, countless ads, some if which are freezing, can't even play music for a few minutes without throwing an ad into my face
Hi! Thanks for your feedback. Could you please provide some more details regarding your issue using the “Support” section inside the app, or at Once we get more information, we'll be able to solve this issue.


I hate this game Because There's so many ads And all you have to do is just press buttons And Pick a song When you pick a song You have to make that song And it doesn't even give you the right Sounds To make that song.
Greetings! Thank you for reaching out! We're sorry to hear that you can't enjoy the game due to ads. We really care about our users, and it's our top priority to make you happy with our product. Rest assured, your complaint won't go unnoticed. We'll try to strike a better balance between ads and gaming!


The ads just really get on my nerves and even if I wanted to get the monthly subscription it's just so expensive. They can atleast make it cheap, I can buy so many things for £11! Honestly in my opinion it's a great app and all but if you really want to create music I recommend another app because I don't think you want a app where there's constant ads your gonna want to get some work done? Honestly people these days are all about the money :/
Hi! We understand you and we know what you feel. As you know, our app is free to use, and ads give us the opportunity to support the app, optimize it and make it better. We will take your comments into account, thank you very much! If you have any other questions, let us know and we’ll be happy to help!


U get to many ads, but when you watch an ad to use a thing, U don't need to do another ad to go back to the same one you've already downloaded, so it's good but just their can be so many ads.
Hello! Thanks for your review! We are sorry for disappointing you. Please be informed that we stay open to suggestions. We do our utmost to accumulate feedback on ads from our users and build on it when developing further updates. Rest assured, we'll consider making ads less intrusive.


It is a nice app you can make a lot of good beats with this app. You can share ur songs with people I think it is good if you like different kinds of music because thare are a lot of different kinds of music to choose from the ads are not that bad that r not to consistent thare is a good amount


At first I had started up the game I went into tutorial I beat the first one 100% then I went to the second one, and I have tryed so many time and either get 99, 97, 96, 95, or 93% and I swear its rigged because I am on beat I had tapped my hand exactly with the beat, and I never get 100%, and also there are ads every minute. Thank you for your time and also I have a riddle I am tall when i'm young i'm short when i'm old what am I?
Hello! Thanks for choosing our app and our apologies for this inconvenience. Could you please contact us and share more details through the Support section in the app or at We'll investigate your issue with the percents.


It's a fun way to make your own music 🎶 and the tutorials are very easy and a a nice way to move to the rhythm


I love this app. You could make music really good by the tutorial. You could listen to your music and it won't be a problem to keep taping on the squares. I listen to this music everyday. 5 stars.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


full screen video ads, on a music app? nope (Edit: I don't mind unobtrusive ads. But not full screen video ads with sound, on a music app)
Greetings! Thank you for reaching out! We're sorry to hear that you can't enjoy the game due to ads. We really care about our users, and it's our top priority to make you happy with our product. Rest assured, your complaint won't go unnoticed. We'll try to strike a better balance between ads and gaming!


Good sounds but very slow reaction time on the buttons. Hard to follow an existing beat when there's such a delay.
Hello! Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. To resolve minor performance issues, we recommend you force quit background applications, clear the cache, and restart the device. If the problem persists, please contact us via the "Support" section in the app. We will do our best to help you!


It the best technique to Master the beats,as it makes you create your own track just by tapping there on your phone's screen,it pretty Awesome anyone should try it ❤️❤️❤️🤟


I feel exited but I want a facility that would enable tempo control to be possible. There has been more improvement on the app. Kudos.👊


Just down loaded it...still tryn to make steps into patterns then patterns into songs🤔...(w/o having to play the whole song live)???... far so good, but we'll see... hopefully I can get sum feedback on how I can accomplish be back w/ another rating later..
Hello! Thank you for the review! We're always looking to improve the app for all our users, so if you feel like there's anything that you'd like to see in our app, please don't hesitate to let us know.😉


I really like this app it is very good for normal people who want some fun in their life it is very easy to understand. I made some really good beats. At first I thought it will be hard to understand because to master this thing we really need alot of practice but this makes it easy so we don't need to learn complicated moves.


It's okay I good time waster I hate that you have to pay for songs I wish that things could be free I don't know if it's the best game I've ever played but it's fun 😊 and the ads are so long and I makes me just want to delete it but I l love the concept of the game I just wish there were no ad's
Hi! We appreciate your honest feedback! It was never our intention to make you feel this way. Please be informed that ads allow us to support the app, introduce new features and release exciting content each day. However, we will take your complaint into account and consider revising our ads policy.


So this app is a nice one though mine has refused to function as it shld. When l try to download another pack en play it says failure to download the reason is unknown please try again later , en it keeps on doing dat so eversince l got it lve never played anything else except the dubstep and its very annoying
Hi there, we're sorry you're experiencing trouble! Could you please share more details of this issue through the Support section in the app or at We'll be glad to help!


I love it. it is so fun making music. Music is one of my true passions and I have made so many records that me and my family love. My personal favorite is Silence. It is a very interesting song. In one part of it, the middle, I'm just fidgeting around with the song and beats. The end has a loud part then a serene part of it.


This is a great app it teaches you some things in here. But the only thing that really i mean Really annoys me when theres alot of pointless ads. i would suggest you to pit some little less ads please?


Pretty cool drum pad/loop maker. Lets you set a beat and recourd the leads. Preprogrammed samples are descent and you can get a feel for the process. Have not figured out if you can compose a multi-part track yet but to be fair I just downloaded today. Ads are often but short.


Fun and easy to to learn, to learn you click the tutorial button and then it will walk you through the basics for that set of beats. To have fun well, thats the easy part, just make music that sounds good to you and is fun to make!