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Aivana is a game powered by Artificial Intelligence.

In this immersive experience, you step into the shoes of a novice at a prestigious film and television academy, embarking on a journey from a rookie to a global superstar.

Every script you rehearse and perform is dynamically generated by AI. Dive into the captivating world of AI-crafted narratives and relish the thrill it brings~

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What happens to the inhabitants of a game world after you have finished it?Do they have a private life? Do they have hobbies or a plan? Or do they just stand around idly and wait for the next player?In No one lives in heaven the NPCs have been left alone for years and you are the first person to meet them again. All your decisions have consequences and influence the course of history. Will you manage to change the fate of the NPCs for the better or will you become a prisoner of the game yourself? Is your humanity strong enough to stand your ground?No one lives in heaven does not give you a role to play. You are not a chosen hero, who defeats an evil force with the help of his grinded abilities. The role you play is you, and the fate you decide upon is your own.40 hour campaign with high replay valueOver 100 different endings and an almost infinite number of possible game passages, depending on the decisions being made.Over 200 unique NPCs with over 300..
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Are you thirsty for power? Are you longing for love? Do you yearn for freedom?MMORPG train yourself to become a master Masterpiece of the Year Eternal One: Conquering the King's Throne Infinite 360° flying One button awakens more combat power. Boundless map Takes you into a world of fantasy on different levels.★ Superior build quality ★ High popularity, double drop rate, easy level up, thousands of edits.The most comfortable and stable gaming experience!Open the game to give gifts worth more than ten thousand taels.The world of the ancient god king is your world.★ Hundreds of thousands of plot stories ★ The threat of chaos and emptiness is unstoppable.admitting that the lifespan of the Ancient God King had already traveled over 10,000 years.To become a god or become a devil?New bonds and adventures await you.★ Can be adjusted freely, beautiful colors ★ You don't have to worry about the appearance of your character in this game!Beautiful faces, individual hair color, clothes color, change whenever you want. Create the best picture in your mind!★ light point of destiny Fighting power soaring ★..
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AI powered simulation game
Aivana is a game powered by Artificial Intelligence.In this immersive experience, you step into the shoes of a novice at a prestigious film and television academy, embarking on a journey from a rookie to a global superstar.Every script you rehearse and perform is dynamically generated by AI. Dive into the captivating world of AI-crafted narratives and relish the thrill it brings~

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Would rate it 5 if not for the slightly constant freezing and closing out.