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A fast-paced word puzzle game that challenges you to assemble words out of an ever-increasing pile of letter tiles. WorDoc makes 8-letter words available to the player, a humongous dictionary and great graphics! Wildly addictive and incredibly fun.

Download the app , start playing and solve puzzles !

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Learn English Language by Playing Free Word Puzzle Game called WorDoC.
A fast-paced word puzzle game that challenges you to assemble words out of an ever-increasing pile of letter tiles. WorDoc makes 8-letter words available to the player, a humongous dictionary and great graphics! Wildly addictive and incredibly fun.Download the app , start playing and solve puzzles !


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Very good educational Game


Phansi Ghar Android Game should be made as well. Nice Game!


The ad covered the game the entire time, so you can't see the first few rows until they move high enough. Also if it doesn't accept or recognize your entry you have to press the clear button, it doesn't remove it automatically, so you can't just move on quickly.


LoOks like tetris game but for alphabets


Good for spelling, especially for those who are learning English


The kids really enjoy playing it . Keeps them busy.


Loved it


Excellent idea and great effort


9ce game..


Good app for learning.


Good for learners


Good one