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Guide for The Cycle Frontier App SCREENSHOT

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Guide for The Cycle Frontier App DESCRIPTION

This is an unofficial guide app for the latest PvPvE game “The Cycle : Frontier”. A basic guide for The Cycle:Frontier that contains in-depth details about crafting, damage system and information about all the items in the game.


News => Stay updated with the latest information about upcoming events, game updates, paths, dev diaries, etc.
Weapons => Is it hard to select a weapon for a cheap PvE run? Or you want to destroy everthing you see maybe?
You can check out any weapon in the game on this section for their damages to different armor types or how many
hits do you require to kill any monster in game.
Consumables=> You can list all of the consumables in the game. Learn their effects and time to use!
Attachments=> There are a lot of attachments in the game. You can’t learn the effects and/or craft recipe for
every one of them. You don’t have to too! You can just check out every attachments effect and recipe here!
Equipments => You don’t have to memorize every armors recipe do you? Of course! You can check out every armor
and helmets craft recipe and other details here!
Maps=> This game has an enourmous map for us to hunt anything we see. It may be hard to find whatever resources
you need. You can relax, you are one click away from all of them.
Creatures=> You can find a few information about the creatures inside the Fortuna III. And ummmm, ugly artwork.

This app is not affiliated with or sponsored by Yager. This is an unofficial app that has been created by a fan of The Cycle:Frontier. All the items, guns, etc are the property of Yager. This is a fan-made app made to help fellow gamers. Yager is not, in any way, responsible for the content promoted/shown in this app, it is the responsibility and liability of the owners of the app.


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Please add the loot list with their corespondent prices. That's the most needed thing specially for new players. Ty!
Thank you! I am working on a new update right now, i will try to add loot list! Thanks for your valuable feedback!


The app itself is a good idea, albeit not accurate and therefore not helpful. Your data is WAY off on several things, just from immediate glance. The Manticore takes about 250 hits to kill a Marauder; I know, I literally just did it. But your app claims it takes 89.3. Not even close. Purchasing strong stims may be 3000 cost, but they are a package deal, so you have to either dictate that or divide the price by the amount obtained at purchase. Too many flaws. Fix and I'll update my rating.
Thank you for your feedback! I was unable to update the app for a while but now i am trying to update with the newest update from Yager. There will be a fix in a week! (The marauder you mentioned has to be a Tier 2 btw, every other weapon damage calculator tool giving the similar number[~90]. )