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Twisted Flip Game DESCRIPTION

In this simple yet engaging game, people’s limbs are entangled with each other’s. It’s your task to untangle the mess! Move the limbs strategically and set everyone free. Can you solve the tangle and master the challenge? A light-hearted, fun-filled unraveling experience awaits!”

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Colorful people with twisted limbs tangled like ropes, set them free
In this simple yet engaging game, people's limbs are entangled with each other's. It's your task to untangle the mess! Move the limbs strategically and set everyone free. Can you solve the tangle and master the challenge? A light-hearted, fun-filled unraveling experience awaits!"

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Any time I'm FORCED to give a review it gets 1 star.


Fun figures


It's fun to play.


Played level one and game froze..😠😠


You can't put the legs and arms where you want them to go