- Color Palettes now affect Menu Text
- Updated 2nd Color Palette
- Coins are more rare
- Fixed Credits and Stats Text misalignment
- Added secret Easter Egg

Pillar Hit Game SCREENSHOT

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A simple game to play when you are bored. Hop in between procedurally generated pillars in order to collect points and beat your high score.

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A simple game to play when you are bored
A simple game to play when you are bored. Hop in between procedurally generated pillars in order to collect points and beat your high score.

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This is the best game on mobile addicted and very very fun .I love your game and its different from every game it does not have ads . If you dont want 60 ads per second play this game i rated this game 5 stars cuz its different in a very good ways the update s are great . I am happy to help my brother with this game , it's turning into a great game . He did a great job on this .


i love this game i play it everyday i wake up and i play the game great job to the developer its a really cool game especially the music although i hear that theyre making new music that u can buy easily with game coins since you brought up the music thing id like to add that i make music and ive produced some songs check it out and feel free to dm me on @martina.marku on ig ha ha ha since u asked for my ig also check me out on @prod.martina lol lol omega lol


Super loje. Sa here kapja ndonje cep muri ishte e barabarte me nje mini infarkt! 😁😁😁 argetuese edhe fiksuese!


So hard and so addictive!!! The whole family is playing :) so good for hand eye coordination... of adults:) awesome!


Best experience ever i really enjoyed it it was a very good experience and i relly enjoyed it.i enjoyed it a lot and it was a very good experience


Best game for spending some relaxing time


Super loj o aleks


I really like this game! The graphics are really good, the game runs smoothly. I would like if we could costumize our ⚽. Another thing that would make the game amaizing is adding things that attack you. I still HIGHLY RECOMMEND this game to everyone :) Great Job developer.