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E-Presence Berdikari App DESCRIPTION

This application is only intended for users who work at PT BERDIKARI only

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This application is live wallpaper application.
This application is live wallpaper application.In this application user can change live wallpaper.User can select background image of Brahma baba from application setting.Also user can choose image from gallery as set as a live wallpaper.
Presence application for all employees of PT BERDIKARI
This application is only intended for users who work at PT BERDIKARI only

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Aplikasi absensinya bagus. Sangat simple dan mudah digunakan.. Mantap!




sudah di coba, dan berfungsi dengan baik...semoga kedepannya ada update2nya juga


Aplikasi berjalan lancar.. Mohon ditambahkan fitur fitur kepegawaian lainnya..


Aplikasi absensi internal berdikari, berjalan dengan lancar.
thanks you sir.