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used to be a amazing game but now no which is a shame i used to have fun making stuff but now it glitchs and so many ads and i can only be on coats and the bigger shame is no ones checking these comments or uploading them!?😭😭😭🥺


It is a real great app, but I had noticed that it has a problem with saving outfits. It has bothered me a little and would like this bug fixed if possible


Downloaded and uninstalled in less than a minute. Have to make an account to access anything it wouldn't let me make an account just said end of input when I entered my info. Tried to login with said info to see if it created the account same message end of input. Not worth the download.


It does not eat work when you try to save it or when you try to save it and paint plus it very laggy all in all it is very bad app


Buggy to an almost deliberate fault at this point. When the game works, it's amazing. But it's been so buggy. And no one seems to want to update it. It's sad, really, because it's the only app of its kind I've been able to find that's user friendly as far as putting actual designs together goes. But the times when it works as it should are too few and far between, it's mostly not worth the download. It's devestating because when the app works, it is amazing and one of a kind...


Not very much variety in models, clothes and no shoes. When I tried to leave the current model, it told me to save despite me saving 2 times just before.


This is a great concept but the main trouble for me (and it might be just me) was trying to put the different items on the model and I just couldn't work out how to put the clothes on. Please help!! Otherwise it's a great game tho.


I downloaded the app and when i opened it all i could see was a sign up and sign in menu and when i tried to sign up it kept on saying "end of input." So it would not allow me to sign in. Im really upset about this and i hope the issue is fixed.


Please do fix this bug. I was so vexed that after downloading the app, it only showed me log in OR sign up. If I even just try to sign up, it shows 'end of input'


It looks like a cool app to install but When I installed it All I can see see is the "sign in" and "sign up" an it wouldn't let me sign up as It keeped saying the end of input,I really looked up to this app to help me with doing designs but i Can't even sign in. I hope it changes.


I didn't enjoy my experience one bit, the overall concept of this app was very nice... but the execution was poorly done, and so much needs to be worked on... 🙂


It was bad, the app keeps lagging, I can only see the colors after saving the work, and the designs only shows after 2 minutes


I like the app but it's hard to make a proper look with it . It hasn't go a wedding dress option which sometimes I want I would recommend it's really easy to use . It doesn't let you have patens when you culer it


it is pretty hard to use and ads are very annoying and the app is very slow and designs take a long time to be downloaded i was so excited to use it but i didn't like it at all 🙂


Can't create an account, nor can I log into an account. I even tried the login wth google option, neither of which allowed me access to the app.


I love everything about this app but the problem is that this app states that it envolve the colouring of designs of which that colouring does not exist and the worst part is that i can't view my designs after saving them,they do not go to my phone gallery neither does this application have a gallery so that i can view or send them some where unless i screen shot them which is so inappropriate n anyways what is the collection page for when i still can not see my collection......feed back please


I didn't like my experience one bit. After downloading it for a long time,the only part of the app I have seen is login and sign in. I signed in multiple times but they only told me "end of input". I have long wanted an app that could help me produce my own designs. But this is not what I'm expecting. Please do something about it. I can't even use the app


It's a good idea and I really wanted an app like this for a long time. But this app stop or lags every second. Please improve it.


The app keeps stopping. Overall it is a good idea but it needs serious improvement. There isn't much design freedom/room and the figures are very stiff looking


To what i was actually expecting, this is actually pretty useful. Needs more design choices like halloween or a way to design your own on here but its a pretty good start. Ill give it a better review when i play with it more.