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【图】Tiles Hop: EDM Rush(截图1)【图】Tiles Hop: EDM Rush(截图2)【图】Tiles Hop: EDM Rush(截图3)


Play Tiles Hop: EDM Rush and have a fun music games playing time! Are you a fan of music games genre that challenge your skills with thousands of songs? Look no further than Tiles Hop – the ultimate among music games! Tiles Hop is sure to become your new favorite song games of all time. It’s easy, just drag you ball to jump and hop on music tiles. Download this ultimate music games. Remember, hop ball to music tiles, don’t fall. This is a combination of music games, song game and ball game.

Welcome to Tiles Hop, the ultimate music games experience that combines the best of music games and song games. Tiles Hop is one of the music games that offer the perfect way to test your coordination skills and satisfy your love for music at the same time. Hip hop fans and music games enthusiasts alike will love Tiles Hop, the addictive music games that will keep you entertained for hours on end. With its catchy EDM tracks, hiphop tracks and colorful graphics, this game is one of the most popular song games around.

One of the standout features of Tiles Hop is its hip hop-inspired beats. The music is sure to get you grooving as you hop from tiles to tiles. And with music tiles that light up with every beat of top hiphop song, you’ll feel like you’re part of the music. This ultimate music games is perfect for anyone who loves EDM, hip hop, and other genres of music.

But what really makes Tiles Hop stand out is its ball hop gameplay mechanic. You control a ball hop from tiles to tiles, collecting points and unlocking new levels, unlock new songs. The game is designed to test your reflexes and coordination, making it the perfect way to kill time on the train or just unwind after a long day.

What’s more, Tiles Hop has a vast array of levels to explore, each with its own catchy top song hiphop and unique ball hop gameplay mechanics. You’ll never get bored with this game, and there’s always a new challenge waiting for you around every corner. Hopping to the end of the dancing road and the gifts are await for you.
If you’re a fan of music games genre, or song games genre, then you owe it to yourself to download Tiles Hop today. With its addictive ball hop gameplay, hip hop beats, and magic music tiles, this music games is sure to become your new go-to for fun and entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Download Tiles Hop now and experience the best of music games and ball games in one addictive package!

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Piano Music Go! is an amazing piano game that makes music fun! It is an easy music game that everyone can play. Come to challenge yourself while enjoying music. We have updated the songs in the game! If you like anime, come and check it out!Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional pianist? Have you ever dreamed of playing piano songs like Little Star, Für Elise, Canon, or Jingle Bells? Now your dream can come true. Play this music game with friends and family for even more fun.How to play:- Tap the black tiles following the rhythm of the music to create the melody- Don't miss any black tiles, avoid the white ones- The game will stop if you miss a black tile or tap on a white tile- Collect as many gold and diamonds as you can to unlock new songs- For a complete music experience, headphones are recommendedGame Features:- Simple design and graphics. Easy to play and everybody can be the piano master.- High-quality music soundtracks and sound effects. - Battle mode creates the opportunity for players..
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Are you looking for super cute cat games? Are you looking for these addictive music games? There is no doubt that the dancing cat is the perfect gift for you 🎁 🎁Let's enjoy the rhythm of the music with cute catヾ(≧▽≦*)o!In Dancing Cats, you can enjoy super amazing and beautiful "Cat Music"——a mix of cute "meowing" sound and pop music. You can experience wonderful feelings beyond your imagination with a perfect blend of beat and music. You can also experience various song styles including both global hit songs and your favorite independent music.⭐Key Features⭐- So many hot songs to choose- Remixes of popular songs with "meowing" sound- Easy guides to follow- One-touch control, easy to play- Bright colors and fantastic design- Various kawaii cats waiting to collect📚How to Play📚- Hold and drag the cat to make it jump on the correct tiles- Be careful not to miss any tiles within one song!- Complete as many songs as you can!- Collect as much gold as you can to unlock new cats- For a complete musical feeling, headphones are recommendedMore surprises waiting..
Decorate pets' Dreamhome by rushing to collect coins.
Welcome to Running Pet, the endless running game! Jump, slide, and dodge various obstacles to pick up gold coins on the roadAn exciting adventure is calling you!Our pet pal Sunny Cat and his friends want to build a dream home. Can you help them? Use gold coins to buy more furniture to decorate their home! Unlock Buck, Luna, Bao, Jack, and George by building rooms.Collect skateboard pieces, unlock unique abilities, and skating on city streets. Explore the subway, jungle and more areas, push your limits in mystical realms, and take on thrilling challenges in a variety of landscapes.Challenging daily tasks and unlock wonderful areas. Jump into the adventure and play now! FEATURES OF RUNNING PET:- Endless running game!- Cute and funny pet characters!- Awesome skateboards!- Challenging and novel worlds!- Intense and thrilling races!- Colorful and vivid HD graphics!- Smooth gameplay experience!- Challenge players from around the world!GAMEPLAY OF RUNNING PET:- Jump, slide, and dodge obstacles.- Power-ups to help you run.- Pick up gold coins to build dream homes.- Unlock more characters and outfits.- Unlock different skateboards.Are you ready to start..
You love music games. Let’s tap magic tiles to the beat in the fun song game
Do you love music games and playing along to your favorite songs on piano tiles?Magic Tiles 3 is the perfect choice for you! This game is the ultimate experience in music games, combining the best elements of magic piano games, rhythm game, and song games to create a truly immersive and enjoyable gameplay experience. With its engaging gameplay and wide selection of songs, it is sure to become one of your all-time favorite music games. In Magic Tiles 3, you’ll find a wide variety of music styles to choose from, including classic piano songs, pop, edm, hip-hop, and more. With this music game, you can experience the thrill of playing along to your favorite tunes on the magic piano tiles, all while challenging your reflexes and hand-eye coordination. How to play:Welcome to Magic Tiles 3, the music game isn’t just about the musicit’s also about the challenge. As you play this music piano game, you’ll need to tap tiles in time with the music, all while avoiding the white tiles. It’s a test of skill and reflexes that will keep..
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Ever thought of "having your piano in your pocket"? Play Magic Tiles Vocal now!Game's rules:- interact with the music and tap the dropping piano tiles.- Avoid blank spaces- Easy to play but difficult to masteraccuracy is key.Magic Tiles Vocal features:Various musical instruments - In the world of Magic Tiles Vocal, there is a family of musical instruments waiting for you, from Piano, Guitar to Xylophone, and more!- Experience your favorite songs with new instruments, your favorites reimagined!Top popular songs available for you- 100+ hits of various genres. From Billboard top 100 Hits to Anime soundtracks and Classical piecesYou name it!- New hits updated weekly! Your vote counts. Let' us know which song you would like to play?Master your favorite songs!- Control notes and the flow of songs to create great melodies by tapping the tiles.Share your experience with your friends!- Multiplayer mode: Challenge your friends or other players to play Magic Tiles Vocal.- Compare scores with your friends and other competitors!Evolve your experience- Win and claim cool rewards.- Save your progress via Facebook, and share your achievement and high score..
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Get ready to hop, tile, and music your way into an electrifying world of rhythm with Dancing Road! This isn't just any song game; it's a rush of colors, beats, and excitement. As a hopper in the world of ball games, you'll find yourself lost in the tunes of piano tiles and the challenge of a rhythm game that keeps you on your toes. Think you've got what it takes to master the rhythm? Let's find out!🎵Why Dancing Road is the Ultimate Music Game for You- Epic Music Variety: Dive into a sea of songs ranging from the hottest EDM tracks to classic pop hits. The music game revolution is here, and it's waiting for you to take the lead!- Ball Game Like No Other: Forget about going balls or simple piano tiles. This is a ball game that's all about timing, reflexes, and of course, the beat!- Rhythm and Rush Combined: It's not just a rhythm game; it's an attractive rush. Keep up with the pace, match the colors, and stay on track!🌟Features That Make You Keep Coming Back-..
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Over 1000 unique Piano songs. Play your favorite piano chart and compete with other playersHow To Play:Feel the music and tap the piano tiles. Tap the black tiles according to the melody and don't miss any tile! Prove how fast and accurate can you play!Game Features:• The one and only New Year Battle Mode: challenge millions of players around the world, show “nomercy” in a piano online battle! The winner takes it all!• Request any songs you love and leave it to us. We will find and bring it to you right in the new year 2019, as fast as we can.• Beautiful piano white tiles music, which makes it become the best awesome piano black tile games for family & friends. Perform your favorite piano white music tiles songs and challenge with your friends and other players to show them your magic piano music speed and talent.• Simple to play, difficult to master – one of the hardest game ever. Catching all the magical tile in these high-speed magic piano games 2018 is not easy, especially in our new..
Hop ball on the music tiles 3D
This is a music ball game where you will have to hop the balls, survive by doing jump, bounce, hit and smash the music tiles. Drop the ballz to create beat in the EDM music enviroment.Keep the bouncing ball jumping on tiles but don't forget to follow and enjoy the rhythm with greatest hits of the EDM, piano songs. Let's dance!You will surely love: 1. Frequently updated hit EDM songs. 2. List of the hottest pop songs.2. Stunning 3D visuals and effects where could could really dunk and smash the tiles while in perfect mode.3. Simple one-finger control .4. A seamless experience with music.5. A lot of beautiful backgrounds.Hop in and dune and enjoy the game for free!--Are you having problems? Send an email to [email protected] Ball 3D is from Amanotes, the number one music games publisher in the world, with over one billion downloads. Music lovers can interact with thousand of songs through our different apps. Why just listen to music, if you can also play with it? At Amanotes, we believe that “everyone can music!”.--Find the full terms..
Magic ball music game - Rhythm ball twist
⭐Challenge yourself with Magic Twist: Twister Music Ball Game, the hardest twisty tiles, magic music game on mobile that your friends want to make some twists, but they can't. It's your phone, mate⭐⭐Show your skill and Let's TwistHow to play:⭐Tap the screen, control the Twister and Follow the music⭐Try Not to fall off the Tiles⭐Collect gems to unlock various hot songsWhat is your best score?Dunes, magic quest, ball twist, puzzle, slack, Privacy Policy: Twist is from Amanotes, the number one music games publisher in the world, with over one billion downloads. Music lovers can interact with thousand of songs through our different apps. Why just listen to music, if you can also play with it? At Amanotes, we believe that “everyone can music!”.
Enjoy 2021 hits and have fun in Magic Dream Tiles now!
"Magic Dream Tiles" is an excellent combination of the great music of Magic Tiles 3 and the beautiful vocals of many popular singers around the world.Key features:- Real music experience when you tap the tiles- Many HOT songs with great vocals are added weekly- Many genres of music: pop, EDM, classical, country, etc.Try out Magic Dream Tiles Today!Games rules:1. Choose a song in the list 2. Tap the black tiles3. Avoid the blank spaces.Log in to your Facebook account and share data on multiple devices.So, get ready and try out the fantastic piano games for free! Stay tuned, and practice your piano skills now! Try the hottest songs of 2021 in Magic Dream Tiles right now!Support: Are you having any problems? Send an email to [email protected].
Run & stack colorful balls on a musical road of the popular music songs
Let's play Dancing Road to a higher level! Dancing Snake: Colorful Balls is an upgraded version with a great color balls running experienceNow you can dance on the musical road with colorful ball snakes. The more balls you stack, the more challenging the game and the more rewards appear! Hold the ball snake as long as you can until the music endsThis simple yet extremely addictive free game will keep anyone who tries it out.How to play:- Hold and drag to control the ball rolling on the music color road- Challenge your reflexes when the ball suddenly changes color on the road- Hit balls of the same color to level up while listening to your favorite music, don't miss any balls so your ball snake lasts endlessly and get unexpected rewards- Avoid balls of different colors wisely to help the snake ball doesn't shortenGame features:1. Many popular songs with trendy color themes2. Increasing difficulty with ball snake length stacking feature3. Easy control with hold and drag4. High quality and various music genres which suit different music tastes.Let's roll the ball..
Cute Cat relaxing game, play all with 2M+ songs
Embark on a revolutionary journey through the world of rhythm games with Game of Song! Brace yourself for an unparalleled experience where music takes center stage, captivating your senses and uplifting your mood. No matter your emotional state—joyful, relaxed, or contemplative—Game of Song is here to harmonize your soul and synchronize your rhythm.Discover a universe of endless possibilities within Game of Song, the ultimate Music Game Hub. Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading multiple apps and welcome the convenience of having a vast array of games at your fingertips, all gathered in one place. Game of Song brings you the complete gaming package!Get ready to immerse yourself in a captivating world of rhythm with these exceptional features:Explore an exquisite collection of the greatest music games of all time, including Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Dancing Race, FNF Beat Battle Duel, Duet Cats, and many more. Each game is carefully crafted to provide an immersive and exhilarating experience that will keep you coming back for more.Stay on the edge of your seat as new games are constantly added to keep..
Ping Pong and Color
Enjoy ping pong game with great art and relaxing musicNew addictive music game! Let’s install Paint Pong EDM and enjoy the simple gameplay to relax with the trending music genre: EDM, Deephouse, Trap, R&B, Pop, Rockand more!Try it now and enjoy fun time.MAIN FEATURES:* Easy gameplay and quick fitting.* Game designed in 3D.* A hundred level to challenging your skill.* More cool art after beating levels.HOW TO PLAY:* Drag the racket left and right.* Hit the color ball to draw pictures.* Try not to fail and match the music beats.Try it, you will love it. More fun feature is coming soon.

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this is worst game ever🤮🤮 cause this game has sooo many ads and also thee song who sing is not the real artist of the song and l am happy to hear that you add *play your song* in this game but it is only play the song which is download not your favourite song and when there is the option for zero star l will give zero star l will uninstall this now🤢🤢


it is a pretty fun game to play when your bord but the only problem is that I've played it and there shouldn't be more than 5 levels bc my eye sight went bc it was so fast .. I don't u recommend this game ti people with glasses or senstive eyes.


I just wish there's phonks songs, completed albums, less ads, and not having to watch a ad to unlock almost every song. Other than that, it's a good game.


There are too many ads. After you play, you still have to watch an ad even if you don't want to continue for an ad. I might as well have just watched to ad.


It's the best game I ever saw in my life but there are some problems:1. it has too many ads,2.We will get 3 days free trial after that we must buy premium other wise we can't play this game so please remove premium thing,3.If I search my own songs or my favourite songs then it shows me that no results found and the last but not the least 4.In this game only some BTS 💜 and Blackpink 💗 songs are there if we search other songs of BTS and Blackpink it shows no results found. 👈Fix these problems


Extremely entertaining 🤩 Love the game! So attractive!! This game is absolutely a 5 star 💫💫💫💫💫!! I am going to say that everyone should give it a 5 star bcz u can play with any music u want to and if it's not coming in the home screen then, u can search it so download it now and rate it now!! I hope u all will give it a 5 star 💫💫💫💫💫!! This is my opinion and I hope u liked it!! Thank you!! Is this rewiew helpful for you all? If it is then, like the button below 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇


Good but a lot of adds I don't like. I like how much songs I like the big jumps but I don't like how many ads they are and there is way too many like options I think it should only go down to like either endless or like around because online there's like three unless I like the options I wish some of the songs you don't need to like pay for like and that's pretty nice.


This is a game which is really interesting. I was not that good in the game but then slowly l got really good. I love this game and l would also love to recommend this game to you. I literally played this game while eating and drinking and in washroom etc. This is the best game l have ever seen!!! The beats sound so energetic so l feel like very comfortable in this game!


I love the way the game is and I love and that's such a great thing I really loved it and thank you whoever created this game this person must have the best imagination ever because this game is really good I love it is absolutely the best 1000 out of 10 so please the person who made this game I'd like you to just make up another game it's great it's great always on this app I do not leave this app because I really love to play it's absolutely my favourites and thank you


This a awesome game for by the music and the song but just one thing , if I search for my favorite song it's showing as there are no results. Its the best game if it had every songs. Thank you


I love this game very much but why I gave it four star is because it has a lot of ads after every level it has ads,though it has many ads it is still very nice,and Isuggest to download this game.


Marvelous game my favorite songs are here and all are also in here I love this game so much ... Also I have a request can you remove the ads from it


This was a waste app. The game was stucked and it was not starting. I thought that it was my mistake and I again re-downloaded again the same mistake was done.... Waste of my data for downloading this app two times


This app has a good quality but it doesn't have too many songs means if you're a K-POP fan then its not for you. They only have 2 songs of BIACKPINK.🙂


Cool game, but but there's 2 things that ruin my experience. 1, There's this glitch where i just freeze if i don't move for like 3 seconds. It's really annoying since most of the time i die. 2, the ads. This game is bombarded with ads it's not even funny. Finish a round? Ad. Try to close the revive screen? Ad. When you're on the homepage? Ad. There is SOOOO many ads for some reason.


I am adding the review for second time.. In the first one I asked for the options for shapes and designs of ball..and when I downloaded it now these were added so thanku for that...but now I have one complaint and one suggestion complaint is that when I added my own new song, it did not play nicely like I was playing but there was no music and the suggestion is that plz add options for shapes of tiles and background options like mountains or whatever we like otherwise it is a game I love to play


I like the gme. The music is nice, I dont care that songs r covers, for copyrght issues, I undrstnd. Pls add mre songs, full trcks,from all diff genres. I prefer very fast tempo music like dancehall, techno and disco. Pls give optn to speed songs up in settings in endles mde. Pls mak tiles sync better with rhythm, they dont alwys keep pace. Your disco list is incredibly disappointing and this is coming from a 15 yr old. Pls add mre disco classics, Bee gees, the Trammps, KC and sunshine band etc


It's very easy even though I wanted a challenge. I expected it to be way harder but there is barely any game I can't play. Also when I tried using my own song it wouldn't download. Along with when I watched like ten adds to do so it still wouldn't work.


This game is actually so addictive, and is really well thought out, the difficulty level is perfect.👏 I think the quality of the music and sound could be better though. I would complain about the adds, but it gets a bit competitive because every game has adds now.🥲 I still think it's really a great app and can keep you entertained for hours. Definitely recommend, if you don't like it you can delete it.🙂


It's my favourite one but songs must be update. There are lack of some songs. You must give the option to the user to add songs from internet so that other people can see and enjoy them. I know there's an option to load music but it supports only the downloads as we can't download each and every song we want... Best game but songs are scarce...