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We are at our best when we’re connected–with our passions, our world, and with each other! Let Picnic be the social media destination for getting YOU out there to communities that share your interests and love them just as much as you. Picnic makes it easy to dive directly into feeds centered around your interests, toggle between those interest feeds, and find exactly what you’re in the mood for. Share fun short videos, pictures, and messages with others in your interest groups! No matter what you love (from writing to scuba diving to fashion), Picnic has a home for you.

Make the most out of your interests! Here’s how Picnic works:

+ Add your profile to/Join circles most interesting to you – Make the most of your time by alternating through feeds of your specific interests. If you love dogs and true crime, scroll through feeds filled with the trendiest cute dog videos, debates over the best types of dog food, and the latest news on serial killers.

+ Tap into your interests – See what others are saying about topics you love. Chat and respond to them!

+ Share content in whatever format you want! We support videos, images, links, and text posts.

+ Get heard by those who share your interests and hobbies – Make connections and share your ideas on the things you love!

+ The more you engage in a circle on Picnic, the more your content will be seen

+ Pick up a new interest – We’ll recommend communities that you might be interested in based on your current engagement


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For almost a month now I cannot upload, see in circles and see videos! I tried uninstalling and installing but It didnt work, it has been so annoying. It looks like people are experiencing it too. It keeps saying "Error" and stuff like that. Picnic, please fix issue.


Really good app. It doesn't give me notifications unless it's opened though which is a bit annoying


I would give it a 5 stars but my problems are here 1- I can't download videos 2- I can't watch a whole video nor when i scroll it 3- when I upload a video even if it's a high quality it's all blurry after it posts


This app is amazing! It works for me except others, theres no lag on the app are yall doing fake reviews or smth?! ❤the app is amazing, love the new version. Keep up great workk!! ✳✳


Ok I downloaded the app and everytime I look at a vid it just freezes out of nowhere it happens to every vid I watched and yet I can't even enjoy the vids with this bug please fix it so I can enjoy using picnic


My last experience was amazing, but now I can't send photos, I am extremely angry and dissatisfied along with disappointed. 3 stars, FIX THIS NOW!


This is where I met 90% of my friends. It is also the place i will LOSE 90% of my friends. Know why? Ever since new years, my chat wasn't loading. On the 13th it worked but i went off the app and back on and it wasn't working again. I've tried restarting my device, deleting and reinstalling, updating MULTIPLE TIMES, and its still not working. Now im worried my friends have forgot about me. Fix this please. EDIT: i updated this before writing this review, still not working.


I will now give it 3 stars because of the update there is some videos that it does not allow me to watch like, gacha trends and stuff so and when i scroll down it would just show that the video froze but when i scroll 3 or 4 times again then another video would play smoothly 😤 and another thing... the messages comes in so slowly like, i literally had to move on picnic and come back on it to see the messages this makes no sense but i still appreciate the effort u guys put into this app❤😀


I did the most recent update and now i cant upload photos or videos the circles or chats and it is so annoying picnic doesn't actually read this I know but please fix it! I have uninstalled the app and re downloaded it that hadn't worked checked my permissions they're fine I just don't know anymore and it is so frustrating.


Heya picnic! I've had this problem for awhile now, and i would kinda like y'all to look at it! The problem is the when i scroll through videos they won't play, there's only a few that does. I hope you'll look at it and try to fix this issue! Thanks!


I like the app but theres a few things u needa fix 1. Picnic keeps crashing 2. Picnic keeps freezing 3: picnic keeps saying "connection error try again* when i have good internet 4: it keeps on loading 5: whenever i dm someone it says "error something went wrong, try again" Bruh, fix the issue


Unfortunately, I'm not able to say anything about the app because I wasn't able to create an account in the first place. Reason is because it won't let me select my launguage. If I scroll up in the language options, English is there. But it won't let me scroll up to it or select it.


I can't lie Picnic used to be a great app now it is terrible. The update is basically like tiktok and there is much more glitches and people are losing sll of their friends and mostly everyone hates it. I really want the old update back tbh and I can't even take pictures and it basically takes two hrs just to post something! Worst of all it keeps crashing every second I uninstall it then ìnstalled it again but it's still crashing..?


I've been trying to continue to the app after I've made my profile, and it keeps saying "Error. Something went wrong, Please try again" and this is annoying. I've tried uninstalling the app and installing it back and it keeps saying that. I've closed out of the app plenty of times and waited for 3-4 days. Fix this please or tell me why that's occuring.


Since the update, I lost all my friends in chat. It's super disappointing because I couldn't remember their user because I couldn't screen shot it because the update forced me, and you can't put pictures in comments or texts either... I honestly liked the old version more and liked keeping my friends. Please help with that.


I already had an account but after the update, It's taking a long time to log back in and it wouldn't let me use my old username. It is still currently loading I have not been able to use the app as I have not been able to log in.


its a good app i will not lie but it is very laggy and the new update killed me with MILLION of lags all my dm's are gone because of it i would give it a 5 star but there are alot of faults to cut out it is laggy when you type a comment on a video and i kinda want the old feature back where you can type more then just 500 words in some ones description it is a good app just contains lags, bugs and glitches i will be very happy if you fix these things on your app thank you


To the creators of picnic.... Do you see how much everyone in the app hates the update? I can't even post anymore! Please, either you fix this update or you reverse this update that everyone hates. Proplems with the new update include:people lost friends and groups, lost videos, lost followers, lost likes and views, can't even post anymore, etc. Please fix this as soon as possible


I love the new update and the designs, the quality, and they're NO errors at all! I love the designs which makes it more like the vibe of aesthetic and technology vibe! It's like mixed insta and tiktok😂 but seriously I really love it and thankyou for fixing some errors and the designs though. Also, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎄


Idk picnic- I love your app to the depth if my heart but the new update got me to lose all my friends and online family- and it's very confusing to find other things- And my for you page isn't what I like really- I don't like roblox and all that and I would really like to see my own videos- and likes and follows and view! But I rlly can't with this update- I'm a bit scared of this update and I have to do extra work to just send one single photo to a chat🥲