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ARCore REQUIRED for Camera and App to work.

An Art App works best with higher performance devices. Older or less powerful devices are supported only experimentally.

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Professional art drawing app and photo editor
Sketch Tree is a professional mobile phone painting and drawing app, it focuses on realistic painting. Like photoshop, it can do simple ps, editing image, picture beauty, drawing on photo, make picture art, photo sketch, doodle, scribble, writing and drawing. It provides a variety of drawing features along with a wide range of necessary tools. You can get many types of brushes, and drawing layers, undo/redo/clear buttons, brushes adjustment, colors palette, etc. It's a powerful painting app with infinite painting, infinite undo/redo, auto-saving, wide range adjustment of brush's size and opacity, full range HSV colors palette, simulated pen pressure sensitivity. It offers various realistic drawing brushes, like pencil, Chinese brush, marker pen, watercolor pen, chalk, spray, airbrushes, eraser and other pens. The pencil texture is quite natural and grainy. You can pan and zoom canvas in up to x12 to apply finer details to your work. It has layers, you can create up to 10 layers, duplicate layer, blend layer, merge layer, change layer's opacity. Additionally, You can import a photo and set layer to translucent mode. From there, you..
The best game to learn to draw in coloring pages with Luccas Neto.
Are you a fan of Luccas Neto Video Call and wanted to learn how to draw and color with Luccas Neto Video Call easily? Then you are in the right place, just follow the steps to know the method of drawing a child.Among the Learn Coloring and Drawing apps are luccas grandson games that contain drawing tutorials for beginners to draw through the lines.Luccas Neto's Painting game to learn to quickly draw and color your favorite characters with simple instructions for beginners, you can also share Luccas Neto's Fantastic School with your friends, thanks to our coloring lessons children will have an unforgettable time with songs from the luccas grandson.Learn to draw and color videos and photos of Luccas Neto with this coloring application to learn to draw cartoons and waste time.Drawing by Luccas Neto game to learn how to draw and color your unique character and become a world artist. You can use any image in the app and show us your skills.If you need help drawing and coloring your character, download Luccas Neto coloring game to learn how..
With Quotes Designer you can make a fantastic designs with quotes, sayings ..etc
With Quotes Designer you can make a fantastic designs with quotes, sayings, poems etc. as those you see on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr.ExploreYou can find out lots of quotations that are chosen carefully. As well as browse quotes by their category and author.Like and CommentAdding your comments, interacting with other users and keeping your quotations in your favorite also.Create DesignMake your own design.ShareShare your own design directly on social media or with a friends.
Quick drawing practice app
It is a simple app that allows you to practice quick drawing.You can practice drawing by quickly copying drawing figures in various poses.You can set the time limit from 10 seconds to 90 seconds as you like.
Enjoy Stylish launcher with Neon Night Romance on your android.
✨🌟 ✨🌟 Are you looking for stylish romantic theme for your phone? How about spend a Romantic night in neon night street launcher on your phone? Install Stylish Romantic Theme: Neon Night Street Launcher RIGHT NOW! 💞💞💞The romantic night stylish themes with well designed romantic night wallpapers and icons pack will beautify your device as the most romantic theme. It's time to suit your Android up and the stylish romantic theme with love. The lovely Stylish Romantic Theme: Neon Night Street Launcher can be your sweet partner, you will never being alone!This is a suitable free romantic theme for your Samsung, Huawei, xiaomi or other Android phone. Try romantic neon night themes with night romance stylish Launcher now! You’ll love this night romance C Launcher/C Launcher 3D Theme 💞Some cool, hi-tech, neon themes all in this stylish launcher. Discover and download to make your smartphone or tablet look great.✨Personalize your phone playfully! ✨The richest collection of free stylish android themes! HD wallpapers and awesome icons, tons of colorful skins, transparent app drawer interface and the unparalleled DIY function which allows..
How to learn to draw graffiti. Drawing step by step
Drawing beautifully is not easy. And drawing graffiti on the phone beautifully is generally an art. Be that as it may, with the emergence of this basic element of hip-hop culture, walls on the streets around the world were covered with motley graffiti inscriptions, tags and even real paintings by artists who call themselves graffiti-writers.Probably every hip-hop fan during his youth dreamed of painting graffiti on the walls. Many have even tried it. But in fact, not everyone knew how to draw graffiti in stages and everything was not as easy as it seemed at first, and novice writers left graffiti training without really starting. But now there is our application, thanks to which you can learn how to draw graffiti in stages.We will not delve into the intricacies of complex works of street art, we will concentrate on the classic examples, namely, how to draw graffiti letters, because this is what we usually start with. First, let's talk about what you need to paint graffiti. You will need a pencil, just a piece of paper, an eraser. You can..
Try this Game to learn how to coloring Like Nastya and surprise your friends !
✊🏽Like Nastya Coloring it's amazing game !!✊🏽They'll have fun using the drawing, painting, and learning games, while parents can watch the looks of joy on their faces as they color in the pages with a wide variety paints of Like Nastya.✊🏽You can have fun with Like Nastya and don't forget to Promotes the development of imagination, art, and improves concentration and motor skills about Like Nastya.✊🏽You can save your creations of Like Nastya albums and edit at any time.✊🏽This game is very fun, simple and educational for all ages.BEST FEATURES coloring Like Nastya game : ✊🏽It will help you to learn more about painting.✊🏽 Doodling, painting, and drawing have never been so easy and fun.✊🏽 Amazing graphics and sound effects✊🏽 We believe that you need to include something colorful to let your friends play and learn at the same time and that's why we integrated these colorful interfaces.
i text is used to write text in image and share it with any chat app.
i text : we can easily share our text in whatsapp with different colors and different fonts.itext post your status to any chat app, i text is easy to share, create (i text ) fonts color type in color text messaging.i text is used to post our content in different colors and different fonts.and i text is easily share it to any other chat applications.itext is best app for sharing color text and putting status in color fonts using i text.i text: used for chatting Communication, Art & design,Text messaging and also used for i text status editori text :1.i text is very easy to use and share.2.Enter the text in edit text .3.use color Platte to change the font color .4.change fonts type.5.set background color.In i text now we can easily use our color fonts to any where by image type. itext is used to share png image what ever we type it convert into png or jpg.And share it through any chat app using i text.itext share with your contacts. It will be shared as an image picture.itext:i..
Wallpaper for Baki Hanma from Action Fight Anime Series 4K
Collection of Baki Hanma from Action Fight Series Wallpaper HD is the best Anime full hd quality wallpapers that we provide easily and with a modern display design.Application Features Baki Hanma from Action Fight Series :👊 Download full HD 4K quality for free👊 Choose favorite screen image resolution 👊 Set wallpaper as home screen & lock screen👊 Small size apk offline work with optimized battery usage and easy to use👊 Save and share picture of Baki Hanma from Anime Action Fight Series with your best friendsThis application is intended for the entertainment of fans Baki Hanma personalization homescreen from Anime HD 4K.Download now HD 4K screen of Baki Hanma from Anime Action Fight Series wallpapers for free give 5 stars and leave a comment.
Levelup ya skill w text to AI photo, image to image art design & QR Code creator
🎨 Ever imagine of a world where your fantasy spring to life as stunning photo? Look no further than Artist AI Art Photo Generator! Let the magic of AI turn your dreams and fantasy into real artwork and image, making your imagination a reality. 🌟𝐇𝐎𝐖 𝐓𝐎 LEVEL UP your CREATIVITY❓Immerse yourself in a world where your imagination knows no bounds. Crafting fascinating AI photo is seconds just like magic, in 3 simple steps:1️⃣ Enter your desired text or prompt2️⃣ Choose from a diverse collection of over 100 captivating artwork styles3️⃣ Tap a button and watch AI weave its magic, generating your unique masterpiece in seconds.In a matter of moments, you'll get awe-inspiring artworks that capture all your fantasy and dreams with Artist AI Art Photo Generator.💡 IMAGINE WITHOUT BOUNDSFind what I share interested? Here's what awaits in the world of Artist AI Art Photo Generator:* Explore fascinating AI photo styles that awaken the painter in you* Turn dreams, fantasy and imagination into anime inspired photo or any artwork styles you can imagine that'll wow you and friends* OR Infuse QR..
An Art Company is an art practice and metaverse media platform.
ARCore REQUIRED for Camera and App to work.An Art App works best with higher performance devices. Older or less powerful devices are supported only experimentally.Learn more at:


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I open up the app and the screen just sits there with the objects triangle circle square fading in and out on the bottom like it's waiting to load something but then nothing!!!!