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Tiles Match Connection Game SCREENSHOT

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Tiles Match Connection Game DESCRIPTION

This is a classical tiles connection game.

Tap the tiles and connect them as fast as you can! You must finish each level within a limited time.

To be a tile master passing levels one by one.

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Tiles Match Connection Game DOWNLOAD

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I like giving myself a good challenge


fun game so far little slow


The amount of ads is disgusting. Each level only takes about 60 seconds or so to play, and then you have a 20-30 second ad between EVERY level. Plus ads on the page as you're playing, and ads that interrupt your level. And some of the ads just straight up freeze or crash the game. I've had it downloaded for ten minutes and I am instantly uninstalling. Not worth it.


I love this game


Update: game was fixed, rating upped Stuck on opening screen level 305. Can click the bank and settings button but not the play level button. Was a good game until this. If dev tells me I need to reinstall, I'm not gonna bother and just delete. Played too many levels to start over.


Way too many adds


fantastic game.. cant stop playing it..absolutely great.


don't want it to get real hard!!!


I think this is a very chill game, but there's WAY too many ads. After about level 10 or so, you're getting an ad after every single level. Takes away from the experience when you do that. I like the game, but this getting pretty annoying.


Horrible game! Undefined game play, limited advances with way too many ads! Should be sanctioned by google play.


it's fun and I really enjoy playing it


a good game


adds adds very good app


verry nice game I get a chance to look at the same when I get a chance to look at the same please let us of your website I am a little more about your website I am not the intended recipient or an employee the company has an appointment with Dr Lee is not available for a chance I could get the intended recipient or an agent the intended addressee please notify me about the intended addressee the same 🥰 the intended addressee the contents of the intended recipient please inform me of your team a


good but to much ads


Downloaded this app to get rewards in another app, and the game is fun. But my phone just rebooted and all my progress was deleted. Forcing me to start over from the beginning. How do I fix this?


so many ads




The further level it gets the repetition gets more and more. To reach lv 100 I think it will take ages. I am thinking of uninstalling.


How to make