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Download our app and make managing your charges even simpler.

• Track your charging costs
• Schedule your charges to integrate with the off-peak times of your smart tariff
• Get a visual breakdown of your charges on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
• Manage your surplus solar to power your car
• Link multiple charge points to your account

Andersen EV are Rated 4.3/5 on Trustpilot

What people are saying about Andersen:

“The future of driveway charging” The Times

“Their products are super high quality and elegant. They’re like the Apple of electric vehicles!” Ken, Andersen Owner

“How an electric car charger should look – great design, neat installation, OLEV grant approved, very tidy cable management, but super functional. Very happy with Andersen EV experience so far.” Tom P, Andersen Owner.

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Don't buy an Andersen A2. The only way to control it is via this app, which doesn't work most of the time, and seems to get worse with each update. Very far from the premium product I was sold.


Schedules are no longer forgotten but functionality is basic


The app is slow to respond and hangs or crashes when you change anything. There is no control over the charge rate within the app (my car doesn't allow controlling the rate remotely) it's on 100% or off. It's a shame as the charger looks great. The app needs rewriting and provide a better user experience. Better still provide an API and you find people will write one for you!


Slowly getting better, but still drops in and out of connection and loses settings, then won't charge car at correct times. When are the developers going to allow settings to be stored locally of there is no cloud connection? Is this possible? It must have some local memory storage?


Temperamental. Sometimes it works, sometimes it clears your schedules and charges as soon as its plugged in. Other times, the app doesn't work at all. Right now is one of those times 😬


Terrible experience. Had the app and beautiful looking charge point for a year. The app is basic, but did what it needed to do. Now it is practically useless. It has become tediously slow (brand new S22+) and it seems to be every day the charging schedules are deleted. Meaning the charge point can be used by anyone or starts charging as soon as plugged in (have now set times on car). Could not recommend app and the only plus on the charge point is it looks pretty.


The app is basic but could do the job if the functionality actually worked. Their back end / cloud system is so poor that it you just can't rely on it. So, even when it does eventually connect, the parameters for scheduling haven't loaded to the charger. I have an Octopus GO account with cheap elec to 4:30. Today, it charged until the car was full - 10:50am. It's costing in charging. I'm sick of it. I'm giving it another month - it's not fit for purpose and I've lost faith.


This app is slow, full of bugs, regularly forgets my charging schedules and sometimes will constantly show loading screens. Regretting ever getting such an expensive charger if the app makes it basically unusable!


Disappointed the app takes an age to load data and constantly discount with service offline. I think someone is running the backend service off someone's laptop it's poor. Schedule is not reliable as it must use servers to control it, one night (out of few) it lost connection so I missed my off peak charges and cost me a fortune in the day and did not have a charged car for work. Whoever Anderson contract for this service they need a new supplier!!


Nice looking charger but app is unreliable and buggy. App offers basic timed charging and historical usage data but periodically logs you out and doesn't let you log back in - effectively preventing you from changing timers. Recently, it seem unable to load historical usage data and is unable to switch from day to month/year view. Sadly, difficult to recommend Andersen based on my experience given the importance of the app to the charging experience.


Disappointing app. When it updates it clears any schedule inputted and then car charges at expensive rate. Always having to keep updating and logging in. Not very good considering it's meant to be a premium product.


Overall it's buggy. If you spend £1k on a luxury ev charger, the app should work every time. I've had nothing but trouble with them. Won't recommend this company to any of my neighbours who ask me where I got that good looking ev charger from now. It signs me out endlessly, can't log in even after a pwd reset, rcd faults all the time that require manual resets constantly, can't view all your data on the app. Would get something less aesthetically pleasing for something more functional next time


The app doesn't have many functions, so you expect them to all work, they don't. The app hasn't been updated in a very long time, it looks dated and functionality has neither been fixed nor improved. The physical units 'look' good, but just about everything else is disappointing.


Ongoing disconnection issues. It's really annoying when you are trying to track how much charge the car is taking. Then frustrating that even when manually try to reset and reconnect it says it cannot connect to network! Then just when you give up it reconnects by itself...


The app was fine but with the last update it's now broken and buggy! The app now forgets schedules randomly and the report pages are not usable as scrolling no longer works. Andersen have known about the issues for months but done nothing - not what i expected from a premium brand!


Some aspects work, I'm unable to scroll through the reports though and it's all a bit slow. Definitely needs improvement given the cost of the charger.


Good for remote turning on and off and scheduling. But the kwh it thinks it's used doubles at the end of the charge, the pricing maths is completely out (yes I've changed it in the settings), and there is no way to remove previous charge reports.


The app is more of an inconvenience than an asset. The charging process can be controlled just as well by my Tesla M3 and since I don't have a tariff which might reward the use of a timing feature the app can't contribute anything. Furthermore the app has issues on my new phone so not impressed.


I love the charger but, like another reviewer, although the charger is near the WiFi router I keep getting dropped connection. I'm getting 20+ notifications a day about the connection being dropped then it connects again at random. The app is not bad when working. The WiFi connection needs a firmware update I think.


Loving my Andersen A2 charger, but paying for such a price for a premium product, one would expect the app to be great. But it certainly isn't. It does the job and basic functions, but it's very buggy and terrible to use. Hopefully they'll get it right.