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mustafa ismail quran offline App DESCRIPTION

Al Quran Offline Sheikh mustafa ismail Quran application for your Android smartphone 📱. This mustafa ismail Quran app works impeccably offline.

This mostafa ismael full Quran offline app features the following:

✔️ Sheikh mustafa ismael offline Quran mp3 114 surahs of the quran available ♥️
✔️ Set surah as ringtone, notification or alarm.
✔️ Sleep timer. Set the duration you want and the recitation will stop automatically when this duration is elapsed.
✔️ Mustapha Ismail biography in Arabic and English
✔️ Quran reading and listening on the single-page (no need to switch back and forth between activities), pause the recitation, carefully study the written Quranic verses/ayats, or change the playback speed of the Quran audio.
✔️ The audio player for reading and listening to the Quran is equipped with colorful animation that plays when the Quran is turned on. With this feature, even if your device’s volume is low, you will know that the Quran is playing and you can pause it or increase the volume to listen to the Quran.
✔️ Multilingual Quran section. Comes with multiple reciters, translations, transliteration along with the written Arabic verses of the Holy Quran in different languages such as Arabic Quran (mushaf madinah), Indonesian Quran, English Quran, Hausa Quran, Hindi Quran, Urdu Quran, etc. This section works online.
✔️ Quran memorization tool where you can listen to The Holy Quran in different repetition modes to memorize Quran. This feature is important for students and teachers of Quran.
✔️ There is also ToDo Activities 📝 where you can write a list of activities you want to do within the app. You can also mark your to-do list as completed ✔️ or delete it completely 🗑 and add a new to-do item.
✔️ Morning Azkaar 🌄 (Azkar as-Sabah) is written in Arabic.
✔️ Evening Azkaar 🌃 (azkaar al-masa’), also written in Arabic.
✔️ The 99 names of Allah are written in Arabic. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “Allah has ninety-nine names for Him and he who memorizes them all will enter Paradise.”
✔️ Find Qibla Direction 🕋
✔️ Sweet Islamic Quiz with 50 Interesting Questions 🤔

Apart from this alquran app for Android voice of sheikh mustafa ismail offline, there are other beautiful apps about Holy Quran like this in my catalog. You can find Sheikh Abdulrahman Sudais, Sheikh Shuraim Full Quran, Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly, Sheikh Mishari Rashid Alafasy, Abdulbasit abdussamad, Al-Dosari, Ahmed Al-Ajmi, mahmoud khalil al hussary among other top Quran reciters. If you couldn’t find your favorite quran reciter, please contact us directly.

Mustafa Ismail was born in 1905 in Mit Ghazal, a village near Tanta, Cairo, Mustafa Ismail was an excellent reciter of the Holy Quran.

He acquired education on Quran sciences at Al-Azhar institute of Tanta since the age of 15.

In the year 1944, he rose to fame as the reciter of the King Farouk and thus, became the first reciter of Egypt.

He drew inspiration from and was an avid admirer of Sheikh Muhammad Rif’at and Sheikh ‘Abd al-Fattah al-Sha’sha’i, Sheikh Mustafa. Until his death, he was the official reciter of Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo.

How to use the app:
✔️ The Quran Audio Player 🎶 comes with autoplay ▶️ of the first Surah enabled. Tap on the “List” button on the bottom right for surahs menu.
✔️ The Quran listening 🎶 and reading 📚 section has a floating audio player that allows you to control the Quran audio at any moment.

If you like this Quran Android application, please rate it 🌟 and write a review ✍️. Let us know what features interest you the most and what you dislike about the app. We will strive to make changes to provide a better experience wherever possible.

At the end, let us pray that may Allah make us of the people of The Glorious Quran who listen to the Quran, read the Quran, and live by The Quran. May the Quran also intercede for us on the last day.

Peace, blessings and salutations upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w).

😊 Thank you for checking this quran app.

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