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Yumi High School Girl Fighting Game SCREENSHOT

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Yumi High School Girl Fighting Game DESCRIPTION

Anime School Girl 3d Fighting and boxing Simulator is a free game for every place in this fighting and boxing world, that is, to be able to experience harsh school and street life again but this is survival Fighting, excitement, self-defense and weapons
Show the anime school girls power and be part of Anime School Girls Kung Fu Street Fighting and Boxing Simulator you to survive and save the city in action game. The castle of anime school gangsters is the wrestling right to fight the crime. Be the anime fighting school girl champion of the city and finish the anime school girl gangster power. Be the legendary kung-fu anime school fighter queen in this girl’s karate action game.
Fight for justice for poor and needy anime school girls, fight to be the legendary girl fighter, fight to be a real anime fighting woman warrior superhero, prepare your fist for fury to fight until you win the battle.
In this Anime School Girls Kung Fu Street Fighting Game, the player’s character is an anime girl martial art champion that practices his family’s Kung Fu legacy and fighting and boxing style against dangerous city anime school street gangster and street rookies.
In the beginning of the competition, beat the high street level gangster anime girls and the different high street gangster girls and the high street gangster participated in the big fight and test the fighting skills. Be a fearless anime woman fighter and tell the world that women are as powerful and strong as men. Be courageous, daring and gutsy anime female fighter to challenge street criminals and gangs. Your anime woman’s strength and power will allow young girls and females to be brave enough to challenge the power of enemy gang street criminals.
Show anime women power to the street girls’ goons and criminals by showing your Japanese and Chinese fighting styles as Taekwondo, Kung Fu and Jujitsu, Thai kick boxing, Judo Karate. Women fighters are fast and quick in the fighting
The city of the gangster anime girls is becoming more powerful in the local streets. You have to fight as best ninja kung-fu shaolin boxing superhero to clean the city streets from gangster girls and criminals and save your loved ones who is captive of the gang anime girl leader. You are a master of using boxing. Destroy the enemies with sudden and unpredictable iron fist and boxing attacks. Show your special moves such as kickboxing, karate, kung fu and throwing the fist and kicks on gangsters perfectly to end up these criminal gangs.

Take advantage of your fighting experience and use your fighting skills to eliminate all other high street fighters. Enjoy free high school fighting games to play fighting style and wrestling techniques.

Anime Girl 3d Fighting and boxing Simulator is a game that you will find yourself in a situation similar to the Battle game
Prove yourself to be the brave and strong
You can use rifles, machine guns, shotguns, swords, knives, etc.

– Excellent graphics
– Simple controls
– Street girl gangsters in action
– Endless free game
– Pistol and rifle to fight
– Sting and kicking to fight
– Addictive gameplay


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