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Dr. Driving Game DESCRIPTION

Dr. Driving drives you crazy!

Burn up the street with the fastest and most visually stunning driving game.
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Dr. Driving drives you crazy!
Dr. Driving drives you crazy!Burn up the street with the fastest and most visually stunning driving game.Sign in with your Google account to play online multiplayer.SUD Inc.
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This is a very bad game and there is a very bad glitch. Whenever I play in multiplayer mode, I always lose and by the way I don't touch a car or any barrier. This is a very stupid game like very much!


Well the game is overall an amazing time passer but if anyone wants to play it for a long time , I guess that is the only problem with it . So my only kind suggestion is that expand the game as much as possible 🤗🤗


Used to play this game a lot with my friends in 2013-15. We would compete on how many levels we could finish in a set minute (basically speedrunning). The more levels finished, the more prizes (chocolates) you will get. After sometime, we kind of stopped and started to play some 3D multiplayer games because we were bored. I miss those good ol days. But I am happy that this game still exists and the developer of this game is still active and updating it every moment!


1) There are hackers I think. One guy had free car and i was having 100 gold car with +5 at engine, then also he was going toe to toe with me in highway or lane level. I literally kept pressing the accelerator for the whole time then also. 2) Some opponent pass through other cars. 3) There was an opponent who was 210-220m behind me and the next movement he was ahead.


This is a really fun game to play very interesting at first but then you get kinda bored with it bc it is the same stuff over and over again no changes in the background no changes in the routes no levels just the same stuff iver and over again but i whould reccomend this game if it had changes i enjoyed the game for a few hours then deleted it because it was boring


The game is very awesome 👍. I have play this game more than 1 year and its very satisfying. Cars and all the game is nice and beautiful. The only problem is there are only few driving route like highway drift n all, so plzz add some new routes which makes the game crazy. Other all the game is perfect 💯.


It is a good game please make further adjustment on error In this game , but please let my highway mode be those ones that can corner anywhere without them directing me , i have also completed my driving levels but yet no absolute change the cooperation should take action on these disadvantages listed out, THANKS FOR ANTICIPATION.


The game is of it kind easy to control and interesting to drive just the there are no stags to complete the landscape on background to just remain the same and eat done it new unlike some other motor games with varieties of eating landscapes and different car with various mission to complete their sold improve more on the game it just sudden that the management might properly not read this but it will be great if they could. Read this app game is Dr. Driving motor cars amazing game motor driving


Dr driving is a competitive game which challenges you to reach finish. I have a problem with the game because of the cars you rent, I don't know how to get gold to rent cars and the cheapest car you rent Is ten golds and the car looks awful. Other than that I don't have a problem with the game ,it nice, well made and awesome. So hope you like the game 👍👍😁🚗🚘


First of all, it doesn't let me log in, it says 'sign in failed' and gives error, doesn't let me play in multiplayer and I reinstalled it many times, still doesn't work, please fix this. Overall, good game.


Suggestions. 1. Car accident or crashed should be more realistic, like need to add car damages, avatar fighting after accident.2. Should be add more maps and mode, like truck in lane, highway, long drive mode and many more3. Should be add more character in side streets if car hit rallying they should be react that, then it will be more realistic.4. While driving a car should be add more views option screen. Otherwise game will be ghost no one play.


Ok so I had played this game b4 and I would always delete it after a few months bcoz it would b getting boring and after few more months I would miss it and install it and so on. And when I downloaded it a few days ago, I realized: THERE WERE ONLINE MATCHES. I swear, I feel like a fool right now. Also this is the ONLY mobile game whose ads aren't annoying. The cross buttons work, there is no ad 2 consecutive times and they never lead me to another site. Also the ads aren't that bad. Luv ya guys


I would have given it 5 Stars, but the sounds of vehicles is not that real, you accelerate the sounds are as same as you are not, even when you are parking sounds are same. The other thing is there are no other load users like people crossing the road. Otherwise, the game is very good, I would encourage all game lovers download it.


Great way to pass time, the controls are adjustable so everyone can find it comfortable. There is only one thing needed and that is faster cars which u should be able to buy with in-game money (coins) but real money.


Nice.. I really enjoy this game. It has good graphics and different levels. Almost equivalent to real driving. Kindly and more features like the humps in roads, hills and also settings where one can change from automatic to manual driving. Thank you


Best driving game ever played. Good quality graphics. Variety of modes to play. Lots of cars options and upgrades. And most important one, it requires tiny bit of space but the gameplay is extremely smooth and lag-free! Really enjoyed drifting through corners. Everyone should play this game!


Fantastic game, I love the controls and graphics, but it is too limited in level categories I mean the journey should be a little longer and maybe a little bit of off road. But fantastic job to the developer. I love it. 🎅


The game is of it kind, easy to control and interesting to drive, just that there are no stages to complete, the landscape or background too just remain the same and it doesn't make it new unlike some other motor games with varieties of enticing landscapes and different cars with various missions to complete. They should improve more on the game, it just sadden that the management might properly not read this, but it will be great if they could.


ur average driving game. controls are okay but a bit sensitive (in my preference) don't care much about the graphics although it's well polished. I'm still stuck with the 1st car and I'm trying to save up to buy a new one; it's taking a while... the sensation of drifting was real cool haha good game :)


This game was terrible. It keeps glitching when I am doing one of the levels, even when I update it, it still glitches. And I rented a car for like 300 gold (and gold is really hard to get) and not even after a day it said I couldn't use it anymore because I used up all of its Km. When it only gives you like 15Km and it went down every time I did a level. And when I play in online matches my other opponents can run straight through cars and not crash, but if I slightly touch a car I crash/lose.