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Dr. Parking 4 Game DESCRIPTION

Dr. Parking is back in the sequel to the biggest mobile parking simulation game of all time!
Dr. Parking 4 starts a new era of parking simulation gameplay with super stunning graphics, challenging multi-stage levels and real-time online multiplayer.

SUD Inc.

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Best game ever bruh u play online sometimes when u are online I won u can too 😊


Graphics is too high, I suggest a control for the graphics in the game because high graphics degrades the phone's health and also the level reached in the game is not saved, please the game should be saving progress


The game is nice but I'd rate it 3 stars because the tougher it gets, the narrower the road. You can't turn freely, and the developers should make the online version more interesting by creating parking lot for each player and enough space too. Still an interesting game though.


Well I like the game 🎮 but I don't know why my progress is not saved in the game, I finished a certain level (i.e, up to level 15) and I exit from the app, the next time I logged in and I found out that I'm back to level 1 from the start & it happened several times and I'm frustrated with that


1 star because of the ads. It is understandable to have a few ads here and there for 10-15 seconds. But to make me watch a totally irrelevant ad for 30 seconds every time I park is way too much. Stop being greedy.


While I really like the idea and concept of the game, controls are nice, but, could be bit more precise, especially the brake pedal which sometimes does not react due to small footprint on the touch so you crash easily if you need to react quickly. Levels are not too challenging and it would be nice to have indication where the next space is, as some angles do not allow you to see it in any of the views.


Good game, but the cars are so slow which is good but too easy and boring, after playing my first round/game i won NOT because i actually won the game but because the other car i was going against crashed and seemed like they didn't know how a car worked (i assume it was Ai) Ways to improve: have speed be increased like a normal car, make Ai more smart, make it more challenging and engaging so people play longer Other then that props to the creator of the "Dr." Series


this simulater is the best of all, but my problem is the position of the stick shift. it's in the position that makes it hard to see point when turning right. I wish in the next update, you put it in position of the gear shifter of real car like the one for Mazda tribute, Toyota noah or for Toyota harriah. I like the clutch and the break position, it looks like projector is used.


The game is very nice but the online multilayer is frustrating as when someone starts losing they intently accident and the level get skipped and we get nothing as the coins... I request that plz make some changes in online that if someone crashed the other person leavel doesn't skip... And the intently who is crashing cars will not do this... But the game is very good... 👍👍👍


Great game. Although I do recommend not to play if you anger issues, or anxiety lol. But other than that it's a great game to kill some time👍But it would really be nice if you guys can add more levels, it has been the same old 80 levels for a few years now which makes the game boring after a while. Besides that, I like that now we can compete with other players online, by seeing who can reach the parkings faster ❤️ But pls add more levels to the game and more cars thank you👍❤️


A very well implemented game, as far as the driving mechanics go. The game play is awesome, graphics are little bit oldish, but still decent. Since the game is pretty old, I've played it some years back as well, I think a little improvement is necessary, as follows: if you play it on 120hz refresh rate screen, it laggs out, and you need to switch your phone to 60hz. Other than that, a great game. I strongly recommend it.


Best parking app so far : levels are difficult, there is a large number of levels. Nevertheless, you need to add the rotation view, as a driver would turn his head to the right and to the left freely and as long as needed, when inside the car.


It is a good game with decent graphics and many options of cars... There are only 80 levels!!! Not at all enough and I managed to complete the game start to finish with in a week... Real shame so I was forced to delete it.. Useless storage... That is the only reason why I am going to give this app a 3 star rating


It's a good game but not challenging at all.. online gaming must be pair people of the same level or even higher not expert with novice all the time... Cars are a problem for me very slow and limited. For me make it hard and almost impossible thats what people are looking for. An achievement worthwhile. But credits must be given to you and thanks for the lovely game... Improvement is key to a large audience.


Nice simulation ever I could see, but limited number of stages. Controls are very customisable and easy to handle. Complex level wasn't much higher. Could complete the game within a week. Graphics, controls, zoom, stages, cars are good. Online challenges are too easy.


I think they got the game mechanics and the controls perfect. Pretty close to real life. The only problem is the first person view, it is a bit messed up. I also like to see how they can expand the game, may be more variety of situationa, otherwise you get bored quickly.


I like the concept of the game. I like the steering wheel action. Plays smooth. However, I believe there is room for improvement as it relates to the interior camera view. I think there should not only be the windshield view in this camera mode but the driver's window and the front passenger's window should be available to assist in viewing the cars or obstacles beside the users vehicle. I think I would have a better experience using the interior view if this was implemented.


Its a great game. I love it but its so frustrating. Every time I get the car in to the parking space it hits a car without me even touching the controls, that way I lose for no reason. Anyway, other then that the game its self is very nice. I like it.


Best parking game on the store! Graphics need improving but personally i like the retro feel and the fact that it occupies less space on my device. The updates are minimal and when it does update the update is for 1 or 2 mb which is great! The control s are slick and have good feel, a rarity for parking games. There is online as well as local multiplayer and both work seamlessly. There are a variety of cars. Daily challenges are also available. There are 80 levels in all! Well done SUD Inc.! 👍


Well, I would like to ask the developer to bring in some changes to the camera setting. While I change the camera position to inside the car it is too hard to see the side while turning and I simply colide, I would suggest you may add a side view like through the corner of the window please. Otherwise the game is very good, I liked it very much