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DOD RC690 APP is compatible with Model RC690 from DOD Tech. This APP can connect and control your DOD dash cam. You can also quickly review, download, and share your recorded videos.

– Real-time streaming
– Take snap shot of desired scene.
– Playback recorded videos and photos.
– Download desired files to your smart device.
– Share your videos or photos.
– Change your dash cam settings.

SIMILAR to RC690 App

Hi Track is a FMS from Hyundai Construction Equipment (CE) Division.
Hi Track is a fleet management solution from Hyundai Construction Equipment (CE) Division. The system provides real time information about machine location, usage, performance and fuel consumption. It also assists machine owners to monitor and manage periodic maintenance activities. The system can be utilized through its web portal as well as using the Android mobile application. The Hyundai Construction Equipment Division is widely recognized as an industry leader for its use of advanced ergonomic engineering and technology. Backed by highly advanced factory automation, a zero-tolerance quality control inspection system, and innovative engineering, the division offers a wide range of construction equipment to satisfy our customers' needs.
Auto On/Off provides ZERO power draw at standby, Password protection.
LELink2 is an engine performance and diagnostics tool for both automotive enthusiasts and professionals. Connecting to your iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android Phone/tablet, this scanner allows you to easily+ See what your car is doing in real time+ Scan and clear engine codes+ View and save real-time engine and performance data and much moreThis application allows you to config LELink2's AUTO ON/OFF mode and Password protection.PLEASE NOTE: Go into Android Settings/Apps/ LELinkConfig/Permissions and make sure you have given LELinkConfig access to “Location” which is what Android calls access to Bluetooth. Android seems to think the only use for Bluetooth is for GPS which is why it labels Bluetooth access as Location access.For any questions, please email us at
Easier to manage your company vehicles - LeasePlan USA
MyLeasePlan empowers fleet drivers like you to efficiently manage your company vehicle right from your mobile device. Plus, it’s designed to alert you of what you need to do when.You get in-app maintenance reminders to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Access the locator to find network service centers near you. Simply present your approved services and authorization codes for easy transactions at the shop. Need to find the nearest, most cost-effective fueling station? The locator tool has you covered. And, when it’s time for a new vehicle, MyLeasePlan will track your order every step of the way.The redesigned mileage reporting tool makes it easier than ever to log your personal and business miles. The more intuitive user interface means easier scrolling and quicker access to your data. You’ll also get improved status views with new icons and labels for guidance-at-a-glance. Plus, in-app alerts and messages to keep you accurate and up to date. Need to set your preference for monthly or daily reporting? It’s a quick toggle. And, how about some of our most common interactions? Just swipe.A Digital Glovebox..
OBD car diagnostics, online sensor readings, statistics and logging
Free functions:- Monitoring of parameters received from ECU in real time (temperature, speed, revolutions, etc) and displaying image in the form of widgets.- Statistics obtained from the car’s sensors with reference to GPS coordinates and trajectories displayed on the screen of an Android-device.- Car’s diagnosticsthe determination of breakdown’s cause when the Check Engine indicator lights up.- Taking logs. An ability to download logs to both Android-device and cloud service.- Sound notifications when car's critical readings are reached. Peak values are adjusted autonomously.- An ability to change color settings of all interface elements.- G-sensor. An ability to monitor the overload of the car during the cornering.- Monitoring of additional devices readings. Install any additional sensor (oil pressure sensor, coolant pressure or any other) and observe the readings in real time from your tablet, smartphone or any other device.- Statistics and analytics of sensor readings pegged to GPS coordinates and trajectories right on your Android-device screen.- DashMatic allows you to customize colors of all interface elements and naturally fit them into the interior of any car without any restrictions.Features:- The DM starts..
Search electric vehicle charging stations
Looking for a charging station to recharge your car? Our EV charging management platform gives you instant access to more than 300.000charging pointsacrossEurope.With this app, you can easily:Search for charging stations near youSearch by city, zip code or charging station number. Use the search list for an overview of the charging stations that are currently available to you.View your transaction historyAll your previous transactions are shown in a clear manner. Search, filter and manage your invoices with just a click of a button.Register online & start chargingSubscribe in an instant using this app, and start charging immediately. The app notifies you when the charging session is complete.Use different payment methodsSelect your preferred payment method, and pay with your PayPal wallet, creditcard or use app based direct payment.
Carusel - per-minute rental of fast and comfortable electric scooters
Caruselper-minute rental of fast and comfortable electric scooters in more than 25 cities globallyTry this new level of mobility and a new philosophy of urban movement with us.Using a scooter, you avoid traffic jams and enjoy fast moving around the cityCONVENIENCE ⁃ Lightweight and agile scooters ⁃ Up to 40 km in one charge ⁃ Simple and fast registration ⁃ Rent up to three scooters per one account ⁃ Booking before the trip ⁃ Support 24/7HOW IT WORKS? 1. Download the app and create an account 2. Open the map 3. Book a scooter in advance or choose one of those available on the spot 4. Scan the QR code on the scooter and you can start moving! 5. Finish your rent in the convenient parking lotFollow our news and offers on social networks!If you have already used Сarusel, please share your opinion. Leave your feedback on social networks with the hashtag #caruselclubif you want to start your business with Carusel in your city, apply on our website
Car Dealers collector cars and equipment in an app for those who want to buy or sell.
BilHandel samler brugte biler fra hele Danmark både i en lækker applikation og på et website. Dette er for dig, som gerne vil købe eller sælge biler men også biludstyr. Vi giver dig det helt store overblik, og hjælper dig til en sikker handel. Søg efter biler i dit lokalområde, eller i hele landetdet er alt sammen helt op til dig.Hvis du søger en ny bil, har vi over 30.000 biler samlet på 1 applikationen og hjemmesidenVi har bilmærker som BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Fiat, Ferrari, Toyota, Chevrolet og Audi, så har vi lige det du søger.Vi samarbejder med nogle store danske sider, såsom og, der kan hjælpe dig med en nem og sikker bilhandel.Hvis du sælger din bil på BilHandel, sørger vi for at din annonce får størst mulig eksponering for dig, som opretter en annonce. Din annonce bliver vist her på BilHandel, men også på Bilzonen, BilEkspressen, og BilGalleri. Alt i alt kommer din annonce ud til over 500.000 bilglade danskere. Og det bedste er, at du kun behøver at oprette din annonce én eneste gang!..
Official application of EstaR Eletrônico Urbs for EstaR Curitiba
Zul EstaR Curitiba is the official application for EstaR Curitiba in digital format. You buy credits and park safely and easily in any of the available spaces in the EstaR Curitiba regulated parking lot.Register and pay your EstaR Eletrônico digitally: boleto, bank transfer, credit card, debit card, Masterpass and Google Pay.How does Zul EstaR Curitiba work in digital format?In just a few steps you can buy and use the electronic EstaR:1Register on the app;2Add your vehicle;3Buy your electronic rotary the way you prefer;4Activate the digital card when parking your vehicle in the spaces of EstaR Curitiba.How does the Electronic Parking in Curitiba work?EstaR Curitiba in digital format is the electronic rotating parking system created to facilitate the parking and management of EstaR spaces. The digital model replaces the old paper receipts with the official application accredited by Urbs. Now, the driver from Curitiba buys the electronic rotary card by cell phone and regulates the parking of the vehicle in spaces in Curitiba in a simple, fast and safe way.What are the opening hours of EstaR Eletrônico in Curitiba?EstaR Digital Curitiba..
Führerschein (Theorie lernen)
Warum sollten Sie die Fahren123 App wählen?Leicht und verständlich in ihrer MutterspracheLernen der offiziellen Führerschein FragenDurch Audios und Videos einfach besser zu verstehenFlexibles Lernen überallDie App bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, die Theorie in 21 Tagen zu lernen.Die App ist in folgenden Sprachen verfügbar:Persisch PaschtuArabischBengaliEnglischDeutschWir wünschen Ihnen viel Erfolg bei Ihrer Führerscheintheorievorbereitung.Mit freundlichen grüßenFahren123 (Führerschein App)
Smart Car Shop Online
Car Shop Dubai is one of the leading online car classified site and car marketplace in UAE to buy and sell used and new cars or post free car ads tos sell your car in minutes.On Car Shop Dubai, you can browse best car collection in UAE on best price. You can browse over thousands of car on CAR Shop Dubai platform to find your next car without leaving your comfort and tired of visiting showrooms.We (Car Shop Dubai) is an online marketplace in UAE to buy used car in UAE. Place your car ads absolutely free.
DOD Dashcam app is compatible with all DOD Tech products with Wi-Fi function
DOD Dashcam application is designed to be compatible with all DOD Tech products equipped with Wi-Fi function. Control your DOD dashcam, download recorded videos and photos, and monitor real-time live view through your smartphone.●App features- Live view monitor- Record/Stop/Snap shot- View and download recorded files- Access to dashcam setting preferences
DOD RC690 APP is compatible with Model RC690 from DOD Tech.
DOD RC690 APP is compatible with Model RC690 from DOD Tech. This APP can connect and control your DOD dash cam. You can also quickly review, download, and share your recorded videos. Features:- Real-time streaming- Take snap shot of desired scene.- Playback recorded videos and photos.- Download desired files to your smart device.- Share your videos or photos.- Change your dash cam settings.


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