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Meet AYO and get in charge of your energy!

The first comprehensive solution to actively beat your jet lag, improve your sleep, and boost your energy levels! AYO is an advanced wearable technology that optimizes your hormone levels according to your lifestyle and preferences using a specialized lighting solution. Imagine having your own portable sunshine that that helps you sleep better, feel better and be better!


Jet lag is a physiological condition that results from rapid changes in our body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. If we follow the needs and desires of our body, we would end up sleeping throughout the day and staying awake during the night. In the short-run, these symptoms can lead to low productivity, headache and loss of appetite, and in the long-run even to memory & learning problems.


Due to our contemporary lifestyle and 24/7 global working society, we are usually not spending enough time outdoors enjoying the light exposure which is needed for our hormone levels’ regulation. When lifestyle and work hours are not aligned with a person’s body clock, extreme situation being shift workers, this can lead to sleep problems and disorders. In the short run, sleep disorders can be the main reason for tiredness, fatigue and depression as well as they can increase the risk of getting diabetes, obesity, or heart diseases in the long run.


The lack of sun during the short and gloomy winter days in the Northern hemisphere leave many people with lack of energy which can lead to low moods, winter blues and other winter depressions. Exposing yourself to light is a proven technology that can increase energy levels and enhance mood as well as bring the so much needed power boost to tackle the afternoon energy dips.




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Before I can even start interacting with the app, it's already not working. I can't even add the glasses to the app. Error: Glasses with provided factory ID not found.


App won't work. Doesn't accept serial # on back of case, so can't use app. Consequently not sure whether device that is supposed to sync with app works either. Very disappointing, returning device.




Had it for 3 years now, does the job, gives me instant energy straight away and helps me with my migraines. You can still carry on doing the task at hand whilst wearing it which I like.


I find this app very frustrating. At best, it takes seven fingerpresses to start a session. The final fingerpress usually doesn’t work the first time. So, I would say, on average, it takes 10 fingerpresses to start the darned thing. Then, you often can’t stop the app from running when you’re done. It never stops automatically when the session ends. I have to back out of the app a couple of times to get it to stop. Several times even that hasn't worked, and I had to force close the app. Just two changes would help enormously – a way to save the program that you use every day to make it a one click start and a stop button. This is an expensive device so I can’t excuse this poor of an app.


Easy and effectively


Works fairly well, but the app interaction is really cludgy. Takes way to many fingerpresses to start a session. So many that it becomes a minor deterence to usage. Can you please add a couple of user programmed presets/shortcuts on the main page? I don't need fancy schedules, ambient light sensing, usage tracking, or anything else, but a button for "40 minutes of high intensity" would be fantastic.
Dear Oivind, Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are happy that you are enjoying the AYO. As for the suggestions you made, we completely agree and we are working on the release of a brand new version of the app, which will have an optimized user experience. We aim to release it in early 2021. Thank you for your support. Sincerely, AYO team


Used a few times now cannot connect via bluetooth. Tried everything. Waiting for response from support email. Currently a useless piece of plastic. Zero stars. Why they didn't put an on / off button on glasses is incomprehensible (unless you factor in the desire to charge £200 for a 'the latest in..blah').


Deff works


It works but not perfectly. Sometimes you have to restart the app for it to work. Why they didnt just put an on and off button on the glasses is beyond me.


Would love this app if it didn't keep turning off my Bluetooth. I make my calls and wear my glasses on my way into work in the morning. During the session, the app will turn off the Bluetooth on my phone, forcing me to frantically grab the phone to continue my call. Please fix.


I got your product cause I'm starting to work the third shift and the app says if you are a shift worker write to this email... Guess what, I did and have not received a reply or instructions. How disappointing!


The app itself is beyond annoying. Even though I've changed timezone and phone time has updated, it's alerting me based on my previous timezone. Then when it does alert me, it thinks it's far more important than anything else and overrides my DND, plus changes my media to full volume! Not ready for prime time still


It is too intrusive and very limiting. Moreover, it is written as if it was designed to only provide strict, categorized and narrow time controlled features similar to that which may be listed in an FDA pharmaceutical application, therapeutic clinical trial for efficacy, or OSHA safety compliance addendum.
Thank you for your review. The app follows the latest scientific developments in regards to light therapy applications. However, we understand that this can be limiting sometimes and thus we are constantly updating the app to make it easier to use. If we can be of any help, please do not hesitate to contact us at Best, AYO team


Have been using it for 1 year now and works very well.


Really helps me boost my energy in my busy daily routine.


Completely unusable. Doesn't pair with device, you have to hit each button in the UI about 30 times to have it register.
Dear Stewart, We are sincerely sorry for the issues you are experiencing with the pairing of your AYO. Could you please contact us at and our dedicated support team will be happy to help you set up your AYO and start using it? Thank you in advance and apologies for the inconvenience. Best, AYO team


App locks up if you revoke location permissions, and will not function until you turn them back on. There really isn't anything this app should be doing that makes my location necessary at all times.
Dear Cate, Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry about the difficulties you are experiencing with the goAYO app. Unfortunately, in order to make connection between the app and AYO, location services need to be enabled due to the requirement of Bluetooth 4.0. However, we would like to inform you that we don't read location. Best, AYO team


v1.2.2 still does NOT allow changing light intensity for 'Energy' program WITHOUT internet connection. Alex promise me this feature will be included in the next version. I hope you plan on releasing this update soon.
Dear Gal, Thank you for your comment and review. We have indeed promised you the functionality of changing light intensity in offline mode and we will keep our promise to provide it. We are currently working on that and will provide this functionality in one of our next app updates. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Best, AYO team


App stuck at location services even though they are turned on. Completely unusable.
Hello, We are terribly sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties with the goAYO app and you are unable to use the device. Could you please reach out to us at and our support team will gladly help you set up your AYO and start using it? Thank you very much in advance and apologies for the inconvenience. Best, AYO team