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【图】불나방 – 돌싱 중년 재혼 결혼을 위한 만남 소개팅어플(截图 0)【图】불나방 – 돌싱 중년 재혼 결혼을 위한 만남 소개팅어플(截图 1)


❤️ The promise of the fire moth

1. A system that increases the probability
It is recommended in real time mainly for frequent access members and clean members.
The probability of response and meeting is high!

2. Peace of mind with one-click blocking
Don’t worry about meeting someone you know!
Fire moth’s acquaintance blocking system completed with more advanced technology!
You can use it anytime while avoiding anyone you know.

3. Long-term inactive users and suspicious advertisement accounts are blocked in real time.
Problem members found through member reporting are immediately prevented from accessing the app.

❤️ Meet an attractive opposite sex in Fire Moth.

1. You can find the profile of the opposite sex you like.

2. Start as a comfortable friend with whom you can have a cup of coffee or a drink, and bear happy results.

3. Conversing comfortably with future spouses who want to meet seriously
Meet unlimited dating, hiking friends, golf friends, and local drinking friends.

❤️ Tips to make fire moths fun and exciting!

1. Always keep your manners.
Above all, manners are really important. Even if the other person is attracted to you, a little bad manners can keep the relationship from continuing.

2. Please enter your profile honestly.
Please include your charm as much as possible in your profile. However, a truthful profile will make other members want to know you more and be curious, like pearls shining in the soil.

3. Confidence and sincerity rather than appearance
A profile picture taken naturally is the best way to give a crush and trust to the opposite sex.

This app prohibits the following acts in the app in accordance with the recommendation to strengthen youth protection activities of the Vigilance Committee, and is committed to monitoring, such as members’ voluntary reporting function for youth protection. In addition, we will monitor illegal and harmful content from being distributed, and inform you that if found, the member or article may be blocked without notice. If there is an illegal transaction solicitation, please notify the customer center contact number. Also, in case of emergency, please contact the following organizations.
National Police Agency (112), Child/Women/Disabled Police Support Center Safety Dream (117), Women’s Emergency Call (1366), Other Related Sexual Violence Protection Centers
App Permission Guide

Information related to use

Please note that if you violate the following when using the app, you may be sanctioned from using the service.

– Sexual chatting, such as obscenity and violence
– Conditions, mediation, etc. Prostitution
– Providing obscene pictures or uploading pictures reminiscent of them
-Chat leading to ads and other apps
– Drugs, illegal distribution and promotion activities
– Chatting behavior that violates the following Google policies
– Requesting and disclosing personal information

Here’s information about your device’s access rights:

[Required Permissions]
– Location information: Member recommendation based on location

[optional authority]
-Storage space: Selective authority for profile image registration
-Address Book: Optional authority to block acquaintance recommendation

Android 6.0 or higher version settings, recommendations and image sources

– How to reset by access right: Device Settings> Apps> More (Settings and Controls)> App Settings> App Permissions> Select the corresponding access right> Select to agree or withdraw access right
– How to reset by app: Device settings> Apps> Select the app> Select permission> Select consent or withdrawal of access permission

Customer Inquiries:
Operating Hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00




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