بعضی مشکلات چی په اپ کی وو حل شول.
د کریکټ لپاره نوی چنلونه اضافه شول.
په دی ورژن کی تاسو کولای شی چی د میاشتینی اشتراک په کولو سره د اپلیکیشن نه اعلانات لری کړی.

بعضی مشکلات که در آپ موجود بود حل شد.
شما می توانید اعلانات را از اپلیکیشن در میان اشتراک ماهانه دور کنید.

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Afghan TV Channels App DESCRIPTION

Completely free!
With Afghan TV Channels you will be able to watch all Afghanistan Live TV Channels and also you will be able to listen to all Afghanistan Radios for FREE.

Afghan TV Channels
Khurshid TV, Lemar TV, Maiwand TV, Mitra, Jahan TV, Javan TV, Noor TV, TV, Tamadon TV, Tolo TV, Zhwandoon TV.1 TV, Ariana TV,Negah TV, Shamshad,Kabul TV,

Music Channels:
– Srood TV
– Kayhan TV

News Channels:
– Tolo News
– Ariana News

We are trying to add more channels to our Afghan TV Channels app very Soon.

You can suggest us to add new TV channels by contacting us. Also, we are glad to hear from you if you have any suggestions and feedback please contact us.

If you are the owner of any of the TV Channels, Please contact us for removal of the stream from this app.
Please E-mail us:


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Excellent app for live streaming.


Very good app now I can find channels which were I used to watch them but one thing the ads are too much which sometimes disturb me during show


Too much ads waste of time


It's lagy and takes ages to open a channel, though my internet speed is at 300mbps. And it doesn't rotate both ways sort it out mate.


Please, add (240p) quality as well because we have internet problem.


I am familiar with this app for a long time but ever since I installed it it crashes it's now years but the developer can't fix it up it's horrible I am no more interested 🤕


I am facing a problem with the app, earlier it worked really well but since two days it is not opening, I have tried to reinstall the app still not working and Stucked at the start and not going ahead. any solution for this problem. Thanks.


Hi there, I can't run this app, installed, deleted, reinstalled but still not working.. I need you help...


This app is really but there is juat one problem ita glitch when you share it on the tv but it is still really good it is one the goodest afghan apps out there.


Absolutely nice but work more to add more Channels for Sport and Live T20 World 🌎 Cup
Dear User, Thank you for your suggestions. We will try and incorporate them in the future.


Thanks for replying i have changed rate stars to five. But please take care when i opening the app its showing me only splash screen and not going to main activity that's the biggest problem. I'm using wifi network. I hope soon you may fix the problem.♥
Sorry for the bad experience with the app. We had problem with our servers, as too many users are coming at the same time to open the app. We have fixed the issue now . Please if the problem is fixed for you please do give us 5 stars. Thank you.


Very Nice App For Sports Channel I am Very Happy for use live TV t20 world Cup matches.


Amazing App, I can watch cricket live on Star sport 1, in Addition to Afghan this App.


This app works once and not the second time. It hangs, don't know where is the problem?
Hi, Really sorry to hear that you have problem. Hopefully it is fixed now . Please if one of the channel is not working try all the other options that are available. Thank you.


My all apps are working on mobile data but this app only opens on wifi if it's open. But previously it was always working on mobile data. If you plz just guide me a bit.
Hi ,I am really sorry to hear that you are facing any problem. The old app still works .This new application works too but if it does not work like it was not working during Afghanistan match yesterday. That was all because of the huge traffic on our website and application. We are trying our best to fix all the issues in upcoming weeks. Thank you.


Best app Thank you for making it easy for us to watch and enjoy our|🇦🇫
Thank you for downloading our app! We will keep working on it!


One of the most horrible app I have ever come across and would take you all your life yet it won't let you open the open to get channels opened


Good App But want alot of Data hope u PeopLe will find the Solution..
Dear User, Thank you for your suggestions. We will try and incorporate them upcoming versions.


To be honest I haven't faced this much amazing tv app before, I really appreciate this. Recommend you to download it


Very amazing app , now we can watch cricket matches everywhere we want , but so many adds can bring disturbance .
Thanks for your support. Hope you enjoy all the contents of our app. Regarding the ads that the only way that we can maintain the server the best way possible. If you want to remove the ads you can buy subscription within the app.