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The application allows you to visualize your units, geofences and alerts, share the location of your units and send commands from the palm of your hand at all times.

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MobiClocks easily connects with popular accounting and payroll systems.
MobiClocks is a mobile time clock with many features including GeoFence, True Face Recognition, Cost Coding, Offline punching, GPS mileage tracking and timestamp with the ability for workers to easily travel between remote job sites without having to punch in and out at every locationIt also tracks mileage for workers, like truck drivers, who get paid by the miles they driveMobiClocks allows the user to review their timecard, digitally sign their timecards and request paid time off (PTO). It also identifies certifications that employees and sub-contractors receive and when those certifications need renewalThe app works on phones and tablets.The app communicates instantly with a cloud-based application which allows time and attendance to easily be recorded so that labor expenses and other metrics are tracked accurately from any web-based device. An in-application chat feature allows field workers and office personnel to easily communicate with each other.MobiClocks easily connects with popular accounting and payroll systems and allows for seamless processing of company payroll.
eEmployee provides Alba employees a quick access to manage self-services.
eEmployee is Alba's Employee Portal App which provides employees a quick access to manage self-services such as Employees’ Profile, Company News, as well as request forms via a simplified and user-friendly interface. Key Features The app enables employees to :Access the App securely via Multi-Factor Authentication.View and update their own personal detailsGenerate various Employees’ requests and track their forms. Receive Company’s news and General Notices. Display and apply for Internal Company-wide job openings. Display and apply for available training programs and workshops Conduct Employees’ surveys and collect feedback.
The management of public and private works is now easier and safer!
Giornale dei lavori e direzione dei lavori? Ecco la prima piattaforma elettronica aperta per rispondere al meglio al nuovo Codice appalti e alle linee guida ANAC!PriMus-PLATFORM è l'App per il giornale dei lavori e la direzione dei lavori in linea con il nuovo Codice degli appalti e le linee guida ANAC.L'App PriMus-PLATFORM consente al Direttore dei Lavori di:- far parte di una piattaforma elettronica aperta insieme a tutti gli attori che lavorano a vario titolo nell'esecuzione di un'opera (direttore dei lavori, direttori operativi, ispettori di cantiere, committente, direttore tecnico di cantiere dell'impresa esecutrice, collaudatore in corso d'opera, coordinatore della sicurezza in fase di esecuzione, RUP, progettista architettonico, progettista strutturale, ecc.)- inserire tutti i contenuti minimi previsti per la redazione e la gestione del giornale dei lavori - apportare informazioni utili a ricostruire l'andamento dei lavori attraverso azioni, registrazioni, riserve, ordini di servizio, sopralluoghi, istruzioni operative, documenti allegati, foto, ecc.- avere il controllo cronologico e documentale di visite, verbali, atti, ordini di servizio, relazioni, etc.Note di utilizzo dell'App e del Cloud:Per utilizzare l'App PriMus-PLATFORM occore una connessione ad internet.PriMus-PLATFORM è una..
idict is a real time translator to translate voice, text, and photos.
Elevate your language communication with the idict: Translator App! Designed to provide unparalleled translation assistance, idict is your go-to tool for effective and accurate communication across languages. Seamlessly breaking down barriers, idict empowers users to effortlessly interact in over 137 languages, making global communication a breeze.Introducing idictYour Ultimate Translation CompanionAttention Android users! We're excited to introduce you to a groundbreaking language solution that revolutionizes cross-lingual interactions. The idict Translator App is a game-changer, making text, image, and speech translation across 137 languages a reality. Whether you're a traveler, student, professional, or medical personnel, idict ensures you're never lost in translation.Key Features of idict- Real-Time Translation: Immerse yourself in real-time translation across 137 languages, connecting with the world instantaneously.- Voice Clone Translation: idict's algorithm analyzes and learns the nuances of the voice, such as pitch, tone, emotional pronunciation, and generates new audio that sounds like your voice.- Image-to-Text Translation: Capture and translate text from images within seconds, enabling quick comprehension.- Live Conversation: Engage in live conversations without language hindrances, fostering dynamic interactions.- Personalized Touch: Our cutting-edge algorithm mimics the speaker's voice..
OSINT-D is a robust open source intelligence app for professional investigators
OSINT Detective (OSINT-D) is a robust open source intelligence app for professional investigators. OSINT-D is a one-stop-shop for obtaining data needed for time-sensitive investigations. OSINT-D provides the user with a multitude of resources for open source intelligence investigations. We have organized almost 4,000 websites and systematized them for fast, efficient information gatheringOSINT-D was created for law enforcement organizations, private detectives, bail bondsmen, investigative journalists, ethical hackers and other professional investigative agencies to save time, collect and organize data with ease, and provide the user with tools to find information quickly and efficiently.The app has a thorough “Notes” section in which you can track information relevant to multiple investigation at once. You can then share the information by emailing it to yourself or others. You can also easily copy the data to be pasted wherever you likeOSINT-D cannot see nor collect any information you enter.In “Favorites” you can customize your own resources and website links into the app for future reference.Check out the User "Fourm" to connect to the OSINT community for new resources, general OSINT information and trending tools of..
The catalog and order collection app of Gestionale Ideale
The catalog and order collection app of Gestionale IdealeThe company owner can consult the list of customers with their account statements, charts and sales reports.Agents will be able to consult the catalog, create new personal data and orders also working offline. They will also be able to view customers on the map, consult the commission summary and view their customer accounts.The B2B mode will allow direct customers of the company to have a version of the simplified app within which they can make orders for their company.
Please open All-In-One Toolbox[AIO] to use this plugin: [AIO - Tools - Plugins]
This is All-In-One Toolbox (Cleaner, Booster & Optimizer) Permission Check PluginIt can not be used on its own, Please install All-In-One Toolbox before use this plugin. Download All-In-One Toolbox: to use- Install Both All-In-One Toolbox and Permission Check Plugin- Open All-In-One Toolbox > Toolbox > Plugins > Permission Check Plugin You can create shortcut for this plugin in Settings or add it as a screen widget for quick access Main FeaturePermission Check Plugin detects permissions the installed apps require, so that you could take action to safeguard your privacy. With this plugin installed, you are able to see clearly the permission apps require without checking them one at a time.You could press the item that requires the permission critical to you, view more details about it, or uninstall it. About All-In-One ToolboxAll-In-One Toolbox is the most comprehensive tool app to optimize your Android in optimal speed. Trusted by Millions of users world wide. **Key features**Junk File CleanerClean all process, cache, temp files, empty folders, residual files, app leftovers, clipboard data, SMS & call logs, saved password, search history, large..
Chile 2022 Calendar: Holidays & Celebrations
* Chile Calendario 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022* Días Festivos Chile * Nota Calendario* Agregando notas diarias* Fácil de usar* Mes Calendario* Calendario perpetuo* Calendario con la simple (Vista simple)* Pase a la izquierda / derecha para cambiar el mes* Añadir un diario (nota al día)* Ajuste del tamaño de la fuente* El tamaño de una pequeña aplicación APK (APK optimizado, ahorrando ancho de banda y disco de almacenamiento)
Time-saving documentation of printer maintenance work
This ginstr app for printer rental and printer maintenance companies makes it easy to document completed tasks undertaken for each customer and to receive immediate confirmation on these tasks. Maintenance can be optimised by analysing maintenance cycles of customers as well as fault tendencies of printers. This app continuously replicates all user data with ginstr cloud. The data can then be analysed, processed, sorted, filtered, exported and shared with other departments, such as accounting or dispatching, in ginstr webthe web based platform for use with all ginstr apps.Link to ginstr web:▶ records all customer information▶ records all completed maintenance tasks (E.g. cleaning, installation, refill)▶ sends notifications of defects or replacement▶ records any additional information▶ registers all addresses automatically from the GPS coordinates when entering data (if GPS reception is available)▶ registers dates and time of data entry automatically▶ records the logins of users▶ captures customer signaturesBenefits:▶ tamper-proof digital recording of all tasks completed per customer or order▶ customers are able to confirm all completed tasks and the time spent by the worker▶ no time-consuming paperwork on location▶ receive daily..
TimeBoss 2: a timer and stopwatch that is simple, intuitive and powerful.
Set multiple timers for everyday tasks. Easy to use, beautiful, clear. "Highly recommended!", "Clocks almost anything", "Love it!", "5.0/5.0", "TimeBoss is an awesome Android timer app! 5.0/5.0", "Highly recommended!", (4.8/5.0), "best timer app" EASY TO USE★ Tap a timer to start it★ Tap again to stop it★ Swipe left for timer options★ Swipe right to reset the timer★ Long press for more options★ Tap an empty part of the screen to add a timer- or use the options menu VERSATILE★ Select 'timer sets' to access many sets of timers that you can easily configure.- Sets can include cooking timers, workout timers, timers for study, chores, etc.★ Timers can trigger the next/previous/first timer- Now you can easily make your own schedule★ Go to (timer) settings to change the way that timers behave- Count up or down, restart when complete, sounds, vibrations, and so much more. OTHER COOL STUFF★ Run in the background (even when app is killed)★ Timers are saved, even when your phone restarts★ Dirty hands? Wave to stop the alarm★ Default..
The Easytrack tracking platform reaches your cell phone
The application allows you to visualize your units, geofences and alerts, share the location of your units and send commands from the palm of your hand at all times.

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